100 thoughts on “Pink Floyd – The Last Concert (Gilmour, Waters, Mason ,Wright )”

  1. I wander how all the other acts felt, knowing that they were the warm up acts for pink floyd……to be fair, its a good one for the cv!

  2. В общественном Парижском туалете есть надписи на русском языке…..офигенно

  3. Эти труды Пинк Флойд проживут еще 100лет. Это вечность потомкам. Сохранят? Слушать и играть будут?

  4. Слышу слышу оточенный квадрат бас гитары и ударные, сологитары, саксофон. Заучено с молоду до последнего звука. Вечность. Космос вечен.

  5. Roger Waters should have learned that he could have done what ever he wanted with his solo projects but make Pink Floyd music as a group.

  6. A guy at uni the other day said he doesnt like Floyd because he believes that they went to Cambridge University. Firstly, they didn't. Secondly, who cares? They're brilliant.

  7. All those young people hearing real music live for the first time. Hearing the brilliance in a way never before experienced then forgetting what they saw like it never happened.

  8. Waters sempre se esforça muita pra chamar a atenção. Mas Gilmour rouca a cena, tranquilo, elegante e com real talento. É sim, um show!

  9. I still have The other side of the moon in cassette that i bought when it came out. Saved my paper route money to get it. To be a teen in the 70s was the best.

  10. Why do they hire cameramen who film everything but the guitarist playing the solo. This is a classic piece from Gilmore and we can barely see him play the solo.

  11. It's kind of music that teens could not understand. As a kid my father was playing those songs quite often, and I was pissed of it. Now when I'm grown I can appreciate the lyrics, ideas and of course sound of the band. They're great 🙂

  12. "Comfortably Numb" I get a slap in the face every time I listen to that song.
    i'm 48 yo.. That's a lot of slaps.

  13. As amazing as this was when it happened, it`s too bad that it`s only 24 minutes…. They should have done Shine on you crazy diamond

  14. @HDPinkFloyd
    You ruin a great performance by putting a stinking commercial in the middle of a song.
    How about simply not monetizing something like this.
    You get a thumbs down and I have stopped the playback. This sucks.

  15. I had the greatest pleasure of my life to see Pink Floyd live in concert in 1989 * in Hamburg – I had been a great fan of theirs from the early 1970's but nothing prepared me for the absolute brilliance and virtuosity of their live performance, finishing the show with their greatest track of all, "Comfortably Numb" . Only Roger Waters was missing but what David Gilmour, Richard Wright and Nick Mason and friends presented was the absolute ultimate in rock music perfection. I will never forget that lovely summer's evening and Pink Floyd playing to a literally captured audience ! 🌟🌟🌟* I Originally stated 1987 by mistake, but it was actually 1989.

  16. Companies name and shame for putting their ads in this video

    Company Shame for placing an ad in the middle of Gilmours solo in Comfortably Numb
    Google and their shitty home system

  17. The phenomenons like Pink Floyd , Led Zeppelin, Beatles , Rolling Stounes, Deep Purple might only happen in Great Britain …
    Thanks GB ….. It is a music forever …..

  18. The best bit about being old is that you got to see all the best bands live. And now that Floyd are no longer together, you go to see all their separate parts live individually. Roger Waters gig last year in Manchester was out of this world. He created Battersea Power Station inside the arena. And played Dogs, my favourite song, live. I've never seen Floyd, or any of it's members, do it live before. And yes, I cried all the way through it. He was phenomenal that night. One of the best gigs of my life.

  19. Daves like I’m done goodnight, get off the stage as quick as he can. No reason for me to be on stage if I’m not playing or singing.

  20. Still though the best band I’ve ever heard in my life, no matter what bands I eventually like I know pink floyd is always there to listen to when I’m bored of the rest, and that happens quite a lot. To me they are the only band to ever have consistently written songs that are as relevant today and will be in the future as they were when written, that my friends is a sign of genius. And to think they released 5 epic albums in the 70’s alone. Meddle, dark side of the moon, wish you were here, animals and the wall. Also why couldn’t Dave have given me one of his guitars, I think I deserve it. You know loyalty etc…..

  21. Легендарная группа.Кумиры моей юности ,музыка всех времён и народов.Браво!!!!!!!!

  22. в России тоже любят и уважают,респект.Слушаю уже сорок лет

  23. Man I was lucky enough to see Floyd in Atlanta 1995 Division Bell tour! Unbelievable show! Incredible audio and visuals! Last time tripping acid,what a night!

  24. I hope and prey the that some hope still exists of a concert to end all concerts is still in the offing ……….. this music can never die, it is to influential to current and future generations …………. let the pigs fly.

  25. Impeccable GILMOUR MAIS N’OUBLIEZ JAMAIS QUE IIL A CONFISQUÉ à son nom.le compositeur de ce groupe restera toujours ROGER WATER
    FRANCE 🇫🇷

  26. уходят легенды…останутся "пчеловоды"… куда катимся? Музыка Пинк Флойд будет жить вечно, а пчеловоды вымрут, как динозавры, через год – два…надеюсь

  27. This wasn’t Floyd’s last concert. Waters is getting WAY too much credit.

    In this show, waters is sickening to see on that stage. I bet he actually thought that it was all about him.

    Ha ha charade you are, pig man.

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