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Rio Carnival? What’s That? Unique Russian Ice Skating Show “Sleeping Beauty” Amazes Everyone!

Rio Carnival? What’s That? Unique Russian Ice Skating Show “Sleeping Beauty” Amazes Everyone!

Dozens of spotlights sparkle on the ice and the sports amphitheater explodes with the fire of smiles. Very complex flying. Skaters – under the dome. Afterward, the Olympic champion Tatyana Navka (director) said: It’s not me, it’s all the magic of the lights. We have new technologies. It is not manual. The light is set up wonderfully, and this is a great success. The light is amazing, the sensors are tuned. They are right on me. There is a war between the country of fairies and the country of people. However, the heirs of both thrones love each other. Feelings are overcoming all deceptions, betrayals, magic spells, distances and time, unites hearts, peoples, countries and gives rise to a new life in children. Omnipresent performance by Alina Zagitova. It’s her world premiere. The main thing for me in this show right now is to show my role, not the technique – Olympic champion Alina Zagitova. 20 minutes on ice. Alina literally bursts into the world of ice shows with a cascade of complex rotations, jumps and support by seven-time Italian champion Ondřej Hotárek. She is learning, she is a hardworking person, and she will become like Tatyana Navka. Five-year-old Nadia Peskova plays, as she herself says, a little mother – the role of the main character in childhood. This is the debut of the youngest participant in the show. Music is a different story. Leading vocal roles are performed by leading Russian pop stars Philip Kirkorov and Ani Lorak. Very complex work. Dramatic one… It was difficult to get into the character of Tatyana Navka. – Ani Lorak Tatiana Navka’s show is already wanted in the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan). All the fans of ice figure skating want very much for them to come to Japan. “Sleeping Beauty” managed to touch everyone’s heart in a huge hall. It’s actually difficult for Dmitry Peskov to watch and speak – almost all the family of the president’s press secretary is in the show: they produce, sing, and dance on ice. I have not seen my wife for more than a month. And it also turns out that my work is not quite calm, so we have not actually crossed paths for the last couple of months. And Nadia is beautiful! Neither in the Venetian carnivals nor in Rio de Janeiro – such decorations, ice and graphics, and such figure skating – can not be seen anywhere else. In terms of professional training, this is at the highest level. But the most important thing is not this, but those emotions, feelings, and meanings that the holiday conveys. The hall goes silent for a few seconds. Emotions cannot be stoped, and the voice is trembling. The show combines fire and ice, beautiful music and incredible choreography. You look and understand: when our illustrious skaters light such lights on ice, faith in miracles will live forever.

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  1. QUE BELLEZAAAA :)) QUÉ NIVEL, QUÉ PROFESIONALES. OjalÑ Todos los niños tengan la oportunidad de ver tanta hermosura. <3 <3 Gracias! FIRST LEVEL I wish all children can see this amazing artistic staging.Thanks!

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