NYE dinner|福气满满团圆菜,吉祥如意幸福年——年夜饭|Liziqi channel

(Chinese paper cutting art) (Writing festivity couplet for the new year) Right: may the world be peaceful and prosperous; Left: may we live in abundance and flavors ; Middle: may Ziqi always be able to pluck those dawn blossoms Peppa pig has #7 on her (Ziqi’s name – “Qi” means #7 in Chinese) (lucky lantern decors) (This is why, Kids~ you need to behave) (Lotus leaf wrapped Chicken – fragrance from the leaf gets soaked into the Chicken) (farm animals cheering for Ziqi) Is it boiling? (Ziqi looks up to show off her blind chopping skills) 福气满满 “fuqi manman” – bags full of good fortune! 金银满仓 “jinyin mancang” – may gold and silver fill your warehouse! (cutting lotus root) 笑口常开 “xiaokou changkai” – always smiling! 生财有道 “shengcai youdao” – road to the riches! (Lettuce “shengcai” and Make Money “shengcai” are homonyms in Chinese, she used a good pun here) (puppy cringed when the scissors snipped) 只属于你 “zhi shuyu ni” – [heart] only belongs to you! (two puns used here! 紫薯芋泥 zishu (purple yam) and yuni (mashed taro)) 诸事顺心 “zhushi shunxin” – everything happens according to your wishes! (another pun here – every (zhu) and pig (zhu) are homonyms in Chinese) 年年有余 “niannian youyu” – there will always be a balance [in the bank]! (fish “yu” and balance “yu” are homonyms in Chinese – implies never running out of money) 合家团圆 “hejia tuanyuan” – let the family be whole! (the food items forming a complete circle symbolizes a complete family – i.e., no missing members) 花好月圆 “huahao yueyuan” – let the flowers bloom let there be a full moon! (there’s a full moon and blooming flowers on the dish – symbolizes the perfect moment) 大吉大利 “daji dali” – most auspicious fortune! (two puns used here chicken “ji” and chestnut “li” – jili=auspicious fortune) Grandma, stop watching TV, come have dinner~ OK~ coming What are you doing? I’m taking this to Uncle Chen (an old neighbor man) OK~ Come and join us! (To the cameraman) Thanks everyone for your hard work throughout the year, and still working now during the holidays Let’s have a toast! Happy Chinese new year! (Granny speaking in Sichuanese – unintelligible)

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