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Renaissance Festival Vlog 2018

Renaissance Festival Vlog 2018

Hi this my little vlog of Renaissance Festival
with my friend Rachel Hey Julia where are we going today? Ren Fest
Ren Fest whoo Safety First
So before heading out for our adventure, we went to the bank
So I needed to get money from the ATM, but the atm is not working so we’re here in a
bank dressed as we are And yeah I feel completely ridiculous, but
it’s okay because I have Julia here for comradery Moral support
Moral support. It’s fine it’s fine. I’ve gotten used to people staring Only authentic costumes here Thank you
Ya’ll have fun You too! I mean thank you! Of course
Of course, I would say you too We’re here!! Yay! I was very excited to go to Renaissance Festival
this year I hadn’t been in quite a couple years since I was in elementary school and
I was just really excited it’s definitely one of my favorite events that I’ve been to
Hey Julia! Gaily on we go
Heel for heel and toe for toe Arm and arm and row and row
All for Marie’s Wedding My favorite thing about Rennaissance Festival
is that there is all kinds of things for people There’s different shops that you can go and
look at and all kinds of different shows People wear costumes
It’s a really fun place to be I’ve never seen a real joust before
It’s fun I mean I’m sure it’s like not entirely the
same because they’re not out to actually like potentially hurt each other, but it’s very
fun to watch Wear in shall you shall say
I say unto you all Hipp Hipp
Hipp Hipp Oh no good people
Hipp Hipp Hazzah is the response I seek When I say unto you all
God save the Queen! God save the Queen! Leonard! (repeat) Hip Hip Hazzah! Now then good knights shake hands with one
another and congratulate one another Standing shall be declared our victor Our champions chosen weapon is a hammer? Yeah
Well it worked for Thor Hey! Free Donuts
Free Donut? I see a dude with free donuts
Hmm I suspect anything free They have these covered with bacon and chocolate
and fruity pebbles for some reason A toast to actually making our dresses and
actually wearing them to Renaissance Fest Bink
These are really good They’re little cinnamon sugar covered fried
donuts Well all donuts are fried After walking around for a bit we saw some belly dancing in the distance and we were
hungry so we decided to go watch them do their show and eat some lunch Hey look! Soup in a bread bowl
Ooo that sounds good While we were at Renaissance Festival we also
got to see the Falconry Show which was always really really cool to see
They had a bunch of different birds other than falcons as well owls all kinds of stuff
At the beginning I don’t have any footage of it, but they also had a macaw and yeah
they’re just really cool to watch and they told us a lot about how they’ve saved a lot
of the birds that they have And it was just really neat
Are you ready to go back in sweetheart? There we go. He’s a beautiful flier look at that he just
floats right in the box everyone This is so cool
Oh wait He’s on a ball Renaissance is so fun I love all the different costumes and the instruments That is cool That’s probably just my favorite thing Hello Hey everyone so we’ve been
Okay We’ve been at Ren Fest for about three hours
now Yeah
We saw the Falcons, falconry show, we saw jousting, jousting, and we are on our way
to go learn how to do a hammer dulcimer Which is a medieval instrument that is played
similarly to like a xylophone, but yeah It’s really cool it’s like a piano, except
I’ve heard the left hand is apparently where the high notes are which is really weird
That’s weird But it’s kinda cool
But yes we’re going over there bye! Feel the wind
Feel the wind? Paint with all the colors
Be become the wind Let the spirits speak to you Dulcimer! O my God Hey! Hi! Nice to see you again! The thing with the dulcimer is you’ve gotta look at the markings
I’ve you look at the strings themselves you get a headache
That’s because the strings criss cross in the middle
It’s very hard to tell by looking at the strings what note you’re looking at
You will also occasionally hit the bridge Which is a sign of sloppy playing, but usually
sounds really cool in the moment For being a fairly forgiving instrument is
you can hit the bridge and because by definition it’s on the beat of the music it will sound
like you meant to do it even though you didn’t And two hands are just splitting the melody And again the tremolo And then you’ll start to add some basic harmonies And then the harmonies start to get a little more complex And eventually, you end up with a full bass part here And then it eventually gets really weird You’re just holding the grip so that gravity
does the work for you If you hold it too tightly you’ll squish it
if you hold it too loosely it won’t work There you go a little bit looser even
Perfect step up to the plate White mark hit to the right
Nice White Black Black White
1 2 3 4 And that’s it d major scale So the tremolo again it’s all about your grip A little bit tighter
There you go Now you’re bouncing up a little
Perfect White Black Black White
Sorry A little bit tighter still
That’s it Ah that’s so cool
Thank you Step up to the plate
Look at the marks White Black Black White
Left side Now that’s the D major I’ve been showing everyone
else Two different marks will give you a different
scale So if you look at this pattern it’s a G major Good tremolo a little bit tighter G scale again
There you go That’s it! After that, it’s just a massive amount of practice Awesome thank you! You’re welcome! Such beauty! Mother of Dragons [laughter]
Thank you You’re right this wig apparently gives off
very strong Daenerys Targaryen vibes We’ve gotten so many compliments on our costumes
Apparently we’re very authentic Authentic as much as you can be to something
that happened nearly like 600 years ago Yeah
But, I would say that like Renaissance Fairs are very interesting because it kind of is
like an emulgamation of all things fantasy and what people think about the Renaissance
or and kind of like their idealized version of
the renaissance versus what it actually is You know what’s so funny
The corsets that are everywhere And I love corsets
But like I think how much corsets were actually not a thing or at least not in the way that
like me think of them in that time period You know that was much more of a thing in
like the 1600s and mainly the 17 and 1800s Very interesting how it’s become associated
with the Renaissance But these festivals are just for people to
come out and dress up and have fun Past time clothing and have fun walking around
in the forest Yup
And having a grand old time You’re right this does hurt your arm if you
hold it too long Cause I need my walking
Yeah everyone needs to walk every once in a while to keep them sane
It was like the instrumental part of that song
It’s a song called the parting glass and it’s like it’s a famous Celtic Song
It’s really pretty Like before old? was written it was like the
defacto goodbye song It was really pretty
Mud Just jumping over the mud
A moment of silence for our muddy boots Fair thee well
Safe travels! I can’t keep up with your feet I was like woah you’re going all out Oh horses hello
Those are large horses I just had to dance

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