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¡SE REVELO TODO! Yaya Panda, Rilla Roo, Check y steew!! | WINTER FESTIVAL GP – CTR: Nitro-Fueled

¡SE REVELO TODO! Yaya Panda, Rilla Roo, Check y steew!!  | WINTER FESTIVAL GP – CTR: Nitro-Fueled

Well people, as you know, Neon Circus Grand Prix has just finished.vSo let’s welcome Winter Festival.. (Okno) Guys, just a few hours ago everything has just been revealed in the next season, thanks as always to BetaM. Last month I made the mistake of waiting until the end to give the news, but not this time. This video will be super express, but straight to what we came. Then I will make another but more detailed. In summary, less than an hour ago BetaM revealed the next Grand Prix thanks to the game files, and this is what I found. In the sixth season we will have chick and stew as runners. I mean, wow. This was already rumored, but finally it has just been confirmed in 99%. We will also have a hasty, which I suppose would be Fasty. This character was going to be included in the original Crash Team Racing, but for unknown reasons, it did not come to light. Rilla Roo will also be part of Nitro-Fueled, as well as Yaya Panda. A character not so well known, but quite dear in the community. It’s really, it’s incredible. Beenox was the best thing that could happen to Crash Team Racing As new karts we will have one called Snowplow, the Sugar Crush and the Turbo Sleigh. That translated would be the snow remover, the sugar crusher and the turbo sled. (If I’m not mistaken, these karts are originals from Beenox, but anything, leave me your comment) And now as legendary skins we will have many, some quite Christmas. We have baby coco and baby crash in pajamas. Elf coco, so what? Crash with reindeer costume. A skin for hasty, which is not yet known. An Eskimo skin for Nash, an unknown to Papu Papu. Polar with an ugly sweater, wtf haha, because they do that to poor Polarsito. We will also have winter skin for Spyro. Come on damn, I wanted another skin for my dear Dragon, he and everyone left him. And finally we will have a Mama Noel skin for Tawna, well Christmas. Another fact is that the special wheels of next season will be candy type. The names of the stickers will be left on the screen in case you want to see them. Although let’s be honest .. Do you guys use stickers? I think they are too many and sometimes they don’t show up in big karts. To finish, we have the name of the files of the new tracks. The one in December is called “Lominous” and we already know what it is about. But here we also have a clue as to what the January Grand Prix will be. The track has the code name “Dry land” That is, dry land. I could also refer to a desert. And now if, to finish this video with a flourish, I bring you good news. According to the program, it seems that we have a lot of confirmed content until May 2020. (Seriously, if it was worth buying the game as soon as it came out, it is worth it with all the FREE content they don’t give) So guys, that’s all for now. They were fast news, without many details and without turns as always. But rest assured that I will make a full video later, for now let’s enjoy this season. If you liked the video and I inform you, a good like costs nothing and is much appreciated. (Don’t be lining and burst it) Also if they are new and like Crash Bandicoot, subscribe and activate that campaign, which we will take someday to our marsupial, to youtube trends (Yes, someday ..) Here as always I leave the official members of the channel. They already know that they can join and appear here You just have to hit the blue button that says “join” and choose one of the levels. It is a great help and is much appreciated. And now if, without more to say, they take great care and see you next time. bye

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  1. Chicos no olviden de reventar ese boton de LIKE!! Siganme en facebook para PARTIDAS!! 😄💙
    Link: 👈🔥

  2. Tuve que retroceder el video porque no sabia si habia escuchado spooky o neon circus grand prix acaba de terminar xd

  3. Tsssss!!!
    Se están luciendo con todo el contenido de este gran juego, que digo juego… JUEGAZO!!!

    Gracias por darle mucha vida a esta joyita Beenox. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  4. Me emocione 🤧 y mi hijito aunque no sepa mucho de crash team racing pero es un gran fan , también esta super contento con todo jajaja

  5. Siento Que a Papú Papú Le Quedaría Bien La Skin De Papa Noel, Osea, Crash Reno, Coco Elfa (7u7), Tawna Mama Noel, El Único Que Falta Para Completar La Festividad Es Papa Noel

    Además De Que a Papú Papú Le Quedaría Bastante Bien Esa Skin, Ya Que También Es Algo Regordete

    No Lo Se, Yo Dejo Mi Predicción Aquí

  6. Quisiera saber el motivo de todo este contenido gratis, la verdad se agradece en el alma, pero como es de raro que Activision nos de tanto de manera gratuita jaja

  7. De las skins para personajes les faltó un gorrito navideño a Penta Penguin para que fuera Chily Willy y sospecho que Papu Papu tendrá una skin de Santa. A Cortex y Crash Falso no les caería mal una skin de Santa Claudio Fernandez.

  8. BEENOX un día de estos me va a matar con una sobredosis de hype, mi Rila Roo y ckick y stew serán personajes de la GP de diciembre, ptm esto es hermoso :3

  9. No va ni dos días de la GP y ya compré y obtuve todo lo que quería :v necesito la nueva GP ya mismo 🙁

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