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[City noises] [Jazzy Music] Super Smash Brothers, for our next event No, no, no, no, we’re doing Vanilla World of Warcraft You kidding me We go back to stormwind Do you not want to go back to Roblox? Good news team, Stocks are up! Our last minecraft events were so successful There’s a lot of pressure from investors to make the next one even better! Eden, after going through the finances How much did we make for the Trevor Project? It looks like we were able to donate about two thousand dollars [Excited celebration] Oh, that’s a lot of money Crazy That’s a lot of money! How much are we gonna have to work with for our next event? Well If the charts Dan made are correct… Twelve dollars. Twelve Dollars? That’s… [Leaves and twigs crunching] [Birdsong] Amazing! That’s like Well, we can’t afford the board room anymore But that’s like Ten things from Dollarama Or three minecraft accounts! If you buy them on eBay Holey moley that’s like four orders of fries from Garfield Eats [Smashing noises] [Typing] That’s not enough money! You’re being idiots about this We should invest this money, and put it towards the next Minecraft event Well okay Miss TurboTax What should we invest in then? I mean.. If we want people at the next event to think we’re important Then we need to look the part, don’t we? [Pondering noises] [Tires screeching] [Door slam] These glasses make us look really fancy and important, eh? I know, it’s like we’re at the Met Gala In Minecraft Mine Gala September 14th and 15th, 2019 [Rooster crow] [Ethereal Noises] [William Crooks voice:] Mine Gala 2019 what the f- Heck is up? Yo, we bout’ to do some crazy I can’t I’m having a real hard time not swearing right now I’m turnt The HECK UP Bro I been off the Heck Dude I don’t [Unintelligible screaming] MINE GALA 2019 TURN UP! TURN UP OPEN PIT PRODUCTIONS! Y’ALL ALREADY KNOW WHAT THIS IS Y’ALL ALREADY KNOW WHAT THIS IS WE UP IN THE SH- [Beep] I SWEAR UH [Beep] [Beep] [Unintelligible screaming] Mine Gala 2019 Open pit, you already know what this is [Unintelligible Screams]

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  1. I literally cannot keep up with music anymore are you fucking telling me there was a minecraft concert with 100gecs? the beatles would never

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