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Spicks and Specks: Kate Ceberano

Spicks and Specks: Kate Ceberano

my name is Adam Hills welcome to Spicks
and Specks the music quiz show for people that know their drum from their
bass their rhythm from their blues and their hip from their hop our first team
captain was just a walking down the street sing and do why did he did he
turn did he do he’s actor and comedian Alan BroughAlan’s first guest was a member of
80’s band I’m Talking has sold over 1 million records as a solo artist and has
just released a new album with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra please
welcome the one and only Kate Ceberano Alan’s final team member is a comedian
whose family doctor was Missy Higgins’ father to this day he claims that her
song scar was written about his appendix operation please welcome Michael
Chamberlain our second thing captain was clicking
her fingers and shuffling her feet singing do I did he did he dumb did he
do she’s Triple J’s Myf Warhurst Myf’s first guest tonight has gone from
listening to 70’s rock to being a member of the Wiggles that’s right he went from
T.Rex to Dorothy the Dinosaur please welcome Murray Cook an American
comedian who once had lunch at the same cafe as Ozzy Osbourne but was afraid to
say hello in case Ozzy bit his head off he’s performing at the Melbourne
International Comedy Festival he’s Arj Barker we have lots of guests on the
show and we like dredging up old music videos of them from this is I’m talking love that was great rabies wasn’t it I
must say though is a food clip you did by the name of bedroom eyes you’re
wearing quite the dress my friend Kate and it got me through some very since
we’re admitting stuff Murray know your product each team gets to pick a topic
everybody will be quizzed on it your choices tonight are a modern form of
music called post rock composers from the Romantic period the old romantics
country music with a backbeat rockabilly and songs from Australian TV and movies
Australian screen music myth you can pick the first topic tonight I’ve got a
question I mean post rocks a term that we hear quite a lot but did anyone
really know what it means yes mail Iraq yeah first of modern experimental rock weight
happy with that alrighty Alan what topic do you think is going to help your team
look I think we’ll go with Australian screen music tonight cool let’s start
with post rock everyone on your buzzers let’s play speech inspect your first
question for one point members of which Melbourne pioneering post rock band
ah Warren Ellis yep the dirty three Mick Turner and Jim white other dirty three
nice work out following the groundbreaking album Ok Computer key day
yes key day is one of the answers and music okay what I needed was their first
completely post rock album which was released in 2001 it was key day I’m
gonna open it up to this side what was the first song on it I’m gonna throw it
back to this side is it American anthem the first song was everything in its
right place finally for three points this song is
taken from an almost entirely vocal based album by post rock artist Bjork I
need you to give me three things the name of the song the album and the major
international event yes song is shit I could never say it on air
either Oceania Oceania really struggle with that from madula
beautiful album yep and the international event that she’s saying it
was the Winter Olympics it actually wasn’t so I’m gonna open it up to this
side I’d say oh it’s the opening of the Summer Games in Athens
it was the 2004 Athens Olympics well done under Australian screen music your first
question for one point Delta good drums first hit single born to try debuted on
which Australian TV show neighbors wouldn’t it was most definitely not as
well done this is from an ABC TV series about an emerging pop band spawn and
Australian top 20 single I need two things the name of the show and yep
sweet-and-sour and then I post into quickly to get the end of the question
the show was sweet and sour sweet and sour tracing man bad a fan
sweet and sour sorry but the rest of the question was I need the name of the
fictional band around which it centered the takeaway it was the tight boys well
done my child away from me but you’ve also taken the second half of my
question my child is only in love with the Wiggles and won’t won’t answer to my
call to get away from the television when some Wiggles are on no offense but
what sort of mother asks their child to come away from the television while the
windows are have you got a two-year-old not on me right three points on the loaf your
final question this is the screen song the monkey in May I need you to name
three things the actress the film its prom and the other single starstruck was
the movie yep I can’t remember the actress’s name and the other thing from
the movie but I’m sure she’s got body shots yeah it was body and soul so I’ll
give you a point for that that’s pretty close what’s the name of the actress
Nicole Kidman I thought it looked like Nicole Kidman’s Connor weeds just stuff
the actress was Joe Kennedy at the end of the first round the scores are Alan
Kate Michael on three points myth Marie Ann dodge way out in front seven points each team will be given three artists
and three interesting facts you have to match the artist to the fact tonight
both teams have to match the stars with their nicknames Alan Kate and Michael
your stars are the woman who starred in The Bodyguard Whitney Houston Oscar
winner and Grammy winner Cher and the lady who really really wanted some water
Melissa Etheridge you have to match them with their nicknames which are nippy
lucky and jpc well sure is well known for not wearing hardly anything at all
mmm what was the song that the video is like a turn back time where she was
sitting on a little lower so it could be nippy for her she did go out with Richie
Sambora from Bon Jovi therefore her nickname probably should be mental I’m
still trying to work out what that is the jpc because that’s gonna mean
everything to me well the only thing I can think is with jpc is that sure
that’s not her real name I believe she might be Armenian or
something like that and I believe that her original name is quite long what’s
complex like me when I was a kid my my brother
nicknamed me kak cuz it was easier to say for whatever known unknown reason
kak you know nippy with me oh yeah that could be a Skippy yeah the
baby was here that weepy thing does look like someone who’d work in a 7-eleven
and I’m tipping whitney houston probably isn’t far from working who’s that on the right though is that
garth from wayne’s world both share a love of the ladies alright what are you
reading okay Whitney Houston is nippy huh
sure is jpc and Melissa Etheridge’s lucky three points out of three shares
is jpc which stood for just plain share and Melissa Etheridge is lucky now if
you’re wondering what Melissa Etheridge has been up to lately was recently
announced she’ll be starring in a sitcom as a lesbian living with her
heterosexual male best friend one critic predicted it will be quote like Will & Grace
except canceled yep Larry and arge your artist sir the man who thinks he’s
bigger than both Jesus and the Beatles Oasis nolan Gallagher the man who thinks
he’s bigger than Jesus the Beatles and no Gallagher
u2’s Bono and the man who makes Greg Matthews hair look decent Sir Elton John
pretty special this time you have to match them to their childhood nicknames
which are Brezhnev the Antichrist and Hercules well Bridget I’ve had big
really big eyebrows that one’s special come up you know Betty I mean I’m sort
of an expert of big eyebrows cuz me and my friends co-host a website called
monobrow calm which celebrates the unity of your eyebrows our slogan is don’t
tweeze – please we have several slogans one is fun
monobrow calm make the connection so we’ve been in I’ve being a bit of an
expert I know that he is one of our celebrity mono Bros personal did you you
know obviously monobrow he was 41 at some point clearly not now as you get in
your late 20s and early 30s there’s some people they I just have a natural
recession of their monobrow and they become actually by Broud once again can
you be curious right so no Galago you have to be brash and everything would
have got that as a little kid because that would have been around about the
same time right well I was thinking also they opened John one that that picture
underneath him just looks like it goes with him dad Hercules is actually Elton John’s middle
name now he is wedged white but his full name that he uses now is Elton Hercules
John so I’m assuming that Hercules is ill okay so that only leaves one more so wrapping up what were you saying
no freshman Your Honor the antitrust of course Elton and he’s take Kelly’s
absolutely correct Noel Gallagher’s nickname was Brezhnev
because he had bushy eyebrows like former Russian president Leonid Brezhnev
Baro was called the Antichrist because as a child he was argumentative and
outspoken thank God he grew out of that and Elton
John was called Hercules after the horse in Steptoe and son this caused Allen Kate Michael and
6-point Smith Marie are still in the lead 10 points round three is called sample mania
each team will hear shot snippets of songs you have to listen carefully and
identify as many songs as you can miss Murray and arge you’re up first
these are your songs Wild Wild West is in there
it’s and then first one was REM the end of the world as we know it
pump it up it was customer that’s the third look to Bob Dylan subterranean
homesick blues and the last one was poisons that’s fine
yeah Billy Joel let’s have a listen back it was into the world as we know an REM
Elvis Costello subterranean homesick blues Bob Dylan Wild Wild West escape
boat and we didn’t start the fire Billy Joel okay o’clock if your pen you are your
song snippets strangest of the night walk on the wild
side what’s that second last one let’s just
go Xena now to your head it’s amazing no it’s not amazing what
they’ve all got do be doing them so what a knife here do get our tom toms done
Tom’s diner Duran Duran girls on Fisher that was I’m gonna open it up to the
other team because I’ve got a feeling let’s listen back to the song they were
strangers in the night Frank Sinatra Tom’s diner Suzanne Vega hungry like the
walk around around oh what a night Frankie Valli in the four seasons and
walk on the wild side you guys got for you guys got one Allan Cape Michael on
TenPoint Smith Marie Anne dodge out in front 16 points one member of each team has to sing
well-known songs using the words of an unrelated book your teammates have to
identify the songs before we get on to it though while we’re talking
substitutes Murray I know a few people who have gone to see The Wiggles
recently and you’re using a substitute at the moment we have been here yeah
Greg was in hospital he had a hernia operation and obviously couldn’t legal
we don’t say it’s great but we say he’s helping us out this is our special
friend Brit and it comes out sounds like an awful place in your head with your MA that explains the skimmings of interest so like you know when you’re
at work and you got to call the boss up you feeling a bit crook or not feeling
cook in the Wiggles who’s the boss who gets the phone call Dorothy the dinosaur have you been approached to do an INXS
style suit for review sitting there just going you’ll be singing for Alan and
Michael tonight and you’ll be substituting lyrics from Mounted Police
in New South Wales a history of heroism and duty since 1821
that’s your book those are your songs don’t show your teammates ladies and
gentlemen Kate Sabrina a little put a little bedroom eyes into a cake come on
okay baby just for you James on the table chain the first military milder
police were sampling great Hayes and how to be content with horses taken from
government cars which in turn had to make do with bullets it was about up into divisions and about government buildings the prisoners to say with love it was this area by the
way well that was insights what can I say you
know what that should be on a t-shirt okay when you started in I’m talking you
what you were 17 oh how was it being interviewed and trying to put forward a
good face when you when you’re 17 well I actually I remember story um we had a
rock arena show it was on the ABC and it was um very highbrow rock critic but
Yvonne Caskey with that lovely voice remember yeah and she said now what are
your first impressions in Sydney who know if it well I really I love I love
Sydney it’s really great and I don’t mind the drive even though it’s like
Tennant you know in ten hours they’ve got these great ham and cheese fellatio I think you mean for Katya oh okay yeah
for catcher to think that that was a charming moment and it showed you know
it showed that I had yet more to learn about life though you were spicing it up
with a bit of ham and cheese and Mary and you’ll be taking your
lyrics from the popular guide to puppy rearing by Alvin Wynne Jones
championship show judge that’s your book there your songs teammates arch Parker and this is the popular guide to puppy
ring as opposed to the unpopular guide to puppy ring which is all about cats okay
here we go and I just want to say that oh you did a great job Kate and I almost
feel like it’s unfair I feel like you might have sung that book before okay
here we go it is a curious fact that the best show
bitches are not necessarily the best breeds and many of the big winners in
all breeds are produced by rather ordinary looking bitches made it to the
right dog and beautifully bred themselves the breeding of a bitch is
all-important an experienced breeder in any breed can prophesy with reasonable
accuracy what kind of puppy’s a bitch is likely to produce from examining her
pedigree while it’s not necessarily a show specimen she should not have any
big faults of her breed are you don’t leave us Nick dog wasn’t
that good this song was Hotel California by the evil here’s bloody tone-deaf some
highly strong bitches become getting excited after whelping are most upset if
the puppies cross kind of get in the right mood right diarrhea is a common puppy tremble that
and also another big thing the wool he’s another brick in the wall after this round the scores are Allen
Cape Michael on 13 points miss Murray arch still out in front 18 points it’s time for the final countdown teams
hands on your buzzers one point for a correct answer one point off for a wrong
answer your questions start now according to dice traits you get your
money for and your exactly your chicks for free there’s also no tonight’s date
for Tenacious D from which culture does the shakuhachi flute originate per new
guinea it was cheap and now in the 20-something punk light rocker who said
she was like quote Sid Vicious for a new generation
no it was a Hall of Fame oh really hmm oh she’s dreaming yeah
what time of day did Corey Hart wear his son at night exactly right yeah finally
for one point sing the chorus to American Pie singing this’ll be this’ll
be pretty good sing it like you’re in a pub at 3 in the morning
yeah very lend me some money and here we show the scores ah
Alan Kate Michael ended up on 16 points myth Maria Nagy one point in front 17 Kate Subroto Michael Chamberlain Marie
cook and ARDS Barca and if you’re 17 seconds on bro and
before ho if you want to learn more about the
world of music just visit the Spicks and specks website but we leave you tonight
with an amazing piece of Australian screen music earlier in the show we
mentioned Delta Goodrem singing on neighbours well that pales in comparison
to a band called the bush Rangers who made an appearance on a well-known Ozzy
show in the 70s using one of the cast members on drums thanks for watching
speaks in specs my name’s Adam Hills goodnight Australia and tons of young
lady a new member of our group me

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