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NISHIKI MARKET | Street Food Feast | Kyoto 2018

NISHIKI MARKET | Street Food Feast | Kyoto 2018

Hi guys! Good morning! The train’s coming… We’re going to take this train to go to Kyoto now. Bye! See you there! We’re now in Kyoto!!! First place we’re going to go is Nishiki Market. It’s just right there. Yea, let’s go find something to eat! Let’s go! Look at all the different types of eels you can get. We’ve decided to go with the… Deep-fried (Unagi) Let’s try this out! Mmm. I like it! It tastes like fish nuggets. No, really it’s like Premium fish nuggets! Puri doesn’t like Fish & Chips. This is like ‘Fish & Chips’. Unagi ‘Fish & Chips’ 😛 It tastes really good to me.
I really love this one! What is this? Some fish? Yea, some fish…and I got myself some “unagi” (It’s actually snakehead fish :P) It’s cold! Mine’s pretty sweet too. How’s yours? I love this one! The outside is crispy. The inside is pretty juicy and fishy…and soft! Mm…you should try that! Yea, I quite like this one. You can even eat the bones as well. Can I just finish this up? 😀 Sue: No 🙁 Oh there’s fish eggs in it. It’s only ¥100! I think we can get it again later.
(We never did…) So, we got the Edamame Fish Paste. Yea…with the green soy beans. And this is called Sakura Ebi. It’s a very chunky, meaty… …fishpaste. You can taste the shrimp flavour in it. It has got that springy kind of fishball texture… It does taste like fish. The Edamame one… Mmm… It’s very unique. I chose this because it looks very funky… Not disappointed at all. It’s really good. Let’s try! It’s chewy. It’s a bit sweet. I think there’s some sauce which they put on it when they grill. It’s nice, right? It’s nice! So, inside this head there’s a quail egg in there. Actually, it goes along pretty well.
– It does go along. It’s like eating squid… …Brains (LOL)! I don’t know 😛 Tamago Roll Haha…egg roll! Egg on a stick! Mm! There’s a different flavour to this. It doesn’t really taste like the regular omelette… I think it’s the oil that they used to fry. Usually I expect this kind of egg to be sweet. But it’s not! It’s a bit raw there…which I like! It’s light and fluffy! This makes me hungrier 😛 Yea…somehow, right? Monkfish Liver with Ponzu Sauce. That looks good. Right? Owh… Oh it’s so soft! I’ll a bit with the ginger. Owh!!! Goes really well together. Wow. It’s like melted cheese! Mmmmm….! Squishy squishy… SQUISHY! It’s so soft! The green tea is very flavourful. *Chokes!* I think he’s choked with powder! Hahaha 😛 Check this out!
– Stand up and eat. Stand up and eat! Here’s our Beef Soba Noodles with egg. This is Curry Udon with egg. Nice and warm! It’s very nice. Seriously! Owhh…look at that! Looks soooo good. The beef is very tasty. We couldn’t talk much in the shop because it was so quiet. It’s a very tiny shop! The bowl of noodles is just packed with flavours. Alright. Now off to Gion!

26 thoughts on “NISHIKI MARKET | Street Food Feast | Kyoto 2018”

  1. All of the food looks so good! I haven't been to Japan yet, but one of the top reasons I want to go is because of the food!

  2. This is prime example of a perfect vlog! one of my favourite places in the world mixed with delicious street food. The skewers looked so delicious👍you guys are natural on camera 🥐 newly subscribed. If you have a minute check out our food and travel channel too and hope we can support each other 😁

  3. Some really tasty looking morsels, but others…. not appetizing… at all! Now the noodles! Yes!

  4. Wow I didn’t know they cooked sparrow. Idk if I would try that. The ramen with the egg at the end looked delicious and the egg on the stick looked good as well.

  5. Really cinematic intro! I like your editing and transitions guys. Nice B-Roll at the food places. Cheers, Doris & Matthias 🐜🐻

  6. japan is sooooo beautifullll!! just subscribed to ur channel <3 check my channel and subscribe if you love travel

  7. i like the quick cuts that you do. ya, Snoopy is really big in Japan. Dang, all the food is making me hungry!! sparrows?! the octopus thing looks cool, but i'm not a fan. I do like those eggs on a stick tho!! My dad used to make them!! the ramen looks good as well. Dang, how much stuff did you guys eat? was that all in the same day?!?

  8. Bold food choices. A little too bold for me – lol. It is nice to see what street food looks like around the world. Great vid!

  9. Thay street food festival looks amazing. So much different kind of food. I must confess that majority of the food you presented in the video I have never tried. Would love to visit Japan with kids.

  10. haha, i went to nishiki market 😬 as well, just not sure if i had enough food… i meant footage to make it a vlog hehehe 😆

  11. I love your street food videos! I'm not so sure about the deep fried unagi, but I absolutely love tamagoyaki!!

  12. Kyoto was probably my fav part of Japan, your video showed the food elements of it in a good light 🙂

  13. Very nice video, great cinematic opening, awesome. Definitely bought back some memories of our trips to Japan, but how smart was the udon place not having seats, haha, eat your udon and move on, no hanging around chatting, taking up space, lol. We look forward to seeing more of your guys adventures 😊

  14. wow looks yummy I hit the red button 127 for you, hope you do the same too, lets stay connect, and have a nice day there , 🤔😘 😊 👍

  15. That was a serious amount of food! :O I hope you spend the whole day there? 😉 Most of the things looked pretty tasty, but the fish liver…. I would pass on that one.

  16. Idk if the skewers are something I'd try. I mean… sparrow? But the Soup at the end is definitely my thing!

  17. Whow, that food at Nishiki Market must be a pleasure to walk around. Smell all the food, taste it so now and then and try some new food! Always exciting.

  18. You guys are always killing it with the food eats! Makes me want to travel and just eat. I feel like that is one of my main reasons to travel haha. I feel like you see the culture best when you eat through it!

  19. I really loved that opening b-roll and the zoom transitions. Man, look at all that food! I wouldn't know where to begin and I fear I'd love Japan a few sizes larger than when I arrived, haha

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