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Pre-Interview Video for Carnival Cruise

Pre-Interview Video for Carnival Cruise

Sa-wa-dee Krub!! And Hello everyone Welcome to my video introduction My name is Phongpat Prompetch.I come from Thailand. Now, I’m 24 years old now I used to be film assistant director and graphics designer. and now , I am freelance Photographer. I want to join shipboard photographer team because I need to step forward , learn something new and improve myself to be international worker I hope to learn everything on board. No matter it’s good or bad I would learn to handle all of problem and learn how I work with other people as a perfessional and learn how to stay onboard in long time I’m very enjoy the candid portrait very much because candid portrait is meaningful. I mean is so real to catch people in natural way how they living in their life. I , I love it so much I’ve worked as a freelance photographer about 2 years from now I’ve started from graduate ceremony and wedding ceremony. and then, My relative want me to take care about their pre-wedding photo album and wedding presetation. Sometime my friend bring bring me some model to take portrait and If we have a freetime we always take some trip for travelling and shot some candid portraits photography. as the same time When I talk about candid portraits I want to show this picture that i like It’s my favorite picture. I took about 2 years ago in todkatin ceremony. I named it “The simple life” because This picture shows umm. pure happiness and good combination between Buddhism and Thai living. I love it very much I happy every time I look at it The exciting that I have done in past 6 month It was traveling around Thailand by myself like backpacker I’ve visited about 21 provinces for 4 months it’s so excited when it didn’t go as the original plan Because Sometimes I lost my way,I took wrong buses But It’s served me several good memories I mean,I’ve got many new nice friends I’ve knew beautiful places that I never know before It’s a It was a good memory in my life for now Umm From scale 0-10 How happy am I ? I would give 9 because my circumstance is so nice,I mean I have been in the warmest family in the world I have many nice friends I have many good teachers I have learnt in Umm great university in Thailand If I can be photographer on carnival cruise It complete me to happy in a full in full-scale yeah It will become to perfect life Okay,The strangest thing that I have ever eaten? It was Arr r, Alive mealworms I mean, Alive mealworms and When I was a senior in university my friend challenged me to eat some alive mealworms and of cource, I ate it It’s not bad but It’s not good Its test like expiry milk with umm sour flour it was another good moment in my university life Umm In next 5 years I see myself still work on carnival cruise line as Umm dream studio team and That time, I hope to invest in online stock market in the same time Okay, That’s my all answers And now, I would say If I have opportunity to be photographer on Carnival Cruise I promise, I will do my best for you I promise And Thank you very much Have a good day Khorb-Khun-Krab

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  1. Sir i would like to apply as a cruise photographer, can you guide me how and where to apply ?

  2. พึ่งมาเจอค่ะ กำลังหาทางไปขึ้นเรือพอดี เป็นประโยชน์มากๆเลย ขอบคุณค่ะ 🙂

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