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Miami Street Photography Festival 2019

Miami Street Photography Festival 2019

Welcome to the Miami street photography
festival 2019. You can go on a photo walk with Leica
store in Miami. Check out a Leica camera for free and get professional
photography tips and how to use their cameras. Walk from the History Miami
Museum all the way down to Bayside and back. Here are some of my photos This is a picture of Peter Dooling. He
works with the Leica store. yeah After the photo walk, You can sit in the
auditorium and watch the photo slam. If you’re brave enough, you can submit
your photos in advance and have some of the top respected photographers judge
your work. some photos got slammed a little bit harder than others you can also stay and watch guest
speakers talk about their work. Hope to see you at the miami street
photography festival next year

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  1. I used to do a lot of street photography before I went full time on portraits. Hope to try it out again sometimes. Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

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