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Send Foodz: Bloopers

Send Foodz: Bloopers

– What’s up you sexy
little mother (beep)? I know you guys are
sad because the season of Send Foodz is
over and we gotta take a little hiatus,
but guess what? We got a special
treat for you guys. – Oh I thinks we got
something called Bloopies. – Bloopies? It’s like a little dessert
after the main course, you know what I’m saying?
– Mm-hmmm – We got a lot of
(beep) that we’ve cut from the episodes in the past. A lot of little scenes
they had to cut for time, or cut for… – I don’t know why they
would cut this (beep) . Because they don’t like us. – Because they’re haters. They don’t want us to be great. – You thought this was funny? – Roll ’em. – Send Foodz countdown – Mark – And, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 12, 11, 10, nine, eight, seven,
six, five, four, three two, one, zero, negative one, negative
two, negative three, and, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, ten, on 13, 11, 12 and a half, 13. – All right y’all, so make
sure you get ready for a sexy episode of Send Foodz. (singing) I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto. (singing) – I’m gonna get a
good grip on you. – I can tell you’re
scared. You scared. – I’m light, the wind’s blowing. Should I go with sexy mother
(beep) or sexy bitches? – I like bitches. – Let’s go with bitches. – So this lady over
here is telling her whole life story right now. Doesn’t fully understand
that there’s an actual TV show that we have
to shoot right now. Oh there you go, go for the hug. – All right, peace out, man.
Take care, dog. Appreciate you. – How much you wanna
bet he’s gonna give you a mix tape in a
couple of seconds? Oh, my bad, he’s
still here. Okay. – So – I like how he just acted
like I wasn’t even there. I was clearly there. – David, uh, he was
intimated by you. You’re too famous. – You know Tim’s not even
that special anymore. Look at this stupid- If you can spell
his real last name, you can take a picture with him. Tim Chantarangsu. – I’m jealous cause an old
lady didn’t talk to me. – She’s not old she’s just
sake, fermented in age. – Oh my god. – So not a lot of people
be eating frogs legs, but I heard eating frogs
legs is super similar to, uh, eating the booty so… – Really?! – Yes! That’s what I’ve heard. – He straight up said “Really!” – Yeah. – He’s experienced, bruh. – He’s like of course.
(imitates eating) – High five to clap, please. – Y’all want the beauties? – Yeah we’ll get the
booties – uh, the booties? – Can I eat yo booty? – You (beep) incepted his ass. – Yeah yeah yeah
David’s a freak y’all he likes everything,
– He’s a freak. – Ah! Oh, my God, look
what you almost did. – Hi nice to meet you.
– Oh, my God my Horchata. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you too. – What happened to
the Horchata, dude? – With a silent H.
– What’d you do, dude? – Little tasty treats in
the middle of our journey. Oh, my God, its dripping on me. (conversation in background) – Aye, man. 10 second rule, bro. – Sure, sure, man. We’re
shooting right now. – After, yeah, yeah. – People are so (beep) stupid.
– I know, come on. It’s like I know you’re filming, but, aye, can you shut
that off real quick? – Oh, what is that, bro? Sup? – This fool.
– This fool. – Were filming you, jackass. – I’m from Paramount, dog. – Oh (beep).
– Yeah. – That’s crazy were like filming and he’s just having
a conversation as
were shooting stuff. – Hey! – Okay, cool, yeah, let’s walk
right in front of the camera like there’s not a big
ass camera right here! – Your taste buds change,
everything changes, you know your pubes get gray. Um,
hello. No, it’s okay, Dad. – Excuse me, excuse me. – No, it’s for you.
– Thank you. (phone rings)
– Hold on a sec, guys. Real quick, let’s
see who this is. – Come on, man. We’re
trying to shoot a show! – I’m shooting a (beep) show,
you, God, (beep) you, man. – We’re shooting a (beep)
show you stupid idiot! Tell your mom I
said “Hi” though. – I’m the color of
a cooked lobster. – Especially when he’s drunk. – Damn it, Tim. – Oh, yes, overcast, huh. – That’s just me, Tim.
It’s not overcast. – Oh, thank God
for this overcast. – Well, you sound like
that, God you dumb ass. God damn it, that feels
good. All right, here we go. – All right, so we’re
about to try some chowder. – Oh God. Okay, I
don’t like that. – Look at those girls just
laughing away. (mocking laugh) You know what it was your
birthday, I’m gonna let it pass. – Oh damn!
– Damn that was (beep) good. – When we first met,
I did not like David. He just kept making
jokes, and he’s all tall so I was like “Ah,
dude. Chill, bro.” – He’s a good guy, though.
I like this guy, man. – Cheers. – They’re trying to out
hug us right now, dude. – You know what hugs
remind me of? Brewery’s. Trying to drink a bunch of these with a bunch of these
old white ladies, because they start getting
frisky after like two. We went and turned up with um,
– What have I done? – With one of the bosses up
at Thrillist and he, like, fed us a bunch of
food and got us drunk, shout out to Justin. – I had like 4,000
drinks yesterday. – So, we’re out
here with Thrillist for like 2 weeks in New York.
We’ve been drinking a lot. – A lot! I don’t even know
where I’m at right now. Are we shooting?
– Yeah yeah yeah. – Who said “David
So can’t hang,” you
stupid son of a bitch? – Thanks for having
us. This is good stuff. Y’all need to just
upload this whole thing. Don’t cut (beep). – Oh, happy to see you. They’re gonna cut that. – Maybe Colonel Sanders
is an Asian dude. – Colonel Sanduru!
– Colonel Sanduru-san! – Colonel-senpai! – Oh you can keep that. We’re
Asian, dude, it’s all good. – Yeah, we can do
that. We can do that. – We got a whole (beep) of
flavor happening right now. – That’s right, man. – Whipped cream, nuts coming
from this way, chocolate. We got the BBC on top with the
(beep), it’s crazy right now. The strategy for this episode is to say (beep) every 5 minutes so y’all gotta keep at
least one of these jokes. – Woo! We peed in the same hole. – Yeah, yeah. Into his
hole, into my hole. I think I put my
knees in the dry piss. I was pooping, that’s
why I zipped my fly up, you little, filthy McNastys. – You don’t wipe your
friends butts every night? – Come on, Thrillist,
don’t cut this. Don’t cut this.
– Come on. – Ow. That’s also hot. – Well, Tim. You’re
a little (beep) because I could
give a (beep) less. – It’s really hot.
Yeah yeah yeah. I love jicama.
– Jicama’s good! – You know who doesn’t
like jicama? My wife! – I don’t mind it! Go away! – You’re married. Put
your shoulders away. – I know. Horizontal stripes.
What’s wrong with you, huh? You look like a zebra. – Was Sebastian a
lobster or a crab? – He was a lobster, dude. – I think he was a crab. – (Jamaican accent)
He was a lobster, man! – Just because you say it in
a Jamaican accent doesn’t – – It’s not Chris Pratt.
– That is Chris Pratt. – That’s the classic –
that’s from Jaws, man. Classic movie, bro. – What’s the one with LL Cool J? – Deep Blue Sea.
– That’s right. – That’s a good movie.
– It is not. – Yo I (beep) love all
those old fashioned (beep) back in the day TV shows where
every time a cop found coke, he goes “Let me
see. Let me see.” (tastes finger)
“Yeah that’s pure.” – Yeah yeah yeah.
That’s that good stuff. – That’s pure. That’s
pure. That’s pure. – You can’t see me or hear
me, but it’s really good! – You wish you were here,
you pieces of (beep)! Just kidding. I love you. – Yeah. Oh, it’s only us?
– Yeah! Whoa! – Yo! Yo, it’s actually hers! Please be gentle with my balls! Oh (beep)! (creepy moaning) – Someone’s having sex!
Someone’s having sex! (terrified screaming) – I’m gonna throw up! Oh,
God, I’m gonna throw up! You suck. I can’t. Tim,
Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh,
you son of a bitch. – Why? – Oh my God, I’m so pretty. – You’re beautiful, bro.
– I’m so pretty! – Come on, dog.
– Oh, look at you, bro! – Come on, dog. The
(beep)? Come on, dog, whatchu know about this? – It’s a grass, jelly, type
of dessert. It’s very – (shouting) – If you don’t know how
to pronounce something, you just scream it. (shouting) – So, I have a friend that –
she got her nipples tattooed to look like the
areolas are hearts. – Oh my God! – See? Like they –
(automated voice) – Number sixty-poop. – Bacon!
– Bacon! – Bacon on a stick, baby. Yeah! (grunt) (kiss) – Okay, so finally we get into – Wait, do that again.
Your voice cracked. – (exaggerated
voice) Okay, finally. – Definitively, a good
– You said what? – Definitively, (mumbles) – Well first of all,
uh, uh, uh, uh, uh And, uh. And, uh. Some,
some, some, some, some, some I’m gonna let you finish,
but that was (beep) up! – (Kermit the Frog
voice) Hey, guys. Uh. Thanks for watching this
episode of Send Foodz. (wailing) Well, Tim. I had a real
fantastic time at Send Foodz! – Make sure to give
us a thumbs up. Make sure you tell
your friends about us. – And if you didn’t like the
episode, don’t swine about it. (grunting) – I’m Timothy DeLaGhetto.
– And I’m David So. – Peace, bitches! Oh, my bad. – Hey, what’s up, homie?
You listen to hip hop? – Hey, you like hip
hop? You like hip hop? – No, I’m good, man. I’m good. – That’s right, no
music. It’s all B-roll. Waiting for that music to
come in. Help us out here. – Sounds good. – (rhythmically) Uh. We in
Trenton, here in New Jersey. Turn the mic up, I don’t
know if you heard me. Coming through you
should pay the toll. We here in New Jersey
eating all the pork roll. When I do it, I am the illest. We put it down Send Foodz
right here on Thrillist. You bitch! All right, well I
hope you guys enjoyed those little Bloopies
we had for you. Make sure you like,
comment, subscribe, share, so we get another
season of Send Foodz and we can keep
doing this (beep). – Because you guys
love Send Foodz, right? Because I love it,
and I love you. And if you don’t support
it, I will find you, – Yeah. – and I will (beep). – Thanks for watching!
Love you, bye! – Yeah.

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  2. This is what was missing from the Thrillist season of Send Foodz. You guys should have kept these moments in each episode like they used to be on Tim's channel. That would have made them longer AND better to watch. We're watching Send Foodz for the comedy as much as we're watching for the food.

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