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Rethink your clothes

Rethink your clothes

Welcome at OUNI. This week the government introduced their campaign for sustainable and fairly produced textiles. They say that the Luxembourgish population has a great awareness for such products but the commercial supply and idea are missing. Here at OUNI you can find all of that. We don’t just have groceries. We also have organically produced cotton. Let me show you two of our products. Follow me. We have received a fresh delivery of tissues made out of bio cotton which you can buy here. There are different sizes and colors. They make for a great present for adults or kids. This shower cap is another product made out of organic cotton that we sell. Of course you can also use it to cover your pots allowing you to avoid having to use foil or cling film as you are covering your pots with these instead. You’ll use less plastic and produce less waste and you are following OUNI’s mission, which means coming home and you won’t throw away half of the products you buy. You’re replacing it all with organic products that were produced under fair working conditions. See you soon at OUNI!

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