SARDINE RUN – 2 – Feast on the Run with Peter Lamberti

one of the highlights of the sardine run
are the dolph ns and in particular the common dolphin but they’re but they are
extremely fast and very very difficult to film. so we had to come up with a couple of
ideas so we developed cameras that can fold
these animals as they’re traveling through the water we developed a dolphin
cam which we got the idea from a geological piece of equipment a
side-scan sonar and what we did is we just put a camera in the long tube the
torpedo which got dragged behind the boat and that we could monitor and
record on the boat we found that at first the Dolphins
avoided it and then eventually they got curious and then they came in and we got
amazing pictures of the dolphins traveling at speed following and looking
at the camera and then moving by we also developed an a small camera that we
could put off the front of the boat when the Dolphins of bow riding so we could get
it in with the Dolphins and actually get shots from behind of dolphins moving at speed they are just absolutely spectacular

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