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Party In The Jungle ♥ Envision Festival 2018 | The Shift

Party In The Jungle ♥ Envision Festival 2018 | The Shift

Hola, buenas dias its 6 am and the roads are clear the Sun is shining And we are on our way to Envision festivals and first time So something Juliana and I hear a lot This weekend is people talking about a general shift in the population Its sort of like the coming of energy to a higher consciousness or or a better community and awakened population we made it And I think when we talk about the shift the only way we can start to spread this energy of love and unity and Us existing together as a human race is by sharing with each other sharing our experiences trying to be more open and Truly realizing that We’re all in this together You know we live on this planet, and it’s our home all of our homes, and yes, we might be divided by Races and religions or whatever we believe but in the very end we’re all one We’re all people you know we all want love and we all want to be loved It’s funny because I have a hard time I don’t necessarily say that this shift is not happening and this is definitely happening for happening for a large group of people but I Don’t know if it’s a shift for the whole seven billion Or I don’t know what point then you can label it for the full seven billion, but it’s happening here There’s no doubt there’s an an amazing awakening collectively Thank you for standing together brothers and sisters It takes all of us a lot of people Day two We’re running on a little less sleep than normal And that is due to all the wonderful people that wanted to party till 6 am and we couldn’t sleep in our tent And fought it for a while and we finally gave in we’re like that Let’s just get up and go do some yoga, and then we had an amazing yoga practice with our buddy Chris Hawk It was incredible DJ is djing on its own with a couple of people’s who are like well I don’t know if it’s supposed to be a class I don’t know what it’s supposed to be but if we threw our mats down And we’re just started doing our thing, and then the next thing we know I looked up and theres like all these people dancing everywhere So I think we can really start to Welcome a shift into our lives by so you know always choosing to react with love our friend fab. Said something really wonderful Yesterday and he said you know if each and every one of us just tried to make one person happy Once a day just do something kind something little the world would be such a more peaceful and beautiful There would be 7 billion acts of kindness a day yeah, that’s enough to actually change things We make delicious vegan burgers at Luv Burger the best vegan burgers in the world Hope it is what people say it is the world needs a shift The world needs you to take the positive energy from this video and turn it into your own and share it with somebody else Because without it. We’re doomed and A shift is the only way that our kids are going to look at their parents or their grandparents and be proud of what? Happened well we were here when it was our time because of when it’s their time I Don’t know it’s looking bleak these days that Doomsday Clock everything you read in the news ever all of the scientists Everyone’s talking about it, but no one’s actually shifting So it’s really nice to come to a place like this for a couple of days and realize that People are doing their best it might not be as many as we need right now, but we got to just keep going I hope that there will be more Festivals and gatherings like this around the world where people can understand. How we affect The earth how we affect our planet by what we do on a daily basis You There’s a commonality between every one of us That we have to simplify the same way we simplify the way we look at ourselves I am me it’s as simple as it gets but it divides as soon as you say it so if you embrace the oneness The rest is all just little labels that don’t matter This will all fade away, and it will change form and so will you We’re a little worse for wear today Tired and Ready to go hmm all packed up. Yeah a wonderful couple of days it was now Maybe we’ll go find a waterfall right now here. There’s a waterfall around here Waterfalls regenerate the soul We need that right now after an air mattress Sleep Well, no sleep because the music was loud again the air mattress

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  1. It looks like the "Flower Power" movement of the 60's& 70's is back..So much was going wrong w/ humanity at that time-as is in this, 'our-time'. People were losing their way-as they are now also….Then, the 'Flower children' brought love & kindness into the mix..I think it helped. Just 'NO drugs PLEASE' is the best way. Humanity is in the battle of our lives–the battle of GOOD against evil.. may God Bless us all…BOHO,-Thank you for the experience of this video..I did not know of this festival..Namaste' -Reni

  2. This video almost brought tears to my eyes.
    I don't think it is common or easy to get to the spiritual level where you can call yourself "awakened", but there are more and more people who strive to be awakened, and it is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you guys for sharing this video ❤️

  3. love your editing and the MESSAGE! Envision is so fun, i went a few years ago.. ill share this beautiful clip i took there that year: ) namaste dear yogis

  4. Thank you so much Juliana and Mark for sharing this beautiful video! It´s our right to share the knowledge of the unity, the higher- purpose and conciousness! The shift is happening, we just have to help each other spread the love together, just like you do!
    Much love <3

  5. Breath taking, my tears are coming down as I watch this I feel like I’m there. We need these events in the states ❤️

  6. Absolutely love this! I’ve had the weakening!! The past 3-4 months! Complete awakening! Love it! I am a healer! 💜❤️💜🙏🏻🌈🙏🏻🌈🙏🏻💜❤️

  7. And this is different from things like Burning Man (Granted-cool in it's own right), but no drugs or drinking or anything to give the illusion of happiness…just pure joy and good intentions. Beautiful.

  8. Wow, my husband and i went to uvita about 10 years ago. it's changed quite a bit! back then there was only a beach and one hostel (and of course the waterfall). so happy to see you guys partying and having a good time! ☺️

  9. I got such positive vibes from this video. It really show that people are trying their best and are trying to make things better for eachother. ❤

  10. Yesssss wow all I can say is wow!!! I have been away from your channel and YouTube in general for a while but I am a huge fan of what you do and your practice! This video is truly amazing and I am so grateful that you are able to share this idea and experience with the world!

  11. Its great to see people using this kind of platform to spread a positive message, rather than fan your ego. You have an audience, keep up the good work, its so important. <3

  12. Hi! The shift is happening in ecological communities. People who commit to live together as (really) human beings and respect of the Earth. I live in one of these ecovillages, it's hard work and deep transformation, quite far away from youtube, instagram and other fancy tatoos, but who cares? Each one of us is doing his/her best and this is what counts. Check out the worlwide work of GEN (Global Ecolovillage Network: They (we : ) do a lot but one of the most inspiring events are the conferences (next GEN Europe Conference will take place in Sweden in June). They look a bit like parties but also provide people with incredible tools about living ecologically, living together, living with oneself…in a meaningfull way.

  13. I read that there have been protests from the indiginous community of Costa Rica concerning this event. Unfortunately it is another example of westerners going to a country and celebrating their ideals at the cost of the culture and moral world view of the host community. This why there has also been a growing backlash against tourism in places like Ibiza, Thailand, and Spain. Respect the culture of the country you visit.

  14. Hey this is not meant to be negative.bohobeautiful really is beautiful.people are people and regardless of where we are at the time, people will be people.This gathering does not appear to be rejuvenating at all.Give me peace and quiet, a boho beautiful meditation, yoga practice.  No thanks to this craziness stuff.

  15. May you please post when there will be more festivals like these? How do you search for festivals like these? I really want to be a part of this.

  16. The most openly drug used music festival I have ever been to In My Life finding drugs was like finding water in the ocean and I loved every minute of it can't wait for next year

  17. wow. this is a beautiful video. I attended envision in 2017 and you guys did an incredible job capturing the magic of this festival. this experience does uplift the conciousness of our planet. maybe I'll see you at envision 2019♡

  18. This is sooo beautiful! OMG I'm in love with your videos and I can't help but binge watch them haha Keep spreading positivity, light and love! Much love to you two!

  19. Pretty cool to see the girl from the Vibe video in the background. Just watched her video before this one. 😊

  20. I'd say there is a shift, but the more intense the light becomes, so too does the darkness become darker. That's why it can seem like things are getting worse, and they are, but they're also getting better at the same time! Like you said though, we just have to keep going. Keep that warrior spirit alive <3

  21. This party is lacking deodorant and perhaps condoms lol…. Mushroom, marijuana, and hallucinants served for happy hour, and no animal protein on the Grill, just plants lol. I hope you enjoy my sense of humor, it’s in good spirits. I actually love her Pilates videos 😊😝😋

  22. i didn't know this festival, it seems amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish i can go there maybe one day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. i just found your channel and immediately i am in LOVE! plus the editing of this video is amazing , it makes me want to be there right now

  24. Hello! I believe you were having fun and you also spread these great ideas as oneness, caring about Planet, generally mindful living, so that s great. But one thing concerns me and I'd really like to hear your respond. Because it is easy to be carried away by all of these ideas without actually implementing it in life and without deeper knowledge about them. I think the answer is "yes", but let me ask: Have you reached for some well founded books, like "Yogasutras" by Panatjali?
    Oh, and one more thought: these ideas of better world are right, but sadly IMO no major change in world can be done by them, since change requires money, power and "people acceptance" and statistically people won't accept sth which needs effort and offers no immediate results (at least as for now, attitude could change with time, which we do not have). That s our sweet materialistic world. But, as science suggests, we will all die, as human race. That would be perfect realisation of oneness :). Regards!

  25. Envision looks like what I have naturally been gravitating towards. Would love to talk to these people about community, society, and how to make the world better!

  26. Has anyone told you guys about Jesus Christ? Was anyone at this festival talking about Him and how he is the ONLY WAY to eternal life? The Bible talks about a mass deception, and that is what the New Age movement supports. The "awakening" is a deception. The true awakening is to the truth of God imparted by the Holy Spirit, delivered through Jesus Christ,who is God. There is NO LOVE without Jesus. He is the author of love.

  27. Krishna, Vishnu, Witches, Wicca, Hindu gods….these are all pathways to death, not life. I see this stuff all over this festival and it is a lie.

  28. Where is there a genuine yoga dj vegan envision style festival in the USA? I need this in my life wow!

  29. So coool, I Luv it. Would love to be back there again. And just do something. You guys are doing great. Proud of you.

  30. I'm just trying to figure out what they do…they say a lot of good things, but how are they positively contributing to overall society? If anything, I'm sorry but their videos seem to be more about their pleasure than them through actions, making the world better.

  31. I hear the message, but I don’t see much diversity at this event. What’s the demographic like? Would someone like me feel comfortable at an event like this?

  32. is this an exclusive european thing? all I see is white ppl..generally happens with these kinds of "festivals" in places where the locals rarely have a voice in saying whether the event should or should not be hosted.

  33. Hmm… only in the West. All New Age hokiness. At least they were spreading vegan awarness. If you want a true spiritual festival you should travel to Haridwar India next year for the massive Kumbh Mela. 🔱 I'd give anything to go but have animals I can't leave.

  34. During the Kumbh Mela, hundreds of Hindu yogis who spend their lives of renunciation secluded in the Himalayas, come down and take the sacred dip in the holy Ganga. Kumbh is the largest pilgrimage/festival on earth and only happens every 12 years. Talk about affecting the Consciousness shift!!!! It is also a testament that Hinduism prevails in Holy India despite thousands of years of attacks and evil from Muslims and Christian tyrants and "missionaries" AUM namah Shiva!

  35. I hate when people say drugs are bad….like you are literally eating drugs everyday with the processed food you intake…you do realize that. drugs are just a bunch of positive and negatives like 1 ands 0s yes and nos. give and take, reactions happening inside your body chemically in order to produce an affect. Properly used you will be fine and arnt some bad guy the government or others make you out to be


  37. Primarily white, well to do upper middle / wealthy class of kinda hippie type, still finding themselves, young folk, drunk in naïveté. Not judging just explaining. I envy actually, for I was once there too.
    But alas reality of the 7 billion will sink in; that reality is that the “ doomsday clock” has been ticking for 10s of thousands of years for folks of the earth. And will keep ticking until that huge meteor finally makes contact.
    Until then do what makes you happy…. as long as it doesn’t take away from someone else’s happy.

  38. Great video and message, I love your style, most people who come to these festivals miss the point and just put together 3 minute montages of unbridled hedonism without any sense of spreading love and positivity

  39. I am a vegan and love their ideas. But restricting access based on financial status, des not seem very humanistic.. a little contrary. Clicked on this, because of the girl. Humanity and higher consciousness? Does anybody know where the $349 is going to? Full festival access from Thursday, Feb 28th at 10:00 AM until Monday, March 4th at 10:00 AM. Includes General Admission camping access. Camping equipment not included. Don’t forget sunscreen.? $349 to live in a tent next to modern day hippies seems steep. Can somebody tell me where this money goes>???

  40. I never understood why hippies are so pessimistic. The world we live in is wonderful, life is beautiful and the earth will out survive humanity. Enjoy the moment, love your family and treat people with decency.

  41. ITS NOT FAIR. IN ORDER TO GET TO THAT FESTIVAL U NEED A LOT OF MONEY,& A PARTNER (ESP IF UR A WOMAN). i so desperately want to go, but don't have money and no one to come with me. My passport was stolen ontop of that. ANYONE WANT TO HELP A DESPERATE SOUL LOOKING TO GO? It would change my entire life forever.

  42. You guys are awake, The Event the Shift is happening and people are waking up…I'm one of them and I have awoken my wife and some other pople too. Watch Alba Weinman newer or Deloris Cannon older QHHT sessions. Love is everything, raise your vibration children of Gaia.

  43. Our Mother, our one & only home, Mother Earth is dying…and we´re actually one of the last generations who still has the chance to change things…the way we raise our children, the way we teach them kindness & compassion can lead to a whole new world <3 sending all the LOVE from Germany! Keep spreading your light <3

  44. Humanity is one consciousness blessed to experience itself through perceived and bodily separation. As much as it can feel like a curse sometimes we all chose this for it’s an unbelievably magical divine journey we are so blessed to share❤️❤️❤️ love to all🙌

  45. Beautiful video 🙂 That's one of the reasons i love festivals, it gives me hope in humanity. Planning to do a road trip in South America so hoping to go to the solar eclipse festival there Dec 2020 then road trip to Costa Rica for Envision

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