Next ICT Convergence Expo: 4th Industrial Revolution Festival kicks off

This week Seoul is hosting an expo on the fourth Industrial Revolution More than a hundred companies taking part with all kinds of applications and gadgets You can try out for yourself Aram Ji Young went to check it out More than 100 companies are showing off their latest fourth Industrial Revolution Technology at the next ICT convergence Expo people put on virtual and reality goggles to enjoy a rollercoaster without real tracks Right next to that. They also got to enjoy virtual car racing a Company called past Nash showcased an application that changes cell phone screens to let pedestrians know when they are at a crosswalk Also on show were robots capable of giving people information At places like museum or delivering food at restaurants and hotels One of South Korea’s leading 5g companies LG U+ presented an application using augmented reality Through the application that utilizes artificial intelligence Viewers can enjoy the 5 gu + gallery the children can dance with the movie characters that they want and enjoy the videos Startup companies also showcase their technologies to try to attract investors Conferences are also being held at the festival where government officials from related ministries are announcing their plans and performances regarding the 4th Industrial Revolution The biggest achievement of the government’s fourth Industrial Revolution committee was successfully drawing attention to the free bills regarding data Also for further Craven to innovation in the future the government’s role is to support people who can lead growth and innovation to create quality jobs Experts at the conference are discussing future trends and strategies German professor Henning Carmen said Cooperation on the fourth Industrial Revolution could be a win-win strategy for German companies on giong arirang news

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