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Straight Up Punjab | LIVE Music Concert | Official Trailer

Straight Up Punjab | LIVE Music Concert | Official Trailer

I sang on stage when I was 6 years old
for the first time and everybody clapped. I was like,
“Wow, this is a fun feeling.” I was an introvert while growing up. But I become a different person
when I hold an instrument. When I was very young,
we used to live near a pub and that’s where
I caught my curiosity for music. Music has been a vent. I used to write a lot
to express myself. Music has always been there for me. Out of everything
that I tried to do in my life nothing satisfied me
as much as music did. I was growing up with Punjabi music. Music is my life. Probably the most universal sound ever. The minute you say Punjabi music I get a smile on my face. I get on to the stage and realize how much I am admired by the audience. If you want to make someone dance,
Punjabi music is the best. 1, 2, 3! How was that?
– Cool. Unbelievable, man. – Yeah? You killed it.
– Cool, cool, cool. You crushed it, man.
– Thanks, Ash.

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