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Recycled Creativity Festival 2017

Recycled Creativity Festival 2017

Giant corporations are destroying our beautiful planet I’m a giant trash belcher as well You shouldn’t have to choose the lesser evil in a healthy democracy. But at the moment our democracy isn’t healthy I’m afraid because this time the AfD will enter the parliament. And we’ve experienced this too many times lately with Brexit and with Trump… Look around! See what’s happening around you! Look at other people! Well I think you should never give up in any case You can resist. Even with little money. I think that every single person can change the world with small deeds And the idea is that we give to others what does ourselves good I repair what is broken, or try to repair it I like that there are initiatives like this festival that raise awareness about the fact that we are a planet of pollution that you don’t have to throw everything away immediately Things can be created out of old things How can we manage to create a world that is not just all about money? How can we create a different system? This is a small start What I want: Empower everybody! You should make each other stronger You shouldn’t be in competition with one another You shouldn’t be looking out for your personal advantage But how can I strengthen the others How can I do something that benefits everyone? 100% resilience I think that festivals like this are important to educate to make people talk about these topics Do you also find nice things at the swap shop sometimes? Yes, I have a princess dress But it’s dirty Too bad I’m always happy when there are reports about people who built huts out of bottles or they make clothing well clothing is so-so but they’re making an effort make flip flops out of things that wash up at the ocean I think that’s really important because: What are you supposed to do with that? If you say from the start,: ‘It’s no use’ ‘giant corporations are steamrolling everything anyways’ then it won’t work but the more people you can get exited about your idea of upcycling and recycling the bigger your results will be You can’t buy love, you can only give love that alone proofs that love is stronger than money! Yeah of course, look: If you have money and you share it it does not double, it’s cut in half! That’s not the case with love, so it’s a no-brainer!

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  1. Thank you for sharing and continuing the conversation about reusing, and repurposing materials. Looking about the lifestyle I had experienced back at home in the US, recycling felt so general – take cans and bottles to the recycling bin or all products with the recycling label goes into the blue trash bin, but it is more than that.

  2. You can find the full performance of Mezkalito and me, at the RCF 2017, right here:

  3. Ricky, Mezcalito, mi brother… que buen documental y qué buen festival el que están organizando. Las familias que son parte de su concepto, la idea de reciclar y ese fomento hacia la voz de los artistas me parece genial. Un abrazo desde Lima Perú.

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