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Quick Service Dining Plan Disney World – Explanation, Review, & Tips

Quick Service Dining Plan Disney World – Explanation, Review, & Tips

Hey guys, in today’s video I’m going to be
talking all about the Quick Service Dining Plan at Walt Disney World, so keep watching. Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. My name is Liz, and in today’s video I’m going
to be talking all about the Quick Service Dining Plan at Walt Disney World. My husband Sam and I actually used the Quick
Service Dining Plan for the first time on our most recent trip to Walt Disney World,
so today I thought I’d talk a little bit about the dining plan itself, why we loved it, and
some tips for using it. Disney World offers a few different dining
plans for people who want to prepay for the meals on their vacation. A dining plan just means you’re paying for
your meals in advance. In order to utilize one of these dining plans,
you have to be staying at a hotel on Disney property, and you do have to have a vacation
package, which just means you reserved your hotel and purchased your theme park tickets
together through the Disney company. An exception to this would be Disney Vacation
Club members using points to book a room, or people renting Disney Vacation Club points
to book a room. They do not have to have tickets purchased
in order to add the dining plan. Also, annual pass holders can add the dining
plan, but they just need to be staying at a hotel on Disney property. When you’re booking a dining plan, you are
booking it for the length of your hotel stay. You can not split up the dining plan and say
for half of the hotel stay you’re going to use the dining plan, and the other half you’re
not, unless you’re staying in different hotels. But that’s a different story. You have to do it for the length of your stay,
and everyone on your reservation has to be added to the dining plan. You can’t split that up either. With the dining plans, it’s kind of all or
nothing. So, how does the dining plan work? With all of the dining plans you get a certain
amount of credits that you use to pay for your meals. For the quick-service meal plan, you get two
quick-service meals per person, per night of your stay. You get two snack credits per person, per
night of your stay, and each person gets one refillable mug. A quick-service meal just means a meal at
like a counter-service restaurant, so think fast food where you order something at a counter,
and then they give it you right there, or they might run it to your table. With a quick-service meal credit you get an
entrée, or an entrée combo, and a drink. An entrée combo might be like a burger and
fries, or a sandwich and chips. For your beverage, you can soda, juice, whatever,
but you can also get specialty drinks. Milkshakes, and if you’re 21 and older, you
can get an alcoholic drink. These quick-service restaurants are everywhere. They are in the parks, they are at the hotels,
and they vary widely in terms of theming and types of food. It’s not just burgers and fries anymore. Disney has done such an amazing job of having
a variety of quality food at the quick-service locations, so don’t be afraid of that. The snack credits are just what they sound
like. You use them for snacks, and the snacks are
everywhere. You’ll find them at carts, at the parks, you’ll
find them at quick-service restaurants and regular restaurants, and you’ll know something
is eligible for a snack credit if it has this symbol. They’re really everywhere. You won’t have any trouble finding that symbol
to use your snack credits for. A lot of people will also use them for beverages. Like Starbucks for an example, their beverages
count as a snack credit. There’s a lot of different ways you can use
those credits. One thing to know is that all of the credits
for everyone in your party are loaded to your account the day you check-in, and they expire
at midnight on the day you check-out. The credits are all in one bank, and you’re
free to use those credits however you feel like it. You could use all of your quick-service meal
credits on the first day, and all of your snacks the next. One person in your party can use more snack
credits, and someone else would use less. But you’re free to use them how you choose. You can also keep track of how many credits
you have left on the My Disney Experience app. You can also ask a cast member to give you
a little slip that will tell you how many credits you have left. The way you do it is you’ll go up to a counter-service
restaurant, you’ll order an entrée and a drink, and you’ll say, “I’m using a quick-service
meal credit.” And then you’ll tap your MagicBand. If you’re confused, the person at the register
will be able to help you, that’s what they’re there for. Okay, so price. Some people do get the dining plan through
different promotions of free dining, where they don’t have to pay for it. But for us, we paid for the dining plan. For adults the Quick Service Dining Plan cost
$52.50 per adult, per night of your stay. And for children, ages 3 to 9, the Quick Service
Dining Plan cost $23.78 per child, per night. Okay, so that’s the basic ins and outs of
the Quick Service Dining Plan. I guess the question is, did we love the dining
plan, and think it was worth it? Yes. I love the dining plans at Disney World. I should note that Sam and I have used the
Disney Dining Plan, which is the middle tier dining plan. We made a video about it, I’ll put it up here,
and in the description box below. There are a lot of videos that talk about
whether or not the dining plan is worth it, and we are already converts to liking the
dining plan. We’ve never used the Quick Service Dining
Plan before, and we have used the Disney Dining Plan, which is the dining plan where you get
one restaurant-style meal per day in addition to a quick-service meal. When were deciding to use the Quick Service
Dining Plan, I was a little bit nervous because food at Disney, for me, is like a major reason
we go. I love the restaurants. I love the theming. I love siting down and having these fun meals
with my family, and with Sam. It’s just … I love it. So, I was a little bit nervous to take that
whole experience our of our trip. The reason we chose the Quick Service Dining
Plan is because we were going on a shorter trip, and we didn’t want to spend a lot of
time in the restaurants. We’ve eaten at a lot of the restaurants at
Disney World, and like anywhere, when you sit down to eat a meal it can take a long
time. And since we weren’t going for very long,
I really wanted to not spend a lot of time in the restaurants. Another reason we decided to do it, was because
we were trying to save money. This was a trip that was in addition to our
yearly trip that we always take, so we were just trying to save as much money as possible,
and the Quick Service Dining Plan is cheaper than the Disney Dining Plan. Okay, so what did we love about the Quick
Service Dining Plan? First and foremost, peace of mind. I don’t like thinking about money on vacation. I don’t like thinking about my budget, I do
that the rest of the year, so I love that convenience of already knowing my food is
paid for, don’t have to worry about it at all. I also loved that we didn’t have to pay gratuity. For the Quick Service Dining Plan, because
you’re using quick-service meal credits, you’re not eating at any sit-down restaurants. You don’t have to tip any servers. We saved a lot of money, I guess, by not having
to tip anyone. In comparison to the Disney Dining Plan, I
really liked that we didn’t have to tip anyone. Even though I want to tip people, but you
know what I’m saying. Like I said before, we also loved that we
saved a lot of time by not sitting down at a restaurant. I swear to you, the last time we were at Disney
World before this, we ate at Coral Reef, and we were there for two and a half hours. Which is fine, but when you’re on a three-night
vacation, I don’t want to spend two and a half hours at a restaurant. Okay, also what I loved about this was the
food. Disney has done such a stellar job recently
of opening different quick-service restaurants that have interesting menus, that have really
awesome theming. So for us, where we spend a lot of time eating
in restaurants in previous trips, it was fun to explore some of the quick-service dining
locations that we wanted to try. On the Quick Service Dining Plan, you can
eat Be Our Guest, you can eat at Woody’s Lunch Box. There’s really cool places you can eat on
the Quick Service Dining Plan. It’s not like Disney 20 years ago, where it
was just like burgers, fries, hot dogs, and nuggets. It’s not like that anymore. Another reason why I love the Quick Service
Dining Plan, and the dining plan in general, are the snack credits. I love having snack credits. I don’t know why, I just love being able to
pick out snacks. Particularly during festival seasons at Epcot,
you can use the snack credits for the small dishes at the outdoor kitchens. Two of the days of our last trip we went to
Epcot for the Flower and Garden Festival, and we used a lot of snack credits to split
different small plates at these outdoor kitchens. It was so great, and it filled us up, counted
as meal, but we were using snack credits. Another thing I love about the Quick Service
Dining Plan is that you can use specialty beverages with your quick-service meal. At Woody’s Lunch Box we got a specialty beverage,
I’ve also got milkshakes before, and I didn’t know you could have alcohol with the quick-service
meal, that’s awesome. Who knew? Another thing I love about the dining plan,
and the Quick Service Dining Plan, is actually the researching before you go. For us, I love looking at the different restaurants,
looking at Disney Food Blogs to find the places that we want to eat. That’s really just kind of fun for me. What I didn’t love so much about the dining
plan was, honestly, not a lot. I guess the most annoying thing for me is
having to make sure I use all of the credits before we leave, or don’t use them too fast. I just want it to be perfect, and that can
be kind of annoying. Whereas if I was just paying out of pocket,
we would just eat when we’re hungry, and that would be the end of it. I guess it’s not flexible in that way. Here are some tips I have for you with the
Disney Dining Plan. The first thing, if you sign up for it, do
your research. If you’re using the Quick Service Dining Plan
even though you’re not making reservations, try to find different quick-service restaurants
that you’d like to eat at, that might be fun for you. For example, for breakfast and dinner you
can eat at Be Our Guest, which I guess you’d actually need a reservation for. But Be Our Guest is an amazing restaurant,
and you can use a quick-service meal plan credit for that. There’s also Woody’s Lunch Box, or Satu’li
Canteen in Animal Kingdom. Look at Disney Food Blogs … I’m always bringing
them up … but Disney Food Blogs YouTube channel, and check out different awesome quick-service
restaurants to eat at. Another tip I have is to use your snack credits
for festival foods at Epcot, if you’re there at a time of year that there’s a festival. For food and wine, flower and garden festival,
or the holiday festival, there’s all these outdoor kitchens that you can use your snack
credits for, which is really fun. There’s such a variety of quality food there
that you can use your snack credits for. Another tip I have is to keep track of your
credits and try to make sure that you use them by the end of your trip. I think the dining plan … For me, I just
try to break even, but if you’re not using some of your credits, you’re definitely losing
money, so make sure that you use those credits. If you have some snack credits at the end
of your trip, you can go to your gift shop and buy some pre-packaged snacks. Just look for that symbol, and you can bring
them home as souvenirs. But just don’t leave credits unused. I’ve gone on and on about this, but another
tip would be to use mobile ordering. That’s where you use your My Disney Experience
app to order food at quick-service restaurants, and that way you don’t have to wait in line. It’s like my favorite thing in the world that
I’ve talked about at nauseum but use mobile ordering. My last tip is to use snack credits for breakfast. Because you’re only getting two quick-service
meals per day, I get a little anxious about only have two meals, because I eat a lot of
food. So, we’ll use snack credits sometimes in the
morning to get a pastry, or if you go to the France Pavilion at Epcot, they have a little
French bakery area where you can get legit breakfast-y items for snack credits. That would be my other tip. Just to give you guys some examples of restaurants
that we ate at during our trip. We ate at Woody’s Lunch Box, which is my favorite. We ate at Chicken Guy in Disney Springs. We ate at Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom,
where I got that churro ice cream sandwich for a snack credit, which is like … that
was the best snack ever. We also ate at Friar Nook in Magic Kingdom,
and had brats and tots, that was so good. We also ate at our hotel, at Everything Pop,
which was not as good, but that’s fine. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. I know this is a divisive topic. A lot of people don’t like the dining plan,
a lot of people do like the dining plan. Let me know what you guys think in the comments
below, or if you have other tips for using the dining plan. A lot of people have good hacks for getting
the most out of the plan. Okay guys have a great week. I’ll see you next time, bye.

16 thoughts on “Quick Service Dining Plan Disney World – Explanation, Review, & Tips”

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  3. Getting the quick service dining plan for the first time next month!

    I also read that, at the hotels, you can trade your meal drink for a snack item (sometimes depending on the cast member you ask). AND! If you have any meal credits left, you can get 3 snacks instead if it’s all in one transaction!!!

  4. Hey Liz! Love your videos!

    We’ve always loved the quick service dining plan! My family is so dorky that we actually have fun keeping a tally of what credits we’ve used, what we have left, and just strategizing how we’re going to use them. 🤓😂 My family takes one 5-6 day trip to WDW every 2-3 years, and we don’t like to spend 2+ hours in a restaurant everyday—we gots rides to ride! 🤣 The last few trips we have taken the time to make one very special character meal reservation (like Tusker House, which was great) and just paid for that one sit-down meal out of pocket. It makes it extra special for my little nephews (and the adults too)!

  5. This is exactly why we are wanting to use the quick service plan! It’s a short trip, so it will save us some time (and money). Also, that Churro ice cream thing is definitely added to our list! Thanks for that! Haha awesome video Liz!

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  9. Great tips and coverage about the QS dining. A friend of mine uses it regularly based solely on the fact they have 3 young boys that as you were describing wouldn't want to sit for 2 hrs in a restaurant to order. They will probably move to the regular dining at some point but that's her reasoning for using that particular one. Would be good like you said for a quick trip as well. ~Dawn

  10. Planning a trip this July and am trying to figure out what to do for dining. Thanks for sharing the info!

  11. I thought I had commented on this, so apologies if I’m repeating myself. When we go to Food & Wine and find a booth where we like numerous items = we can use one QS meal credit if we purchase 3 snack credit items at one time (if that makes sense). We mainly go for Food & Wine and then go to MK for one day so since we are mostly eating at all the F & W booths – the snack credits can run out fast. This is just another way that we can use the meal credits and not have them go to waste at the end of our Food & Wine “journey” haha. Love this video. I just want to be there now EATING!- Jennifer

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