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Sex Daddies Celebrate Father’s Day | Hardly Working

Sex Daddies Celebrate Father’s Day | Hardly Working

(uptempo beat) – (sighs) – (sighs) – (sighs) – What’s the matter? – Father’s Day’s coming up. I have no idea what to get my Daddy. – Tell me about it, my dad, he buys everything that we wants for himself, so– – Not my Dad, my Daddy. – Our Daddies, Raff. – Isn’t that what I just said? – No, (laughs) not a Dad, a Daddy. – Like Daddy. – Oh, like a sex Daddy? – Yes, exactly. – Daddy. – Ssss, Daddy. – Do they get Father’s Day gifts though? That seems like a little
disrespectful to your Dad. – This isn’t about my
Dad, it’s about my Daddy. – Yeah. – Day after day, I beg my Daddy for the wildest things and Daddy gives it to me. Yes, Daddy, yes, but Daddy’s
day is the one day a year that Daddy can get what Daddy wants. – Oh, okay. – But, Daddies are impossible to shop for. – Especially my Daddy. We’re a little estranged
and I beg my Daddy, Daddy please, but Daddy won’t get me what I’m thirsty for, not yet,
not until he says so. – Typical dead-beat Daddy. – Court ordered him to give it to me good, but most days I don’t even see him. Then, when I do, he tells me I’ve been a bad little girl and I need be punished. “No Daddy, no.” – And you’re still gonna get him a gift? – He’s my Daddy, no matter how
rough Daddy treats me, yes. I just don’t know what to do. – Well, what do your Daddies like? – See, that’s just it, I’ve been sitting here
browsing and thinking, “Do you like that,
Daddy, do you like that?” “Yeah Daddy, do you like that?” “Ah, Daddy like?” “Yeah, ah Daddy like?” And it made me realize I have no idea what Daddy like. – What about you, Ally? – Well my Daddy just disappeared one day. – Ah. – Oh my God. – No, Daddy, no. – The fucked thing is, now
I’m somebody else’s Daddy. And I don’t know what I’m doing. You know, am I treating my little slam-pig the way she deserves, oh yeah. Am I being too hard on her,
or do I need to be harder? Harder, am I giving it to her so right, so right, don’t stop? I don’t know. – It must be so hard to be a Daddy. – You’re not a Daddy, at your age? – Hey, it doesn’t happen
for some people, Jesus. – Oh. – And that’s why I don’t
know what to get him. – Well you know he’s a Daddy, how about a Daddy-related gift? – That doesn’t seem fair, like sure he’s my Daddy, but that’s not all he is. He has a dreamer inside of him, and a poet, sometimes
both on the same night. But that’s not the side I see. ‘Cause I’m usually blindfolded. – Mm. – Can I be honest? It kinda feels like you guys are making up a stupid problem for yourselves. Just send a card or something. – (all three) Ah. – Eh. Hey, it’s Grant from College Humor. Click here to subscribe to the channel, Click here for more fun stuff. Sorry, guys it feels
like I’m out, am I out? ‘Cause I can see the top
of the camera, so it’s… Is this better, alright, it feels worse. Okay, thanks for watching.

100 thoughts on “Sex Daddies Celebrate Father’s Day | Hardly Working”

  1. I don't know if I'm offended and feel like I'm being made fun of or happy that it's being treated like a normal thing, like it should be.

  2. 2:52 Why was looking at pyramids when he said he was browsing for his daddy? Daddy’s not gonna like that.

  3. I hate that "daddy" became a sex thing. I still call my dad that and i cringe everytime i hear it in this context. Still this is top tier cringe comedy.

  4. “Do you like that daddy? Do you like that?…Do you like? Oh daddy like? Oh yea daddy like?”
    “And that just made me realize I have no idea what daddy like”

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