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Nacho Bar Crawl Telephone • Feast Mode Hunger Squad

Nacho Bar Crawl Telephone • Feast Mode Hunger Squad

– I gave mon– (burping) – What the– – What the fuck was that? – That burp just slipped out. (upbeat dance music) – Live and direct from Hollywood – We are here at Busby headquarters about to go on the ultimate– – Nacho Cheese adventure. – We’re gonna start off at one nacho place – Then we’re gonna ask
the people who work there if they weren’t to eat at their own place, where would they get nachos? – And so on, and so on,
and so on until we get to the best nacho joint in L.A. – And everyone’s gonna have
diarrhea at the end of the day. – We’ve got our five categories. The crunch, the toppings
, the looks, the cheese and the drunk factor. How good would these nachos be when you’ve had a few too many? And we’re doing this whole
tour in my nacho wagon. – He did not paint his
truck for this video. His truck is always looking that stupid. There’s no air conditioning so just… – We’re eating nachos! (laughs) – So we’re heading to Buffalo Wild Wings. This is Ryan here’s favorite nacho spot. – It’s just my favorite spot. – I want one of these. – Do you guys accept vertical IDs? – Oh my god! You don’t need to card him. Let’s be honest, come
on, look at his face. – You can cheers that water, Steven. – Aw, geeze. (laughter) (all chanting “nachos”) – Whoo, yeah! – Can I say that this looks
like very clean nachos? – [Colin] Yeah, looks super clean, yeah. – This is like the L.A. nacho. (chips crunch) – Fire, that’s fire! The queso is fresh. – Everything’s super fresh. – They break really
easy, which we all know, in nachos, when your chips
break, that’s the biggest bummer. – I’m giving crunch a seven. (chip crunches) – 10. – 10? Holy (beep) you love these chips! – Look at these chunks of chicken. They’re huge. I can appreciate that. – Do they even have guac in here? – There’s no guac or sour cream. – I thought they did. This is how much I
remember my Buffalo trips. – Yeah, I’m gonna go five on the toppings because there’s no guac, no
sour cream and that’s huge. – You’re harsh Ryan. It’s your spot. – Now for drunk factor. I don’t want healthy-ass
nachos when I’m drunk. I’m going with four. – On the plus side, though,
you eat healthy-ass nachos when you’re drunk, the Dads
won’t be that bad tomorrow. – Dads? – I am slightly– – Day after drinking (bleep) I’m giving them a seven. – Wait, have you ever been drunk before? – I have never been drunk before. – Ooh, wait a minute! – We’ll do a speculative
box. We’ll put a cloud on it. – No no no no no! I get a real rating! – Put quotes around his number. – Oh yeah. – Put this as a 10. Got 139 out of 200. – Whoa! – That’s like a C, right? I would know ’cause I
dropped out of three colleges and I always got C’s. – I love bar nachos. Bar
nachos are pretty amazing. If not I would maybe say Big Wings, there’s one in North Hollywood. (upbeat techno music) – I am mediocrely satisfied. – Cheers! – I’m startin’ to sober up here. Cheers. Oh my god. And you know what? (chip crunches) Oh god! – I grabbed my beer so quick. I was like, no, my beer! – Look at the seasoning on this chip. – And this cheese is
gonna be a little firmer, a little more to deal with. – There’s too much crunch. – Negative three, give that a seven. – It’s like a layer of toppings. I would’ve liked the toppings
spread out a little bit. – You know what, I agree with you. – ‘Cause look, it’s like chip, blank chip. – You just threw the chip on the table. – Blank chip. – It looked great. I
give that bad boy a 10. – When you’re drunk you
need that sloppiness. This is just, you know, it’s very dry. – All in all, not the worst nachos, but let’s get a total on this, Steve. – Final score is, wow you
guys are so intent on this. 154. – If you could not eat the
nachos here at Big Wings, where would you go? – I would go to El Compadres
on Sunset right here. – There’s a bean at the bottom of my beer. – Uncle Colin’s had a little too much of Grandma’s cough medicine, so. (laughter) Our intern has to drive us now. Don’t crash my car. – Okay. (upbeat dance music) – I’m pretty confident that these nachos are gonna be the the best we’ve had today because we’re at like
a real Mexican joint. – Granted, nachos aren’t
a traditional Mexican food but I do think these’ll be the most What in the world is going
on right here? (laughs) – Whoa! – Alright, so this is
how nachos need to look. – Look at Ryan’s face. – I gotta make sure it’s good. – Jesus man. – What do we say, Steven? – This is ridiculous! – Alright, that is a Hot 10 right there. – Hot 10. – The guac is so fresh. – So fresh! – Oh my god! – Like it grew in the
backyard two days ago. – I would choose this over sex any day. – Absolutely. – I still like sex, but I
think these are good nachos. (laughter) It’s just like it’s a perfect mix of the stretchy and gooey– – I think we all agree, it’s 10. – I’m gonna go nine, just
’cause I don’t wanna be– – Oh my god! – Steve– – Just ’cause I wanna be annoying. – This is why no one likes you. (laughter) – The reason why we’re
all giving this tens is not because we’re drunk
because these nachos are amazing. – [Both] So good. – Drunk factor? – I don’t know much about drinking, but I gotta give this like a three. It’s too fancy of a restaurant to like– – Oh my god Steve! – To be going ham at drinks. – We’re drinking flaming margaritas. – You’re gonna ruin their score– – Be a team player goddammit! – Three. – Oh my god! – Yeah, their final score is 189! – I’m full of nachos
and margaritas and beer and Quasi, don’t be too heavy
on the gas on the way home. (all rapping beats) ♫ I’m a little gross, makin’
melt in my mouth like butter ♫ I’m toast, hey

100 thoughts on “Nacho Bar Crawl Telephone • Feast Mode Hunger Squad”

  1. The comments have blown up about how Steve was getting bullied but like they were all drunk so they probably didn't mean it😂

  2. I think kelsie's drinking, or perhaps her makeup, is making her look older than she is…

    Congrats to Steven never being drunk before! I think that's impressive. He doesn't conform.

  3. What's wrong with these people!? They all are friends,and friends can say anything to each other.

    I love Kelsey. She's so chill and damn cool

  4. Can people stop bashing Kelsey for her comment to Steven? It was a joke and he laughed! If you can't joke with your friends, what friendship do you have? Toughen up!

  5. At that time people like evan kelsey kwensi and jazzmyn were interns and now they make videos or are in some videos

  6. Kelsey and Ryan looks so happy @3:51. This squad right here is off the hook! The only thing missig is Freddie and Shane!!

  7. Kelsey is THE worst replacement for Freddie! P.S: No one likes you, Kelsey. Just look at how mich "Worth it" went through the roof.

  8. Am I the only person who mixes Steven and ryan's names together. And it feels werid of them being in the same video

  9. Good that Steven went on to have a much better and way more successful show, with Andrew also!

  10. Feast Mode Hunger Squad. Damn, I didn't even know Buzzfeed made food group vids before Worth It. It's good to see not only Steven and Andrew but Freddie and even more XD

  11. I watched a couple of eps for this show, and all I can say is that I’m glad Steven has a different one now. I just don’t like the general vibe of this one, so I won’t be watching any more.

  12. 3:26

    “Final score is- wow you guys are so intent on this- ONE HUNRED AND FIDDY FOUR”

    I can’t??? That was so cute????? Am I the only one who thinks that was adorable?????? Look at him bby’s never gotten drunk before. He’s like a fetus. An adorable fetus

    *has never been drunk*

  13. What’s with Americans and talking about getting diarrhea from their food? How bad is their food or their digestive system?

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