Music hello everyone and welcome to the Met Gala Music introducing all these beautiful people
and what there wearing who did it come with me let’s find out this is from
lay triage I know isn’t it amazing okay now let’s go ahead and should do some of
these beautiful people that are here Music Ms. Sorsh how are you doing this evening? I’m fantastic Darling to not see these
feathers all those feathers are amazing who are you wearing this evening? Kock with a k oh
my goodness I heard that he is fantastic how does it feel absolutely amazing
I wish anyone can have this experience I want to share this moment with the world
hello everybody I’m amazing you sure are Music now introduce Ms. Katryna. Now Katryna who are you wearing this evening? You look absolutely gorgeous oh thank you
my designer is you don’t know that’s right I know these amazing thank you for being here thank you for having me Music Icy and who are you wearing this evening?
we had another one lots of feathers is the same designer
isn’t it le kock? No this designer is be dazzel oh my goodness I love her she’s amazing have a wonderful evening Music Oh hello Shula. I love the outfit all
three of you who are you wearing tonight Hydra head Hydra and you know we all
love that Hydra and how are you feeling this evening thats amazing I feel like I’m head over heels for this it’s kind of
mind blowing really. love it okay you have a wonderful evening I see you later
thank you for having us Music Oh it’s the lamma who are you wearing today that’s amazing okay. Get out of here Music now that we’ve seen all our beautiful
people now I gotta go and change myself because I guess there’s a trash didn’t work
out for me this year so I have to leave this magnificent Met Gala good night
everyone Music

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