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SMG4: The Festival Of The Year Reaction

SMG4: The Festival Of The Year Reaction

Hello everyone, yo boy do crafts here and welcome back to another reaction So happy Saturday to every single one of you So it’s 1202 right now in sg4 came out with a new blooper video cold SMD for the festival of the year so yes, this is the last video of snd for in 2019 I’m not uh, I don’t know when’s my last video or of 2019 but There might be a video on 2019. Well, probably done new year’s town town or something or I don’t know but The best way in that 19 moments of dill crafts will come soon Probably a week after January. So which means I have to start working on it so Yeah makes you guys like having subscribe to him post mutation So you guys just don’t know fighting every single video. So it director do let’s begin And happy holiday In there now basically you pick one careful, you know dying Huh Steve charge Get down from there, I believe you all have to follow what I do Guys guys listen to me damn it No, this isn’t how you’re supposed to play the game Oh my god Go What the heck oh my god That’s right. Oh no McAvoy is running this your side so Along, which has an insight that Chris shut by oles it’s inside Let me drive you’re here trying to make some money so we can afford a vacation over the holidays I ran a carnival once it’s a great idea really got any tips brawl sure can help bro What do we need to do this here sideshow gave it? Yes, you’ve got a day of Plenty points what that’s still expensive Whisper whisper whisper my meeting counselor has advised me to see you. I’m on my way too expensive last night Let’s get copy me look at just what if these fellows are What Hey, I’ve seen this before Wow, oh Yeah Oh My god, oh my god does hockey at the game With the wires Oh my god Hey Tori, where is everyone? I don’t know. Sorry Oh Bullets you have to stand here. Don’t worry, bro. Just walk it off Your friends are months long yeah life be like that sometimes Please tell me this game Wow Wow congratulations Hey guys wait for me Guys would you like to join us? Really? I mean if it’s not too much trouble now should be fine. Okay, but it’s not like I like you or anything Mario’s Resonance is impacting us 800 Some changes can be good though. It’s like how we met by this No homo, but for some reason I feel like I can connect with you guys really easily on Raw boom Oh My god So I’m guessing like a nice video That there won’t be Bowser anymore or something but happy new years to everyone so This is not my rights video. I’m just saying happy new years because they set up in doing years. So 2019 has been quite over year and I’ve been going and 2020 will be better I’m picturing it. So Yeah Victory guy is like comment subscribe to him plus communications So you guys just doing on Friday nervous in the video and also my new iPad out? I also got a new iPad Mini for Hanukkah, so Yeah, hope probably unlike the videos when that soon when I get a case, so expect Probably a change from 2022 So with my videos but not too much. Hey, it’s it’s gonna look like like how I’m doing this video, but just on a different device, so Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure you guys like comment subscribe to her post indications So you guys was gonna find her every single video and thank you guys so much for watching I will see you guys in the next one. Goodbye, everyone You

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  1. Happy New Year To SMG4 And His Friends Anyway I Still Can't Believe That Saiko Turned Into A Beast From The Legend Of Zelda And Nice Reaction

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