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OSHO: Celebrating Death

OSHO: Celebrating Death

55 thoughts on “OSHO: Celebrating Death”

  1. Recently when a family member passed on, we had a private celebration of his life, with shared stories, around a campfire. And there were some tears also, grateful ones, because the one thing he wanted most in the world, happened just before he passed. Very tender and touching. This week, a friend's grandma passed on. She did not want a funeral, only for others to drink a toast to her!

  2. Watching those flames burn… thinking how that person came from a tiny cell… goes through life… it is an unbelievably mind blowing thing life… how can you not celebrate something so amazing. I get it.. nice.

  3. why did the celebration stop at 3:25 ? did they discover the reality of what they are doing, dancing around a body which should be respected. In fact the soul was been asking at that moment and it is very solemn moments.

  4. All my respect for Osho, but in my opinion death could be the crescendo of life only if it happens in later age, "in bed between the pillows", when one is at least 75-80 years old. I had schoolmate who died around his 9th years, my mother's sister died as baby and my best friend died of cancer when he was 46 after painful months. I think he experieneced this rather decrescendo and his wife couldn't celebrate it with dynamic meditation. And what if someone dies in an unexcepted accident?

  5. why am I tearing….I don't know…I don't feel sad or afraid, but why am I tearing…
    I must have missed him. I must be sorry for myself, still not living as the real me at this stage of life….

  6. Well we dont know if there is anything after death, technically it can absolute nothing as much as it can be something. these people celebrating, that's great and I'm sure it makes THEM feel better but the dead person is just gone, they dont really care either way. All these things are here to make the living feel better but honestly it can just be nothing, death can just be painful and for the ones left behind we have to miss them till the day we too die which also sucks.

  7. so really, the only thing people can do is love and live while alive, spend as much time with loved ones as possible because its temporary, all these philosophies are just to ease peoples fear of what's after and trying to come to grip with the existential fact that yes, we are going to die, its going to be sad because their gone, and most likely painful so just don't stress about something you cant do anything about and party it up now lol.

  8. Osho is the best i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuuu ahahhhahahh miticoooooo!!!!
    i want a funeral like this one i swee!!!

  9. Osho was full of logic and physiocology. His words worked like magic on people. I dont know he was good or bad. But i know 1 thing he was very popular

  10. How can anybody smile if death is giving u pain .
    No body fears to die but when they think about the pain they gonna get that affraids everyone …. Osho is right but not practically

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