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OKTOBERFEST 2018 (Part 2) Beer Tents, Foods and Rides! – Triple P

OKTOBERFEST 2018 (Part 2) Beer Tents, Foods and Rides! – Triple P

Hey everybody and welcome back to Part 2 of
the Oktoberfest. So guys last time we checked out the Opening
Day Parade so today we are going to check out the amazing food over here, the Paulaner
Beer Hall and the super fun rides. Are you guys ready? ‘Cause I am. Let’s go! Now at the Oktoberfest there are over 100 different food stalls, serving up delicious,
flavourful foods. To mention a few, don’t forget to try the
traditional crispy chicken called Hendl, the spiced and grilled Vroni Fish, the famous
Pretzels and of course their plethora of sweets. The variety is absolutely astounding! Guys guess what I bought? A pretzel! And a giant one too! Der beste Ochsensemmel in München (The best Grilled Beef Bun in Munich!) Viel spass bei Oktoberfest! (Have a lot of fun at the Oktoberfest!) One of the best ways to enjoy Oktoberfest is to jump onto as many rides as you can. Unleash the inner child within you and let
yourself get twirled and tossed around. Some of my favourites are the adrenaline inducing
ones especially the rollercoasters and the free-falls. If you are into something a bit more relaxed,
don’t worry, there are rides suited to all types of personalities! Guys the line is too long! Yup you heard me right! The queue to get into the famous Paulaner
Beer Hall seemed never ending and it took me close to an hour to get through. Once I did though, I was absolutely stunned at the
atmosphere and vibe of the place. Everyone seemed to be having a blast: dancing
to the catchy music, chugging down mugs of beer, and of course, eating delicious meals. What an experience! Alright everybody that takes us to the end of the episode. I really hope that you enjoyed the Oktoberfest
with me and that you’ll stay tuned for more videos coming up. See you guys next time!

7 thoughts on “OKTOBERFEST 2018 (Part 2) Beer Tents, Foods and Rides! – Triple P”

  1. This video is so good. The atmosphere seemed great. And the food… The sweets looked so good. 😍 I would love to try those rides. If I ever visit Germany, I will definitely go during this time period.

  2. Great video ! 😀
    There were so many people there ! Hope you guys had fun! 😀
    Congrats on passing 500 subs ! 😀
    PS. I feel bad for asking but mind checking out my channel ? If not then that's totally fine ! ;D

  3. Loving your videos! I´m also a fellow traveller and post travel videos, I would be really happy if you would like to check them out. Keep up the great work!

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