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Mini ramen, Candy with a bottle opener, Panda chocolate | ASMR

Mini ramen, Candy with a bottle opener, Panda chocolate | ASMR

I’m eating dagashi. Ramen heaven This is a winning ticket (50 yen). You get another 50 yen dagashi for free. Water

100 thoughts on “Mini ramen, Candy with a bottle opener, Panda chocolate | ASMR”

  1. お湯を入れて食べる方法があったとは!(。 >艸<)今度やってみよーっと♡


  2. Wow, those were some tiny Ramen, so cool. Got to give props to how those chocolate candies were packaged in those Panda packs. Too cute those were. 🙂

  3. I really wish we could still get Konpeito here. There was a store that was selling it nearby, but they stopped. So sad!

    These videos are amazing, as always. Keep it up! C:

  4. i wonder if i can get this on….
    (five hours laterrrrrr)
    finaly i found it on EBAY!
    (sees ad for japanese candy website)
    aw frick

  5. I am not Japanese however I tried that candy in the bottle one and I used to have a competition with my brother because of it.

  6. Here are some Ghibli references for yall

    0:00 Sakuma drops from Grave of the Fireflies
    1:01 Konpeito from Spirited Away (food for soot sprites)

    Crunch Crunch
    I'm MelTiNg~

  7. ヤッターメンというのが一時期ハマりました。

  8. 私、スーパーのレジでバイトしてるんですけど……


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