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– Oh man, that’s delicious. – See that’s
the winner right there. – What the (beep)? – Welcome to “InstaChef.” We’re profiling chefs who are
creating a new food tradition by using Instagram to bring
their creations to the world. I’m your host, Cliff Skighwalker. Me and some of my friends
are hitting the road in the pursuit of pure deliciousness and we are going in, one dish at a time. – New York, New York. The big city that’s full
of dreams yet never sleeps. When it comes to NYC, the first
phrase that comes to my mind? Easy, melting pot. This idea translates to cuisine where if you have a taste for
pretty much any and everything you could find it here. So it’s only right that
while I’m in New York I’m hoping to focus on
chefs and cooks in the city. Specifically those who are
not only using social media to their advantage but also presenting their culinary creations in a unique way and hopefully furthering their careers. I guess you could say it’s
time for me to take my bite out of the Big Apple. Yeaaaaa! Being on the road with “InstaChef,” I use my phone for everything. Whether it’s looking up new places to eat, hitting up the Thrillist crew, or checking out my Insta feed, I have to stay connected. It’s why I use Visible. It has unlimited messages, minutes, data, it’s super fast and it’s 40 bucks a month. No stores, hidden fees,
or annual contracts and it’s running on
Verizon’s 4G LTE network. You definitely know my special guest from her role in “Orange Is the New Black.” But outside of that, she’s
a musician, an entrepreneur, and most important to me,
she’s a person of the people. Ladies and gentlemen, the
incomparable Jackie Cruz. – Oh, I’ma take you everywhere. For sure. – So look…
– Thank you. – First of all, thank you for being here. We have so much to talk to about, but not only that, we
have some food to eat. – Yeah, that’s what
I’m looking forward to. – You down to roll? – Yeah. – Let’s go. – Once again, thank you for just being a part of the show. – Yeah, I love food. – Perfect. – And I love good company. – Aww man. – So, it’s perfect. – Congratulations on
“Orange Is the New Black.” – Thank you, yeah it’s the last season. Seven years, I started since
Season 1 with two lines and my character grew and I’m ready. I’m ready, the door is cracked open and now I have to go
knock on some other doors. – For sure. So, career-wise, where do
you see yourself going? – I learned a lot and I
became a woman on this show. I was a little girl and now
I feel comfortable in my skin and when I mean I’m ready, I’m focused, I know what
I want, I have a vision, and I started my production company and I just finished recording my album and it’s coming out next month. – Congrats. – Thank you. – I wanna rewind the clock back and talk about you as a child. What were your first memories in food? – Mhm, well I was raised by women. – Same, same
single-parent household. – Yeah so I love to cook. – OK. – I’m not the best but I go to UTI. YouTube Institute – Mhm. The YouTube Institute, I
learned how to make pizza through watching YouTube. – Yeah. – And that’s one thing this show is about, chefs and cooks who are
utilizing social media specifically Instagram to
promote and sell their food. So what do you know about
this underground network? – Well, I’m finding out right now. – OK, so… – I wanna know more. – Chefs and cooks, they’ll go on Instagram and they’ll post a dish that they make and they say, “Hey I have
this dish available to sell, it’s at this price, you can call
this number and pick it up.” You get a certain type of feeling that’s deeper than just going
to a restaurant or ordering… – Yeah I mean you never meet the chef when you go to a restaurant. – Exactly. – I mean it feels really
special to meet the chef, so I’m looking forward to that. – Definitely. – What’s your favorite food? – My favorite food? – Yeah. – Funny you should say that. I’d have to say at the moment, it’s pizza. We’re on our way to Far Rockaway, and we’re meeting Chef Nicole
who has Last Dragon Pizza. Matter fact, look at this. – What? – This is her Tandoori Chicken Pizza. – That looks bomb
diggity with a lickety split. I am so hungry. – Ready to eat? – I mean we been
in a car for a minute. – For sure. – So it’s time. Hey gentleman. – Look my mother would beat my (beep) if she saw me not do that. – Does she know I’m coming? – I think so, yeah. – Hey! – Hey! – Oh my God! – I gotta get comfortable. I’m gonna need my arms for this. – Do your thing we good here. Chef thank you so much for allowing us to be
in your home for this. – My pleasure. – Could you tell us what’s on the menu? – A little birdie told
me that you like shrimp so I did a gluten-free cauliflower pizza with tandoori shrimp. I think you’re gonna like that one. And also I did my signature Jerk Chicken Jamaican Bad Boy Pizza. – What? – I been waiting for that. – See that’s the jerk chicken pizza. – I been waiting for this, yeah. – Finally just wanted
a vegan cheese medley for the lovely Jackie. – You’re so sweet, but you know what I am going to have everything. – Well let’s go.
– Oh for real? – You’re my kinda girl. – It’s home-cooked. – You’re my kinda girl. – You got my mouth running water. I see this. – This is the Jamaican Bad
Boy Jerk Chicken Pizza. See you gotta kiss mi’ Converse! – Thank you. – And the thing
about the Kiss Mi’ Converse Jamaican pie. If you notice, the colors are
the color of the Jamaican flag. – Yeah. – Oh! – So that’s just like me
paying homage to my heritage – So let’s…
– Cheers? – Yeah, we got to. – Cheers then a kiss, I’ma kiss it too. – Kiss ya Converse. – Wow. – I love the squint eye look. Whenever someone gives you
the squint eye look, you know it’s kinda good. He’s so crazy. – What? – And all that’s made from scratch. That’s fresh jerk seasoning from scratch. – Wow. – Yeah. – OK. – That is such a unique taste. – Oh yes? – I’ve never tried
that before, it’s so good. – Your jerk seasoning is one of the best, well-rounded ones that I’ve had. First off, I’m still ta–
Like, the after taste… – Is still there. – Oh, thank you!
– It’s so pleasant. And the way that you have the Allspice and the way that you’re cooking it in your oven, a home oven, it ends up turning into
a subtle fruity tone. – Exactly. – And that is,
that’s one of the things that’s throwing me off right now ’cause it was so unexpected. I’m tasting it and I’m
like, “Oh my goodness.” – Yes. – So pleasantly surprised,
I’m so happy to be here. – Thank you. – So, we got the jerk one. Now I’m looking at this
cauliflower crust tandoori shrimp. – I’m kinda really
looking forward to that one too. – This has tandoori
also made from scratch. – Wow. – Gluten-free. – Tandoori shrimp. Take a toast. Do we kiss this one? – Oh no that’s just… – That was just a… – You can kiss all my pizza. – OK. – Mhm, wow. Wow wow wow. – So I started making the
gluten-free cauliflower crust because people were requesting gluten-free. – You like it? – Again, a unique flavor. – Yeah. – I love tandoori. You know I love Indian food. – Yes. – I never imagined it on a pizza. – I would say my brand is ethnic pizza, because I just try to put a little bit of international love in the pizza because we’re a melting pot in New York. – Yeah exactly. – That’s my influence. – First of all, at home
I tried to incorporate cauliflower into a crust. I did it twice, failed miserably. – It’s a technique. – It 100% is. And I’ve tried many cauliflower crusts. This puts all cauliflower crusts to shame. – I didn’t even know. – If you didn’t say anything, the way that you have
incorporated the cauliflower into this crust is a feat
that should be acknowledged… – Oh thank you.
– in a major way. – I love you. I wish I could just keep you here. – Right. – Like how is this one? – So, the piece de resistance for this is that tandoori shrimp, and then how you paired
it with the red onion, with the cilantro. – Lime, I also put lime on there. Tandoori’s not tandoori
without a little lime. – That’s true. You’ve paired the flavors together. – You’re a magician. – 100% – I got the glow. – OK so this last pie was for Jackie. I heard that she’s on her vegan. I was like I gotta do something for her. – Aww you’re so sweet. – You hear the, like as she’s cutting, you hear that crunch. – Oh, I’m showing off now, I know I know. – Its like “Ratatouille.” It’s all about the crunch. My favorite movie. – Aww man. – So here, try this one now. – All right. – Let me know
how you like that one. – Salut. – All right. – That’s the vegan cheese. – It just tastes like cheese. – A lot of times, people
are afraid of vegan pizza because they think they’re
taking away from flavor. – Yeah. – And you’re taking away from texture. – This is so flavorful. – You have basically
taken vegan elements in each part of the pizza and imparted so much flavor in them. – I want it to be a good experience. People are like, “Ohh, I gotta get vegan,” but you know I want you to still love it. – No, it’s amazing, so tasty. – So, right off
the bat, it has very, very tomato-forward flavors, but you cut that tanginess
and the acidity with it with that vegan cheese. And to make a vegan dough
and still get the cornicione. – That’s right! – This doesn’t even taste like… – It’s something that needs to be talked about and acknowledged. – That is just making me like… Am I glowing like Bruce LeRoy? – Yes, you are. – Yeah yeah. I can say without a fact this is the best vegan
pizza I’ve ever had. – Well stop it. – Yeah, same here. – Oh, I’m gonna let you just live here. – I’m looking at this couch over there. Give me a pillow and a blanket. I might be able to make that happen. It’s been an honor to have
your pizza in your home. We have one more chef to meet. Would you be down to roll with us? – Yes, but I have a surprise for you. – Oh, there’s more? – Wait there’s more. I went ahead and made you
guys what started it all. My frozen pizza. – What, you have… – This is a Margherita. This is Jerk Chicken. – Can I take the Margherita? You have three or you want? – Oh you got three I got two. – Oh no, here here here here. No no no, this is your
favorite, doing the veggie. – You better grab this pizza from me. Oh my goodness, chef,
thank you so so much. – No problem, so enjoy. – Thank you. – Chef Nicole, once again thank you for having us. Pizza was incredible. – Thank you. – But more importantly, the name. Last Dragon Pizza. Can you talk to us a little bit how that name came about. – Well it’s kind of two-fold. It’s a little bit of a long
story, but it’s also nostalgia. Rockaway used to be, had
a lot of recreation. It used to be like Coney Island. Like had a big amusement park, arcade, and we even had our own movie theater. So my sister, when I was younger, took me to see “The Last Dragon,” and it was just a memorable experience and I remember coming home
and we were walking home on the boardwalk and I
was jumping on everything like I’m the Last Dragon, I’m the Last Dragon. I got the glow, you know. – Oh, that’s why you said, “I got the glow.” – That is just making me like… Am I glowing like Bruce LeRoy? – Yes, you are. – Yeah yeah. – I get it now. – The last part is that
after Hurricane Sandy, my sister, we lost everything. It saved both of us to not think about all the bad things that was going on. So the pizza… – Took a negative and made positive. – Right. And then making the
dough became therapeutic. – That’s why I like to cook. It’s like therapy. – It is therapeutic. – Can you talk about
how the adversity that you’ve had in your
life on this pizza journey and how you overcame it? – What happened was the
construction workers on the block were still there, 2013, and I was just being
nice giving them pizza. And then they became my first customers, because it was like,
“Listen, how much is this?” – Wow. – And I’m like, “What? You’ll buy this?” And they’re like, “Yeah.” – Wow. – I think when I
committed to it, my life changed. Because I said, “You know what, if one person comes to see me this week, if 10 people comes to see me this week, I’m just gonna be ready.” – Yeah. – I wanna hear a
little bit about your story, how you were able to soar beyond that and become successful today. – I moved from the
Dominican Republic to LA with my mom to be a singer
and actress when I was 15. I had this girl, she had an apartment, she had a Honda Civic, and I was like, “Oh my God she has a car.” She had a manager, she had
everything that I wanted to be, and I was like maybe if I live with her, she can help me be this thing, whatever. And we were on our way to a concert and she lost control of the wheel. I wasn’t wearing my seat belt and I went out the window. – Oh no! – Twenty feet away from the car. I had emergency brain surgery, so they had to shave my head ’cause I had a blood clot in my brain. Yeah, you don’t even know. I have screws in my head. And it’s titanium, so no I don’t
really go off in the airport. I get that question all the time. I wake up two weeks later
with a tube down my throat. I wanted to die really, because imagine I had all these
beautiful head shots made, I was moving to Hollywood, and everything I wanted in life was to be a singer and actress, and I felt like my dream
was over, just how you felt. I got out on my 18th birthday. And then I went back to Dominican Republic and I got my strength back. – Oh, your story is amazing. – Oh thank you, same. – I’m inspired by your story. – But, it’s fine. I’m on “Orange Is the New Black.” – I love Flaca! The teardrop, I was hoping
you come with a teardrop. – I hung the teardrop up. – All right so Far Rockaway was fun. – Yes. – But now, we’re
on our way to Brooklyn to meet Chef Papi at his restaurant. – Wait a minute. Is it Caoba? – Yes. – Oh my God! That’s my homie. – So you both know each other already? – Yeah, that’s where I go, that’s my spot. – For real? – Yeah, they’re about to make
like a platano Jackie platano. No, I’m kidding. I’m about to tell him right now. I love going through, it’s amazing. – This is the best. – It’s like a
Japanese-Dominican fusion. Like it’s amazing.
– Oh my goodness. – Are y’all ready
to have some of this food? – I’m starving, yeah. – Hey, how are you? – Nice to see you. – Hi Jackie how you doing? – Good, thanks for having us. – Such a pleasure. – Nice to meet you. – I’m a hugger I’m a hugger. What’s up Cliff? – What’s going on with you man? – Good to see you. – It’s an honor to be here. Is it cool if we grab a seat? – Of course, mi casa es su casa. – I heard you have some food for us. – I got a little bit of something for you. – OK let’s do it. Oh my goodness. – Let’s go. – Ready to eat? – Oh, are we?
– Oh yes! – All right so I have the
Famous Dominican Pizza. – That’s what she’s
been looking forward to. – And you are my pizza girl. We have a Dominican mac & cheese. (howling) It has fried chicken in it. It also has fried Dominican
sausage, which we call longaniza. – Oh my goodness. – And we have a vegan dish. It’s like these little,
mini mofongos with guac. – I’m looking forward to that. – My vegans, I love you too. – Chef, please please please come. I think let’s go with
the vegan option first. – I’m sorry that you guys made it vegan. At Caoba I eat meat, he knows this. – You just opened
us to an additional option. Eye contact, eye contact. – Eye contact, good luck
good luck good luck. – All right. – This is very good. – But he made it vegan. The traditional dish is chicharron. – So it’s basically a fried plantain. We smash it up, we add chimichurri sauce, garlic, salt, pepper. We make ’em with shrimp, steak, chicken, fried cheese, you name it. – And the garlic
in there and the chicharron. So good. – Chef can you tell us
about how you’re infusing Dominican flavors and textures
into all of these dishes? – Well my favorite foods is
Asian, Mexican, and Italian. So I kind of have like
all my Dominican dishes are influenced by those three cuisines. – And then the macaroni & cheese. – And then that’s yeah. – Which I think we all
should dig into right now. – I’m with it. – Have fun. – I’m with it! – Look at this. – Ahh. – You know what, I never tried the mac & cheese. – In previous episodes,
I’ve declared my fondness for macaroni & cheese, and have called myself a…
a macaroni & cheese whore. – Man. – So, first of all, the
base of the cheese sauce. Whether it’s like a, it
definitely has bechamel qualities, but your twist and the
flavors that you infused into it are amazing. And then not only that,
but adding the proteins gives it another level of
flavor that is unmatched. With the pineapples, what was
it like a pineapple salsa? – Yeah. – It’s like a palate cleanser. In the middle of eating such
a rich macaroni & cheese, you get bites of the pineapple, you get that micro-green. – Don’t you love how he talks? It’s food porn. This is food porn! – Yeah! So can you talk a little
bit about your story and how we got here? – How we got here. Funny, last year in February,
I owned a supermarket, ’cause my family was
always in the business. And I had an idea of starting my own brand and I called it Papi’s
Grill and it popped off. But I always wanted to be at a restaurant and so I ended up here
and I love what I do, man. – You all are elevating
and trying to progress so it’s a blessing to have you here. We have one more dish that we gotta try. – I think you should do the honors. – Ready? – Oh yes! – Oh yeah that’s a dope… Salut! – Eye contact eye contact. – Oh man that’s delicious. – That’s a different story. – What the (beep)? – This one needs a cuss word. – What? – What made you think
of doing a platano pizza? – Well when I first started
like actually being comfortable with not caring about what
people thought of my food. This was like my first dish. It was so popular and this
is kinda like the dish that put me on the map, so one day I was like,
“I gotta come up with another platano dish.” And I was like, “How could we make a
pizza?” And it just happened. – I love the idea of a platanos base and then the sausage and fried cheese. I never even knew that fried
cheese was a Dominican thing. – Yeah, very much. – It was so delicious. – And then you have all of
these items on top of it, the chicken, the fried
cheese, the sausage, and this is an ode to Mark
and Scott at “Really Dough?” You know Mark, dough, sauce, cheese. – Sauce, cheese, dough, that’s it. – But, Scott’s able to bend the rules. – So what is holding us
back from being a pizza? – And I think what this is is just a rule-bending masterpiece and interpretation of a
New York classic pizza. How has Instagram
influenced your business? – It’s like night and day. People see it, they want it. And they just, they’re impulsive. It’s like you’ll drop that picture. It’s like, “How? When?
What’ll I have to do get that?” You know what I mean? – Definitely. – And I just love that about
the Instagram community. What about you? – Well Instagram definitely
changed my life. People like to see authenticity, so they go on my page and they
see me playing with my kids in the morning in my stories and then they see all
these delicious things. Last year I had 600 followers. Now I’m around like 23, 24,000 right now. – God bless you. – Come on man. – Definitely, it’s changed my life. I’m just happy, I’m loving
life, I’m loving my dream. – I just feel Instagram has helped me for myself and my dreams, but also I wanna use my platform for fighting for people’s rights, fighting for the underrepresented
person which, you know, in Hollywood, is Latino. – Beautiful, that’s a beautiful thing. – That’s true. – So I’m using my platform
not just for myself, but also I wanna tag you guys. – Thank you. – You know what I mean? – Definitely, thank you. – We have to help each other. – Definitely, so one
thing I wanna talk about is the next steps. – I would say towards the end of the year, I’m gonna start looking
for a commercial space and manufacturing the
frozen pizzas, supermarkets. – You’re gonna need more than just you. – I know that’s what I’m saying, and I also I just want to hire people. That’s a goal of mine. I just wanna hire more people. – So that’s one thing
that I definitely see in your future for sure. – Aww you guys are so wonderful. – Chef Papi. – In the very near future, I would say maybe in the next six months or so, the owner here is opening a new place in Williamsburg called Iota. It’s gonna be a French-Cuban cuisine. I’m gonna be the executive
chef there at Iota. – Oh, congrats! – Are you gonna bring some
Dominican flavors too, though? – You gotta sneak it in on the low. – Gonna hook it up. – I’ll come through for sure. – Oh yeah, you definitely have to. – You know my music is definitely what’s about to happen. I’ve been working undercover while filming “Orange Is the New Black.” My Big Picture will help me
distribute it around the world too. – Best of luck to you.
– That’s fire. Thank y’all for just taking time to be a part of this and before we leave, is it cool can I get a
selfie with everybody? – Of course! – Only if I take it,
’cause I’m a professional. – Let’s do it then. Dog, I ain’t never seen
the Statute of Liberty dog. What the (beep)? Go head no.
– Here here here here. What she said. Sure we’re, I love you, can I come back? – Anytime. – Cool, for noodles too.

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