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SALE in Thailand Central Festival Pattaya ”half price” TURN ON[ENG SUB] IC#3

SALE in Thailand Central Festival Pattaya ”half price” TURN ON[ENG SUB] IC#3

today is a rainy day we’re going to Central Festival we will see, there is a sales is new year Maybe I can buy something nice raining all the time, it’s a flood the streets are full of water so I can not drive a motorbike it’s also not possible drive the car everywhere
because the water on some streets is too deep I don’t have anything to do, so let’s go buy something on sales Central Festival is the largest shopping center in Pattaya two floors with restaurants, cinema complex and most important – stores only with branded items With sales is sometimes so that it is a fake and this is exactly what is happening here in Thailand because January is the time of world’s sale and here is also no other way here’s also the middle of the tourist season so, it would be like in US or Europe arrange a sale in early December although it is known from December that the largest harvest in trade It looks more or less like in december shoes cost 60 $ now the same shoes have a price of 125 $ but they are 50% discount Of course, there are also normal dyscounts
sometimes you can hunt down a real gem we are in Adidas store, the new model snikers costs 7300 Bath (220 $) and they said something about the 5% discount it is expensive, it is not a sale in other countries it is cheaper superstar ‘in Thailand costs 3,500 Baths (105 $) so the price is the same as on the continent maybe there’s even a little expensive, here is that cheap Thailand you have to be careful to not overpay for example – ‘2990 Bath (90 $) 2590 Bath (75 $) 2790 Bath (84 $) -Price for me 1600 Bath (48 $) is OK. late Christmas gift ;D what we got today there are double comfortable sofas there
drinks and popcorn included the ticket costs 1000 Bath (30 $) First Class Cinema is nothing special to watch I will not watch Star Wars LOL
I am emotionally mature things for children and collectors ”gonciarz”-(youtube’r) may look like he will probably be glad he likes to play with toys for children he would definitely buy some cheap toy and he would like to be like a small child and show to the camera lol he probably would have bought this donkey
And this is a piggy bank would have where to keep money from poor people with ‘patronite’ Look who’s here Thanks for watching, Subscribe to my channel, do not forget about the bell I invite you to watch my other films and on instagram and facebook you can find the links under the film Regards, see ya!

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