PAW Patrol Pups Save the Melon Festival 🍉 Pinkie Pal Puppet Adventures Ep #3 | Nick Jr.

PAW Patrol is on a roll! Ready for action! Two points! One day in Adventure Bay, everyone was getting ready
for the big melon festival. – Look how much you’ve grown!
– Skye? Who are you talking to? My melon. I heard that plants
grow better if you talk to them. Hey pups, Rubble can carry
everybody’s melons over to the melon festival on his rig. Just roll them into my loader. Meanwhile at the melon festival… Oh wow, everyone’s melons
are looking fantastic! Marvelous, but I bet Mayor Goodway
has grown a massive melon. Wow, it’s ginormous! My melon just didn’t know
when to stop growing. But you never know, someone might
turn up with an even bigger melon– Presenting the Foggy Bottom
mega melon! Huh? It doesn’t even smell like a melon. More like fresh paint
and old rain boots. You’re just jealous because
your melon is so puny. I crown myself Grand Melon Mayor. And I’d like to thank everyone
who made this win possible, me! Wait a minute, melons don’t bounce. You cheated, it’s a ball. No, it isn’t. Ah! Watch out, everyone! The ball is trashing everything! You mean melon! We need the PAW Patrol! – Hi, Mr. Porter.
– Ryder, come quick! Mayor Humdinger’s gigantic
bouncy ball is wrecking the festival and everything else. It’s not a ball, it’s a melon. No big ball is too bouncy,
no pup is too small. PAW Patrol, too the lookout! PAW Patrol, ready for action, Ryder sir! Thanks for hurrying, pups. Mayor Humdinger’s ball
is crashing into things all over town and it’s
ruining the melon festival. So for this mission, I’ll need Chase. I need you to use your net
to snag the ball and stop it from breaking anything else. Chase is on the case! And Rocky, I’ll need you to use your tools
to fix what the ball has already broken. Green means go! Alright, PAW Patrol is on a roll! [howling] [music playing] Chase, let’s stop that big ball. You mean big melon! It’s not a melon, Mayor Cheater Pants. Ruff, net! [music playing] Meow. [snickering] Oh no, not again! Stay away from my genuine melon! [screaming] The fake melon took Mayor Goodway. This is not OK. Skye, I need you to use your copter
and harness for a tricky rescue. I’m your pup. On my way. We’ve got to stop it long enough for
Skye to rescue the Mayor, but how? That’s it!
Rocky, repairs can wait. I’m gonna need you to check
your recycling jar, and get ready to shoot some hoops. Don’t lose it, reuse it. Got it! Why do we need
an old trampoline? Isn’t the mayor bouncy enough? It just needs a little repurposing. Right now it’s an old busted trampoline, but now it’s the world’s
biggest basketball hoop. Not big enough for Humdinger’s
fake melon to go through, but just big enough to catch it. The ball’s coming this way! [music playing] Swish! Two points! Now, Skye! Oh, thank you PAW Patrol. I was afraid I’d bounce
all the way to the moon. Or worse, Foggy Bottom. You’re welcome. Whenever you take a bad bounce,
just yelp for help. Uh-huh, I’m the grand melon mayor. I won fair and square. [popping] [laughing] Adventure Bay’s melon festival
was a big success, thanks to the PAW Patrol.
The end. [cheering] Nick Jr’s Pinkie Pals presents
Dora The Explorer and Perrito’s big surprise. One day in the forest,
Dora and Boots decided to do something nice for their puppy Perrito. My puppy Perrito has been
such a good doggy pet, that today we’re going to give him
a big, big surprise on Surprise Hill. Ooh! He’s gonna love his doggy surprise. Here he comes! Hi, Perrito.
We have a big, big surprise waiting for you at Surprise Hill. [barking] Oh, Surprise Hill? There’s a surprise there? I love surprises. He-he-he-he! Uh-oh, that sneaky fox will
try to swipe Perrito’s surprise. [barking] No te preocupes, Perrito. We’ll get to Surprise Hill first,
but how do we get there? Let’s ask the Map! I know the fastest way to Surprise Hill. You need to go over the Troll Bridge. So Dora, Boots and Perrito started their journey
to Surprise Hill. Is the Troll Bridge on the
first path or the second path? The second path. Excelente. Come on, we’ve got to get
to Surprise Hill before Swiper. So Perrito can get his big surprise. [barking] Oh Dora, that bridge still looks far away. Do you see anyone
who could give us a ride? Just then, they heard a car honking. It was Tiko and his dog Lalo. They can give us a ride. ¿Tiko, nos puedes llevar al puente? Claro, amigos.
¡Suban! Alright! Let’s get to the bridge and
hurry to Perrito’s surprise. Uh-oh, someone’s coming fast. Really fast. Who is it? It’s Swiper in a cat mobile. Meow. I’m gonna get to that hill first, and I’m gonna swipe
that surprise present. We can’t let him beat us to Surprise Hill. [barking] Come on, cat! [barking] Miren. El carro va más despacio. Yeah, the loud barks are slowing
Swiper’s cat mobile down. Yay! We stopped Swiper’s cat mobile. Ooh! They made it to the Troll Bridge
and guess who they met. I’m a grumpy old troll
who lives under the bridge. Hey! Oh no, it’s Mr. Troll. No one goes over my bridge.
No one! No one! No one! But we have to get to
Surprise Hill before Swiper, so Perrito can get his big surprise. Oh, OK. Good luck, cutie puppy. I hope you get that surprise
before Swiper gets it. Thanks, Mr. Troll. So Dora, Boots and Perrito
continued on to Surprise Hill. That sounds like Swiper the fox.
That sneaky fox! Swiper! There he is! And he has a dragon jet pack! [snickering] We can’t let him get to
the surprise present before we do. Swiper! We need your help to stop him. We’ve gotta say “Swiper, no swiping!” Say it with us. Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping! Swiper, no swiping! Oh, man! Oh, oh, oh, oh man! We stopped Swiper! With Swiper stopped,
Dora, Boots and Perrito made it all the way to Surprise Hill. Perrito is so excited.
He can’t wait to get his surprise. [barking] Are you ready for your surprise, Perrito? Let’s open it! [barking] Doggy toys and treats just for you! We did it! Perrito got his surprise. We had such an exciting adventure. What was your favorite part? You can ask your parents to subscribe
to the Nick Jr. YouTube channel for new videos every day and find more
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