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Shine Under the Stars Gala with TSWGO! | VLOG MY DAY | tss6295

Shine Under the Stars Gala with TSWGO! | VLOG MY DAY | tss6295

I’m making videos for the project for
awesome for this star won’t go AB since 2011 and it’s one of my favorite
charities in the world their mission is to support families facing childhood
cancer to help lighten the burden through the giving of financial grants
and community involvement I was so honored when Lori RL reached out to me
to be a part of the gala and I brought a donation from the lush location I worked
at here in New York City this huge gift or
great event I I don’t wanna give your money
I don’t wanna meet you I Hey No maybe change Oh yeah with some I love it I love that watch my channel
for how long yeah that’s crazy and that’s the first time we’re ever meeting
and I couldn’t choose like sight Orioles like oh my god okay guys what’s your
name as well hi I’m Meghan Meghan remain France pride lovely friend but I’m
meeting with all sorts of families and a people’s homes we’re here it is saying
we will help for doing it all in memory after girl she was a local girl whose
family lives here in knowing me I’m their family with a story man that their
daughter story inspired John Murray mother and that me mates Giants
a novel and somebody told me did you know that that girl look around the
corner from you guys I absolutely did you know that that girl growth results
that should have journals they have didn’t and I heard words my son otoscope
word and then I fell in love with her family one of the things that she wrote
was this if one person now but their computer one game and types one word is
that affect the future if that one horse two didn’t type that much more with the
future sister it be changed that they were one word even mean anything
it’s my one sometimes a lot worse need anything does that one person’s one word
even get read once if I can see it right now it’s in my future videos
I read you this because I think a lot of the time people ask one person and one
donation in one bit of time to make a difference and I think this event
tonight shows that yes it can we would share the successor is will talk about
the families that are impacted by this you have an essay contest is here which
is really exciting because now we’re celebrating the the future writers and
in this community for given back the first place we had Sarah mountain junior
at Quincy High School in her essay called one person was one change tickets
of ourselves every day we have the opportunity we each have the opportunity
to scribe finest I really turned to your position maybe
you know Alysia Beth Lord you know anybody know where there is desire
there’s gonna be a point where there’s a point someone’s bound to get burned but
just because it hurts this being even done I’m gonna give up regular system
you have to try try and try you guys make a difference your courage sadly
some people can’t pay their bills but if you really struggle in many ways and
sometimes kids die and shouldn’t be losing a child to cancer it’s a horrible
thing we constantly work to try to alleviate some of the stress that
happens for families that are going through that journey and to try to give
them a financial assistance that’s going to make an impact when you raise in the
hospital and you are worried about your child but at the same time you’re losing
we’re pushing on the stone and you’re worried not even fit your bed or how
you’re going to get your evening pills and you see we’ve been able to get out
through this time without just about a half a million dollars we’re getting
really close and our mission statement says that we also want to impact we
wanted to something that represents a loose perky personality she loves so
many things she’s a huge Harry Potter fan
she loves John Green and was a proud nerdfighter group for social justice in
any way that she could online tweeting and messaging and one of the last tweets
Esther wrote when she was almost 16 was the tweet that’s she said if I could
have three wishes the key to reach into bodies and taking
other hands from to dance and words she knew the power of
we’re going to show this short video about this wonderful family from Quincy
and then you’re gonna get to meet country fleetside that he have to spend
to be here so these guys in peanut big mix his hospital and isolate head California was really hard he came out
here and actually Boston really saving his life thank you and we are so
grateful for sharing your story and we’re so happy that Vincent is doing
somebody Esther believes that no matter who you were no matter how sick you were and so anyone in this room you’ve
probably all kind amazing ideas and and we all have that opportunity and so
project lovely is an opportunity for any young person to write in with their
project plan but it’s supporting documentation reference and a lot
and 250 were selected that my project is called Nikki’s mission and helpful
projects well me I was able to transform into from customizing it prefabricated
18 inch dolls to my own entire line of the custom 3d printed dolls that are
have articulation and that really can’t be customized to match any child adults
whomever benefit families who have received the 18 inch dolls and they
communicate with me about how the dolls have help their child learn about their
current across site or in some cases there’s prosthetics that are they are
scheduled to receive it’s hard to think someone that you know will never have
the opportunity to meet and it’s going through a meeting Esther’s book and I
miss you bro I just know that Marianne redundant
all things are current or spirit and none of this would be possible without
pepper enough within the mix and kind of as a little thank-you to warrior family
I met a dog that okay this spring Julie and I have
started developing it and planning a swim club and it teaches it’s from a new
school in Atlanta the basics of Morris a few kids and communities like means how
to three our three pairs were likely to drown they aren’t yet in whatever that’s
just to do sit I was shocked and I knew that I was having abilities to do
something about the project lovely has really helped me by keep serving this
program allowing us around each table the program the remaining soup gobbles
after sandwich we love and all the necessary training but I also learned
that one overarching lesson that I’d like to share is I think it really
embodies the spirit of that project of the kids which is empowering individuals
to create it’s awesome and I learned this change doesn’t come from one person
or even two equal that it comes from everyone’s realizing what they have to
give it’s been a pleasure for me divorce with Lori she’s great that’s really
stretching herself here this is probably not mercy but she wanted me from him
nonprofit organization but she’s really doing a great job and we’re excited that
we’re working together and I think as you keep coming back you’ll see this
grow and grow and the idea is that this is going to become bigger and bigger
each year so we can help more and more families touch more and more lives and
then that will spread out even further lovely Lori and we making videos meaning people that we took the to
online for years and was like
in the world time you take a video of my outfit at the event so I’m here in the
bathroom and at the bus station before I have technical so and now I am home from Boston it is just
after 3:00 in the morning I am very very tired
I miss all day tomorrow the gala is so much fun I had great time meeting so
many people that I’ve known line for years and finally in England person and
getting to talk to more people about the storm well which is just actually a
charity such an amazing organization so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this thank
you guys so much for watching you can like this video down below and subscribe
let her down there as well follow me on Twitter and Instagram in the description
at TSS 69 5 dftba and I will see you guys next time you

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  1. Go check out This Star Won't Go Out! They are one of the best and most caring non profit organizations and they deserve so so so much love. Links to their website and social media in my bio!

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