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  1. CC VOLUNTEERS: If you are interested to translate International Sign or ASL to any language, please feel free! You can create CC via my video yourself or you can send me .SRT file via email ([email protected]). I’d love Spanish, Korean, Chinese (traditional or simplified), Hindi, etc. Thank you!

  2. TRANSCRIPTION [A light-skinned Mexican-American, named Stacey, is bare-faced with messy brunette bed-hair. She is wearing 90s choker necklace and silver cross necklace. On the top right, 4 social media logo icons are shown: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Followed by “@deafinitelywanderlust.” Following by black animated text that says “Day of the Dead (Die de Muertos)”]
    Guess what is today?!
    Day of the Dead!
    So I'm going to show you the culture of Mexico!!
    [Stacey is now wearing a black eyeliner with messy ponytail. On the right side of the screen, a vertical black and white image shows Stacey in Day of the Dead black-only makeup.]
    This photo of me was
    taken 2 years ago
    I really like this one.
    I like something really
    simple – half dead face.
    I feel like…
    I am living and juggling between
    life and death.
    so, I like that.
    and this photo of me?
    [On the right side of the screen, another vertical colored image of Stacey who is wearing Day of the Dead makeup. She has half dead face with pink web around her eye.]
    I think that was taken during the year of 2011
    I'm not that great with makeup, to be honest.
    so, here is the thing:
    is it the same as Halloween?
    [Two images showed up in the bottom right. Images of 3 pumpkins with candle lit inside. The middle pumpkin is carved with words: “trick or treat.” On the bottom, the photo shows a white hand holding a pumpkin bucket. On the top right, an animated talk bubble then appeared with white text: “Day of the Dead is NOT Halloween!”].
    No, it's not.
    It's very DIFFERENT.
    Some people think it's Halloween, because
    it's happening on the SAME week of Halloween
    I understand why people think that way, but
    but I assure you that it's really different.
    It's part of Mexican culture.
    such a pretty cat!
    [A Siamese cat with tannish and black fur with blue eyes is sitting on the toilet. On the top right, an animated black and white circle appeared with white text: “my cousin’s cat! – el gato de mi prima!”]
    she has very nice eyes!
    [A light-skinned Asian-American male with jet black hair is standing behind Stacey, attempting to get attention to say something to her. An animated black and white bar appeared on the middle left side of the screen with white text: “Jason Hoang. @JasonHoangFit.” A white arrow animated to point at Jason. Two laughing emojis then showed up on both bottom right corners.]
    It is important to put on the sunscreen first
    it is because the sun here is strong
    It's cloudly too but it is still important to use it
    what's up?
    Jason: It's best to film there because of
    the light is better to film
    Stacey: okay, okay.
    Jason: it's so-so
    Stacey: you don't like it?!
    Jason: it looks fake
    Stacey: (beep) you.
    Jason: are you ready to go?
    [A decoration of a Oaxacan’s folk animal of a jaguar with wings – which is one of the alebrijes (brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures) is shown along with 5 others characters from a Disney movie called, Coco. On the right side of the screen, a movie poster of Coco is shown.]
    Stacey: yes!
    Stacey: there are so many people!!
    friend: siiii!! (yess!!)
    [A light-skinned Deaf Mexican male is wearing squared back glasses, brown hat, red floral shirt and a black watch on his left wrist. He also has a brown beard with few grey hair. He has a black tattoo on his left arm. An animated black and white bar appeared on the top left side of the screen with white text: “Ernesto Escobedo. Deaf Mexican Activist”].
    Ernesto (friend): there is a parade
    where many people come to celebrate
    day of the dead!
    Why is it "day of the dead"?
    Many people around the world don't understand
    Well, Day of the Dead have its origins in Aztec traditions
    by the Aztecs who are indigenous people of Mexico
    It's a tradition where they honor the dead
    when someone they know passed away,
    they cut off the heads
    and the knife through the dead heads
    and place them on the altars
    It can be women, men, even children
    they will put them all on the altars
    and honor them.
    [On the top left, an animated black and white circle appeared with white text: “Today, we don’t do that anymore – but we celebrate to honor and remember o ur loved ones who passed away”].
    So that was a tradition for years (which later changed)
    so now, today is the Day of the Dead festival
    If you are short like me, you have to bring a chair
    so that you can stand on it and look over the crowd
    or you come in the morning
    and reserve your spots in the front!
    I came to Mexico for THIS!!!
    oh my god, it's so amazing!!!
    It's one of my dreams to see in my life!
    Jason: She's short, so it's hard for her to see.
    Jason: It's so good! So champ!
    You should come and see it!

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