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Star Wars Forces of Destiny | An Imperial Feast | Disney

Star Wars Forces of Destiny | An Imperial Feast | Disney

The choices we make, the actions we take, moments both big and small, shape us into forces of destiny. [fireworks] [Ewok language] You think we should let ’em? [laughing] Should let them what? Leia. We were just– Letting the Ewoks
cook the enemy. We just got here. Well, were you going
to stop them? Of course. Maybe. Mmm hmm. Look, who am I to interfere? [Shyriiwook language] [sigh] [grunt] [Shyriiwook language] Please let them go. We must treat the enemy fairly. [smack]
[grunt] Hey! Clearly the Ewoks are hungry. Go to General Syndulla’s camp and find a crate of ration sticks
we can offer them. I’ll make sure the stormtroppers
stay safe. Great, I know what that’s
going to cost me. This better be worth it. Look, I know how it sounds, but I need snacks
for the little fur balls. They are trying to cook
stormtroppers and we need the ration sticks
to trade. I’ll give you the ration sticks… if you say it. What? No, I’m not going to say it. Okay, then. Give my regards to General Organa. [grunts]
Fine. Hmm. Uh, The Ghost is a superior ship
to the Falcon. Wow, we finally agree on something. [laughing] Yeah, and you can have
the rations. [Shyriiwook language] Thanks. [droid language] [Shyriiwook language] No, no! [grunting] [Ewok language] [Shyriiwook language] [Ewokese language] [sigh]
[Shyriiwook language] [droid language] [Ewok language] I’ll have to thank Hera for this. Hera? What about me? Huh, by the way,
no one believes The Ghost is a superior ship
to the Falcon. Right, well, you don’t have to tell me. [giggling]

100 thoughts on “Star Wars Forces of Destiny | An Imperial Feast | Disney”

  1. I think Disney made this to hide George Lucas episode 6 where people made rumors of ewoks eating storm troopers so they are non violent to young viewers

  2. No one has a issue that the stormtroopers can’t and won’t just get up after being untied, and beat down both Lea and the Ewok?

  3. Leia: No one thinks the ghost is a more superior ship than the Millenium Falcon

    The voice of the fans has spoken

  4. Disney: What do we put on canon?
    Fans: The Old Republic
    Disney: Nope! Forces of Destiny is a better ideia!

  5. Wait What??? Humility in Star Wars? Toward the Enemy? Blasphemy. Star Wars only teaches good vs evil stories, and Stormtroopers are pretty much zombies for the slaughter. Sarcasm

  6. “We must treat the enemy fairly” precedes to blow up Death Star full of 1000s of enemy’s.

  7. Did they need to feed Ewoks with some Russian sticks? They meant vodka sticks or what? XD

  8. What kind of white culture colonization is that ? How can she impose her opinions and traditions to a minority ! That is disgusting !

    Moreover, had she let the ewoks eat all the remaining imperials, the First Order would not have emerged. Good job princess…

  9. At black spire outpost in Disneyland can we sometimes make up rebel vs imperial fights if I could film at Disney land we would do that

  10. My theory: Endor is larger than most planets in the SW Galaxy even though it's a moon. Its higher gravity means that anything that evolved there is naturally tougher than other life forms. Large trees are like iron. Ewoks are short and stalky because it's better to be small in higher gravity. They can beat up stormtroopers because they're essentially fuzzy, stubby little Kryptonians.

  11. They should teach the Ewoks to Hunt and not be fed with food rations… should they will develope Cargo Cults and expect food rations every week… Had the Writers not be aware of this problem?

  12. What are they gonna do with the—— oh wait there are no meat on the table, well never mind. Wait what if the——— gasp there might
    Be meat under the food. Oh wait they are gonna cook them and eat the stormtroopers… that is just low Ewoks. (Are Ewoks zombies?)

  13. The best I can say about this is that it at least addresses the issue as to whether the Ewoks attempted to eat the stormies, and where Hera was following the events of Rebels. While the tone is generally too lighthearted for my liking, we see quite a few gaps filled in.

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