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Robert Lewandowski at the Ballon d’Or

Robert Lewandowski at the Ballon d’Or

Hello FC Bayern fans, follow me on my trip to the Ballon d’Or. Best wishes, your Lewy! We’re very happy to be here, it’s always something different, something special. I think it’s nice for someone from FC Bayern to be in attendance. There are always surprises in this ranking. Sometimes you can predict it and sometimes you can’t. That’s the way it is with this award. If you win something with the team and always play at a high level, you see so many players here together in one room. It’s a bit different to being on the pitch or in the stadium where we normally see each other. For example, today we’re wearing suits. It’s something different, a new experience from the usual meetings on the pitch. I’m happy that I don’t just help the team with my goals, but also with my general play. That has always been my goal, give everything for the team so that we end in victory. Everyone in the team works equally hard and we all want to push in my direction and go from win to win. Sometimes we have to accept defeats as well. But what happened against Leverkusen in the last game is in the past now, and it only happens once a season. He is a deadly striker, he’s simply a fantastic striker. He’s been doing it for years. When you look at how many goals he’s scored this year alone it’s something special. People often don’t understand just how hard it is to be so consistent and maintain these standards – but he does it.

100 thoughts on “Robert Lewandowski at the Ballon d’Or”

  1. #Lewandowski sam sobie winien ze zajął 8 miejsce
    Nikt na świecie nie lubi Huaweia a ten Lewy go ciagle reklamuje
    Póki będzie sprzedawał się Chinolom to może zapomnieć o złotej piłce
    Zamiast Huawei polecamy mu serial 6 odcinkowy „Secret City”
    dostępny na Netflixie

  2. How Lewandowski hasn’t won a Ballon’dor yet is beyond me, he’s more than worthy for the award, such a shame 🤦🏼‍♂️

  3. Wie wäre es denn mal wenn Journalisten aus allen relevanten Europa liegen sehen würden also nicht nur Journalisten aus Frankreich Zoll aus England aus Spanien aus Italien aus Deutschland aus Portugal aus den Niederlanden? Wie wäre es denn damit ich glaube dann wäre das ziemlich ausgeglichener und wesentlich fairer und nicht so einseitig und nicht so total diskriminieren gegenüber manchen Leuten oder manchen Personengruppe

  4. wenn er bayern zum champions league titel schießt und dann nicht das ding gewinnt, dann würd ichs auch nur noch wie cr7 machen

  5. Der 8. is ne Frechheit. Vor allem wer alles vor ihm steht is ein Witz !!! Top 3 wäre das minimum gewesen das er verdiehnt hat!!!

  6. Gibt es einen logischen Grund, warum Hakim Ziyech nicht in den Top 20 ist? Kommt mir bitte nicht mit Holland schwache Liga. Er war letzte Saison Ajax' bester und wichtigster Spieler. Ich glaube Kimmich träumt heute noch von ihm😂

  7. I personally think he must have been in top 3 …Always Ronaldo Messi because of their fame. Last year it was ( you also know it) ,don't know why.
    Congratulations to the winner though👍😘

  8. Ballon d'or… eurovision contest of football world.
    Panie Robercie…. niech Pan sie nie przejmuje drobiazgami a za rok… napewno w ten dzien bedzie tez jakas inna ciekawa gala, na ktorej warto byc 😉

  9. Bei solch einer Konkurrenz muss man sich längerfristig beweisen .. spätestens in zwei Jahren wird Lewi erster !

  10. Playing for Bayern is a waste of Lewandowski's talent. He should play for Real Madrid. German clubs are never going to be on the same level as Spanish and British clubs. Greetings from Poland

    PS: Anna, you look beautiful

  11. Eighth is about as high as any Bundesliga player can aspire. By and large, the people who vote are only familiar with Real Madrid, Barcelona, and the Premier League glamour teams. Usually they just see Bayern in Champions League, as an opponent of one of those teams.

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