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Mochi Ghost Mascot (comparison to real mochi foods)

Mochi Ghost Mascot (comparison to real mochi foods)

Part 1 Ichigo Shiruko Sakura Kagami Yomogi Part 2 Zōni Zunda Isobe Hanami Omame Part 3 Shiratama Ohina Ohagi Kashiwa The founder of the mochi ghost Ichigo (Real) Strawberry Daifuku (Real) Strawberry Daifuku Shiruko (Real) Shiruko Sakura (Real) Sakuramochi (Real) Kagami mochi Kagami Yomogi (Real) Caozaiguo Zōni Zunda Zundamochi Isobe (Real) Isobe mochi (a toasted rice cake dipped with soy sauce and wrapped in seaweed) Hanami (Real) Dango Omame (Real) Mame Daifuku (Bean soft mochi filled with sweet bean paste) Shiratama Ohina Ohagi (Real) Botamochi Kashiwa (Real) Kashiwamochi The founder of the mochi ghost

100 thoughts on “Mochi Ghost Mascot (comparison to real mochi foods)”

  1. どれも可愛くて見惚れてしまいました!
    本物を用意するのも大変ですね 。

  2. I started following and watching your videos since I was 4 years old. Until now I'm 12. I really love your videos.❤

  3. I love it!!! When you compare figure with the real thing. Thank you for your video RRcherrypie. Im your fan since im in middle school now im university student lol and still luv u (qwq)

  4. I remember watching these when I was about 5… now I'm 11 and my mom got me a new Japanese kit. Somehow I ended up back here and wondering why i never subscribed… well now I'm an official subscriber. Thanks for all the years of nostalgia! 😊

  5. 甘い系しょっぱい系、どれも食べちゃいたいほど可愛いですが、よもぎ…w

  6. えっっ、これみた時リアルに声出ましたびっくりしすぎて!!!

  7. 1:50 my favorite. I have a friend that half Japanese. Every times I visit her, her mother will make this for us. It’s very delicious 😋

  8. Hi its been so long ever since I watched you I been watching you in my entire child hood life for 10 years (like seriously)

  9. 最初のいちご大福のやつ当てたかったんだけど4回引いて全てヨモギと桜餅だった。

    -What happened?? IS THERE SOMETHING ON FIRE???
    -then why are you screaming?
    -….wait are they uploaded from a long time?
    slaps The fu….

    Really now, I just noticed that they are back and I am so glad
    I don't know why they were deleted but I hope this won't happen again ;-;

    I love this channel (especially RE MENT ^°^)

  11. Wow. The first part and the intro left me speechless, I love that editing! And I love your videos, they're relaxing and I can take a look into nowadays Japanese culture.

  12. I was first like btw I watched u when I was three or two and I forgot your channel near 5 then remember it at 7 then forgot and this year I’m 9 and ,I found u again

  13. I love all your videos ever since I first discovered you during childhood!! I still do, and now I’ll stick by to see your new videos!

  14. Ughhh I've been collecting the top row and I got all of them except for the one I wanted which is the ichigo 😭😭

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