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OMKalen: Kalen Reacts to 2019 Met Gala Red Carpet Fashion

OMKalen: Kalen Reacts to 2019 Met Gala Red Carpet Fashion

Well, I’m guessing my
invitation got lost in the mail this year, even though I would
have turned the thing out! But it’s OK. Let’s just see what
everybody else is wearing. [MUSIC PLAYING] Now, kids, take notes. Because this is how you do camp. Come on, Lady Gaga. Come on, Stefani! Oh, yes, indeed! Oh, baby! I knew she would not disappoint. I knew it. Oh, I don’t– what
award does she not have? A Tony? Well, give it to her. Because she deserves
it for this slay-age. Yes, indeed. Yes, she does. Is that mother Billy Porter
giving us sun-god realness? Yes, indeed, baby! Tens across the board! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s Billy Porter
in his golden wings! (SINGING) Be our guest! Be our guest! (SPEAKING)
OK, let me stop singing before they charge me! [LAUGH] Ooh, Lumiere
is shaking right now! Baby, you better keep her
away from the Sia, OK? She about to be riding
on that chandelier. Oh, look! A Disney crossover! Come on, Cinderella! Oh, and it’s magical! Did she bring her stepsisters? Well, [LAUGH] I spoke too soon! Now, what the hell
does this have to do with camp, Jared Leto? Come on, now! This extra head? But I like that boot, though. Yeah, that’s a good boot. I love a good boot. Mm-hm. Ooh, Janelle! Hats on hats on hats! Oh, wait, look at the
eye winking at us, y’all. I see you, girl. Now, Frank, you come out
of your cave once a year. And this is what
you’re given us? Honestly, that’s a suit. Why’d you even come? You looking like you’re
going to the grocery store. You’re going to
the– how dare you? How dare you? There are people
at home that would love to be there– uh, me! And you going to show
up looking like that? Lies you tell. Baby, forget the afterparty. Serena says she going to
tennis practice after this. She ain’t got time! [LAUGH] Look at Regina
“I’m ready go go” Hall. Baby, she is over it! I don’t know what happened
before she got there. But, baby, she don’t
want to be there no more! [LAUGH] Laverne, that’s it. That’s the tweet. Yes, god! Ooh, yes! Harry done let his bird
chest come out and play! Come on, you better
give it to the girls! Yes, honey! Hold my meal, because she
done did it, flipped it, and shut down the whole thing. And if she get tired, she
got a weighted blanket attached to her behind. Take you a good
old nap, Belcalis. Because you done put
these other girls to rest! Come on, Cardi B! My god! Mm! That’s sickening! Sickening!

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  1. That moment when everyone in the comments just talking about the β€œ step-sister” partπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

  2. Can anyone explain what the theme "camp" means? Because I've been camping and I would never wear anything like this.

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