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Nagoya Castle Bon Odori Festival! 盆踊り (名古屋城宵まつり)

Nagoya Castle Bon Odori Festival! 盆踊り (名古屋城宵まつり)

August is the month of festivals in Japan, and the biggest week of them all is Obon. Obon, or just Bon, is a Buddhist holiday where
Japanese people return to their family homes and honor their deceased ancestors. Shishimai (Lion Dance)
It’s good luck if he bites you! This whole week in August is a
period of holidays for most people, and every night there are Bon Odori,
or dancing festivals, all across the country. Here in Gujo Hachiman, people will dance all the way
through the night for three days straight. This was my first year ever going to a Bon Odori festival. I’m not coordinated at all
so the dances were hard for me to pick up, but it was so much fun! You don’t have to know the dances to join in—
just learn as you go! Hey guys! Today I’m here with Kelly and Tyler. Tyler’s holding our stuff. And we’re at Nagoya castle for a festival! Yeah! It’s a week-long festival. They’re gonna have dancing later tonight. Everyone else is–well, not everyone.
But lots of people are in their yukatas. It’s just too hot.
I didn’t wear anything. “I didn’t wear anything.”
I wore *something* today! You can do it! The shooting game. Yeah! Don’t you see all the
little figures you could win? Don’t you want some of those figures? I guess I do. Wait…
I’m like the only adult doing this. You should do it. Can’t you imagine just like hoarding
all those little figures and then all the kids are just standing
around you like “WOAHHHH!!” Suck it, nerds. I was going to be like, “Well you could
just give them to the kids” and stuff… What? No. I won these. They’re mine. This is what you went to the military for. That’s exactly it. To play carnival games. You want to pick yourself out a good
prone and unsupported position. I don’t know how zeroed this weapon is. No bid deal, no big deal. You got it! I can keep going?
Is this all mine? Get the pink penguin! Yay! It’s so squishy!! These are the samurai who are gonna shoot. The Bon Odori festivals will also have other events. This one at Nagoya castle had hinawajuu,
or matchlock gun shooting. Guns may not fit the image of the
stereotypical samurai we have in the West, but they played an important role in history. Oda Nobunaga was famous for introducing
these types of guns into his samurai army, changing the course of Japanese warfare. Fire! Ready! Light up! Fire! Wood-fired pizza in a truck. It’s a pizza van! Oh, there’s kurumi in it. It has nuts in it. Oh, omg! I almost killed you! Who puts nuts on a pizza?! I think we should get the other one. Okay, let’s get the margherita pizza. One margherita pizza, please! Please wait over here. I’m nervous. Oh no!! I’m sure it’ll be delicious! Here you go! Thank you! It looks good! Thank you~ This is like… good pizza, wow. Yeah, it looks really good. Are you starting a blog here? Mmhmm. Oh, cool! His channel’s going to be all about college in Tokyo. Temple University. Well, everyone, subscribe to Tyler!
He’s gonna be making videos. His channel’s called “Tyler Jesse.” Tyler Jesse. Not Tyler Jesse in Japan.
Just Tyler Jesse. Okay, let’s eat. Yummy and delicious and I’m gonna take the
first bite and it’s gonna be SO GOOD MMM MMMMMM IT’S SO DELICIOUS There’s basil–is that basil? Oh yeah, we got like fresh herbs! Fress he- Fress herbs… We got some fress herbs today~ Fress herbs. Yeah, it’s good. It tastes like the pizza from Saizeriya. Does it? I think it tastes better than that. Really? Well, I like the pizza from Saizeriya, so. Me too. Yum~ Festival van pizza. Yum. YUMMY [email protected]#^*@$& HEY BUDDY~~ HI~~ HI BABY~~ WATCHU DOIN~~ Did someone leave their wallet or coin purse? Oh! Uhhh… yeah. Just walked off… Umm… I’m a little concerned now. I kinda don’t want to touch it because I feel
like if someone comes back it’ll be there. I’m worried someone else is going to steal it. I’d rather hold it here and wait until someone
comes running back like UEEAHHAAYUUH Oh, that’s a good idea. And then we can give it to them. We’ll just hold onto it. We’re not stealing it. Is there an ID or anything in there? I feel weird looking through it. Ah ah ah!! You’re looking for a wallet? Okay, yay We did it.
We saved someone. Kelly said there’s a raffle here and she won a ring. It’s two rings but it came together. Appletizer, please! Yummy. Minty “Appletizer” It’s “Appletizer” but it tastes a little carbonated to me. I don’t know why. Oh really? There’s apple and mint in it. I want lemonade. You have… you’re not even done with
what you have now! You have an apple drink and now
you want a lemon drink? You gotta finish it, dude! Oh my god. I’m finishing everything of yours. You drank like a centimeter out of the cup. I get really excited and I want to
try everything else, so I’m like sip this, and then I’m like
OH WHAT’S THAT and then “Here you go.” Look at that orange-
OH it’s a grapefruit drink in a grapefruit! You have an apple drink. But I wanna try everything.
I have an apple drink now. HE has an apple drink, what are you talking about. How would you describe this black beer? Stout. Stout. Stout. It’s good. Beer drinkers would understand, I guess. It’s like Guinness. Do a beer commercial right now. 3. 2. 1. It’s good. These things are so fun!!

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  1. everybody that watched it, come on, give a thumbs up in this video guys…not even 30% of people that watched it gave a thumbs up. Let's help!!

  2. 楽しそうです!行ってみたいですよ 😀 You look beautiful in that blue maxi; it totally suits you, Rachel!

  3. 8:50 We also play this song at Obon on the Big Island (Hawaii)! the dance is similiar, if not the same from what I saw :3

  4. Just something to note: By the Sengoku period, most fighting men where able to be equipped with armour. In the case of lower class soldiers, their lords would issue it to them, unlike in the earlier Kamakura and Muromachi periods (corresponding to Medieval times in Europe) where only high status warriors could afford such.

    Thus, you can't by default assume that someone is a samurai if they are wearing armour, just as much as you can assume someone is a knight when they just might be a sergeant instead. Probably ashigaru.

  5. 盆踊りの参加者の数がスゴイ~!盛り上がってますね!
    タイラーさんの射的の腕前が、さすが!私は一度も当たったことが無いです( ┰_┰)

  6. lmao I loved how the cute music was playing as you guys were cat-calling until you pan over to the wallet and the music cuts out and you are all like "oh no…."

  7. when i'm in nagoya, and someone wants to visit the castle, i'm usually thinking "again?", but this festival video made me miss nagoya castle. 🙂

  8. Some random Japanese guy on some random festival selling pizza that looks quite close to true italian pizza :O I'm so jealous :O

  9. Tyler is a pretty good marksman! And, did I hear he goes to college at Temple University? Very cool, if I heard correctly. I live right outside of Philadelphia, and know many people that have graduated from there. Great video. I think it's pretty neat they have line dancing in Japan. (or a variation of it) I also love the drums. Seems like the majority of the people playing them are girls/women. Is there a reason why?

  10. Tyler is a pretty good marksman! I love that you guys are hanging out with Strawberry Mochi! I think it's pretty neat that Japan has their own version of line dancing. I also like the drums! Seems like alot of girls/women are the ones playing them. Is their any reason behind it?

  11. 動画いつも楽しみにしてます❤️

  12. Hello Rachel and Jun! I have a question for you =^_^=. Currently I'm studying Japanese, not very far in to it but I've got main parts down. Is there any systems for learning Japanese you recommend. So far where I live the opportunity of using my Japanese is limited, and I haven't found many colleges that will actually let me study Japanese, so I thought you could help me before I go off to college.
    Thank you!~

  13. 財布を保管してあげてたのに、落とした人ちょっと失礼でしたね。(お礼くらい言わないと)

  14. Samurai did use tanegashima, aka Japanese matchlock arquebus.
    Much more accurate than muskets.
    Sengoku Jidai!!!

  15. The video looked good! I'm booking my flight to Tokyo next April soon. It's going to be my first time, very excited. 4 days in Tokyo then down to Osaka with some other guys. Any tips on stuff to see? 🙂

  16. レイチェルさ~ん

  17. Hahah I would be just like Kelly! xD I'd want to try everything. Also, I can't wait to check out Tyler's channel since TUJ is one of the universities I'm applying for 🙂

  18. I somehow think I'll spend a lot of money on food in Japan. The portions always look so tiny. O=

    Also: 5:23 – she loves to talk, doesn't she? x)

  19. If August is where most festivals occur. I would love to the join the festivals because IT'S THE MONTH OF MY B-DAY!!!

  20. Kelly and Tyler! I will actually be going to temple university law school in japan as well starting in January! We should meet up haha!

  21. Holy crap, the lady that ran past the screen at 0.09 looks just like my mum and pulled the exact same face she does when dancing haha

  22. I've gone to a few bon odori on Kauai in the past, which are sort of similar to this. Each Buddhist temple takes a weekend or two over the course of the summer, and they have smaller festivals with dancing all throughout the season. I actually recognized one of the songs that was in a clip here from attending those bon dances! It's quite cool to see~

  23. I really love japan, and it is a dream for me to move there. The people, the culture, the cities, the everything takes my breath away every time i see a video or picture of it. Even reading about it has the same effect. But the first thing that comes up when you type anything similar to "living in japan" a bunch of websites come up with a few good things about it and then a whole list of things that sound terrible. I was wondering if you already have, or would make a video in the future touching upon a few of these. It would be great to see someone confirm or debunk these things who actually lives in japan.

    Just a couple for example. Many people say things like people avoid talking to you and only will speak to your japanese friends. Anyone who can help i will greatly appreciate it! Fantastic video by the way!

  24. 2:55の人かっこええーw

  25. ★Subtitles!★
    Spanish (Latin America) thanks to: *See note below
    Dutch thanks to: *See note below
    French thanks to: Amber G.
    German thanks to: Andi
    Hungarian thanks to: Tamás

  26. The only thing i dont like about the video is they are trying be nice peoplesaving a persons wallet and some other things.

  27. ahhh i really wanna know what song is playing in the beginning when everyone is dancing. it sounds so good, aaah. you're lucky!

  28. Wow! really enjoying watching the cultures and food of Japan.thanks for sharing it with the world. must appreciated.

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