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Palompon Fiesta Celebration 2019

Palompon Fiesta Celebration 2019

It is the ambiance of the town
when the fiesta is a few more days to go. As they said,
the street is always busy. different accessories, and of course, foods. And today is the 8th year
celebration of the festival. It’s now December 2,
and it is the celebration of the Lawig Festival. Unfortunately, we did not arrive on time for the street dancing and showdown.
But, as you can see,
there are still people at the back. Those are some of the participants
and guests of the Lawig Festival. Even Palompon is under
Public Storm Warning Signal #1, the event continued. It is the 8th year celebration
of the Lawig Festival. If you can observe, the weather is not good
because of the typhoon, Tisoy (Kammuri). But, there are still a lot of people who come to celebrate. Lawig Festival is such a fighter. We are late.
What can you share about it? It’s really nice. There is facebook live. We can watch it. You watch it live.
It is the Facebook live. Though the weather is not good,
it is still fun. Where have you been, Xai? We came here late. You did not arrive on time? Yes. Its was nice. Really? Yes. It is where the Lawig Festival
grand showdown held. Yes! Once again,
thank you very much. Since the festival ended already,
people were moving out of the venue. Its December 3,
the feast of Saint Francis. The celebration started
with a Pontifical Mass at the church. So, since we already offered gratitude
for all the blessings received its time to eat. Since its fiesta, it is normal to find different types of foods on the tables, at different houses, within the town. Who will not get satisfied
with all of that? After being satisfied with foods, people joined the procession with our beloved, patron saint. Though it rained hard, people continued to walk the entire route. When we reached the church, there were still many people who offered
candles and prayers to our beloved patron. So, the fiesta celebration has now ended. The weather was not good. But we can say that the celebration was a successful one. On the Lawig Festival, the street dancing,
and, the grand showdown, on yesterday, the Pontifical Mass,
house-hopping, until the procession last night. We had fun in our short vacation
here in Palompon, though we got stranded
because of many canceled trips. And now, back to reality. . Okay, thank you for watching
and see you in our next video.

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  1. Beautiful vlog!! May I add that the Lawig Festival showdown was held at the Palompon Institute of Technology (PIT), a state college in Palompon and one of the 10 SUCs in Eastern Visayas.

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