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Panda Express Family Feast Challenge + 3/4 Gallon of Ice Cream *5000 Calories* | Freak Eating / ASMR

Panda Express Family Feast Challenge + 3/4 Gallon of Ice Cream *5000 Calories* | Freak Eating / ASMR

Panda? I wonder what they serve here… that’s right I have a giant burger beach
towel behind me cuts down on the glare what’s up everybody welcome to a special
episode of freak eating vs. the world today we’re doing a collaboration
challenge with killer Kennedy and what’s on the menu is the Panda Express family
feast I took this one on a few years ago but
we’re gonna revisit it with a very very special twist we’re gonna add on a ton
of ice cream not a ton exactly but a whole tub of
chocolate and a whole tub of vanilla I believe it’s about a half a gallon of
ice cream killer Kennedy’s contributions in this
challenge was deciding on the flavors vanilla and chocolate to represent a
panda which I thought was genius so there we go make sure you hit that Bell
icon to stay notified and when you’re done watching this video be sure to drop
down into the description section and click on the link to go check out
Killers video so with no fanfare no BS and no stalling it’s time to get eaten
so here we go unfortunately panna doesn’t do a really
good job presenting their stuff that’s like that’s the honey sesame chicken
it’s brand-new we’re actually just back please now see how much dealing with here who got a whole set of chow mein Tommy’s
got a cold though pour it on right here got orange chicken personal favorite Panda Express the veggies shroom chicken you first of all shaken a humongous some of the veggies and by veggies that
looks like 90% broccoli you cabbage in there too you that is one crazy long piece of sweet
sesame chicken look at that thing you got a phone call from scam likely down the chicken a little stiff definitely don’t like
choke on it like it was a couple heads of broccoli
here you it has just enough spice to irritate me
and make my nose run but not much else you let’s add in the last box mushroom
chicken taken in the mushroom creep the mint
mushroom chickens actually the softest of all the box are still worn and
there’s more veggies in here let’s eat some squash and Russians you can’t forget the ice cream put that two
tubs of sweet sweet ice cream maybe in this little cup cool day on the fire so
good needed a break from all that savory you a little break from the chicken and eat
some ice cube sweet chocolate
you you some broccoli will work on the ice cream
burnt screams like a palate cleanser which actually melted down quite a bit actually now that I think about it this
is more than a half gallon of ice cream you it’s frozen weird can’t feel my tongue I have filled my palm oh it’s such a
weird feeling second feels like it’s like burning but like I can’t really
feel it either chocolate is solid vanilla though is getting a little soupy
in there that’s bike villa well one more I feel
like cold shot all over my body Kim teeth are starting to get a little
numb time to eat some broccoli you broccoli is a great way to save calories
but a horrible food to eat at the end of a challenge lotta guys a little
chocolate ice cream here good I want to eat I want to eat it I don’t want to eat it
but I can’t put it down with the filling of my tongues back I don’t know if I like the chocolate or
the vanilla better I just want have to be over Oh at least I’m not lactose intolerant there will be worse oh wait hung my tongue is numb my tongue
is numb we’re down to the last couple bites here yeah yeah hurts so much but I think I think we did
okay okay that thumbs up button if you enjoyed the video and especially if you
love ice cream I love ice cream I hope you love ice cream and be sure to check
out killer Kennedy’s video I got it linked down below in the description
section little friend and I will see you all next time in the next video so until
we eat again stay in school don’t do drugs and eat like a freak and since
YouTube is screwing with all of us please make sure to hit that Bell icon
if you’re already subscribed or if you’re not if they’d be like on anyway
what didn’t hurt you know bye

68 thoughts on “Panda Express Family Feast Challenge + 3/4 Gallon of Ice Cream *5000 Calories* | Freak Eating / ASMR”

  1. Nadder i was full just watching you eat all that food and i wonder sometimes how do you do it but you always seem to pull through and get a win great video keep up the good work 👍 👍

  2. How does he not way 400+ pounds at this point, Also when he started talking about the "Sweet sweet ice cream" He sounded like Ben stiller at the end of Dodgeball

  3. Naadars food challenges are great and fun to watch personally i really don't like what panda express serves !I .

  4. So who else here is dieting and finds comfort watching someone else eat a ton of food because you can’t? 😂 I’m hungry 😭

  5. I don't know what's most impressive…eating all that food, your sweet knick-knack cabinets behind you, or that awesome beard you are growing out!

  6. I honestly don’t see what is genius about choosing colours to incorrectly represent a panda. Hmmmmm seems dumb to me but whatever.

  7. defo another FreakEating masterpiece to go on my list, only i will substitute the 2 tubs of ice cream for 1 container of Cookies & Cream for the black & white panda theme.

  8. This was a good video you and Killer had two different styles which made it interesting it seems like that the Ice Cream was more of a challenge then you thought.
    I am not sure if I would of added in the broccoli though.
    I hope to see more interesting challenges like this well done to you both

  9. I feel the same way about spices. if my nose is running that's okay, if my tongue is engaged in nuclear warfare not cool.

  10. HOLA DUDE! I've been away for a while so I've missed alot. *I just tapped so I'll get all your notifications … I don't want to miss anymore! Good, solid challenge this time. People can talk smack about Panda Express all they want, but it's a mall staple & EVERYBODY loves that orange chicken! 🍊 What's up with the beard, dude? Haha I'm already following one long bearded guy (Beard Meats Food)🤣 Just kidding. You look very handsome. Also, I miss your old narration. This one in real time was a little distracting cause your mouths full all the time. 😋 But I still loved the video & it's always good to see you. Thank you ❤️ & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! 🎃

  11. Brah there must be like a million carbs,and a million grams of sugar in that meal.i don't see how you can eat like this and not get hella fat.

  12. It looks like all that freak eating is catching up to u Nader. Also I hate the beard. That’s why I don’t watch that Beard Meats guy anymore. Couldn’t stand seeing food in the beard. Or thinking about beard hair getting into ur moth while eating. 🤢

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