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STREET FOODS IN CAMBODIA, VILLAGE FOOD & FROG BBQ | Cambodia travel videos | Harees Ameer Ali

STREET FOODS IN CAMBODIA, VILLAGE FOOD & FROG BBQ | Cambodia travel videos | Harees Ameer Ali

Cambodia Episode 9 Saw something different & unique here I saw someone making BBQ When I checked I realized that he was making frog BBQ As he is cooking frog BBQ while having ti marinated with masala It do have a great aroma They also have cooked frogs ehre to be served as well I saw something else as they have salted crabs Not sure if vinegar or salt water As they have small crabs salted here Then this is how they serve it with lettuce or cabagge They have differnet and unique food here As well as shocking different of food. They also have large coconuts here They have two types of BBQ One is stuffed with masala and the other is simple frog BBQ without any internal masalas This is pretty common and sold here Now they have salted mangoes And Pineapple Now this is chicken without being fully chopped It’s one of their style of preparation This seemed to be spicy Their food culture is unique Now this guy is preparing cambodian banana fry He adds the flour to the squished banna and fry it It’s made in tow shapes He re-adds the flour to icrease it’s thickness It cost 1$ for 2 pieces There is a mild difference from what we get back home You’ll like it KEt me see how their unique food tastes like Now they have eggs Two different types As one may sound shocking and sadnening They sell it in two forms One is mixed with cambodian masala Next is slightly sad as it’s almost about to hatch as they boil the embyo as it’s their fav dish I felt sad seeing the other kind Make sure you know which one you purchase. It cost 1$ for 4 pieces. Do you eat? Aravind : No don’t ask He is such an animal lover As he had 3 dogs, as Cambodians ate one of his dog While he was away She has prawns fried with some flour It cost 1 dollar for 2 pieces Not sure if it’ll upset my stomach It’s not cleaned prawns Do tastes good As if you are someone who enjoy prawns you will like it Now we are back at our frog bbq spot They have two variants This may not be possible back home As I have heard of people eating this And oen is normal spicy as the other is too spicy with stuffed spices They also have fish Now we are buying 6 frogs for 3$ This is for something unique And Back in Thailand I have tried Scorpion and grass hoppers. So lets give this a try They are selling this as a group When we say spicy, they provide a squished chilly sauce of some kind They have tons of items Such as different fruits and veggies for sale So our frog is ready so now we are going to pay in dollars Which is 3 dollars We handle with USD Even being a small village they are making use of Dollars for business It’s better to eat this frog while it’s still hot else you may not like the change in flavor It’s probably edible frog And they have places for you to take seat and eat this So they have prepared a small hut like area for people to rest and eat food So we’ll taste this frog here So we are in hut numbered 21 So Aravind has prepared the pack of frogs And the frogs are ready to be eaten As if they are presenting their muscles So we are eating They attached the skewer on the hands and legs With their heads chopped off This is how they grilled it and the taste must be tested after giving it a try. So I am going to take my first frog bite of this frogs leg It really tastes good As it doesn’t taste as disgusting as we all think it will be And the meat is really tender I have heard people saying that they have tasted frogs when they where young back home And you may frown and find this disgusting What ever the case maybe If you are someone who loves meat of any sort You will definitely like it if you give this a try. I’m being honest with this, so this is really good. So I’m doing with eating the frog And she gave me a couple of fruit items and things I ate those as well and we are all happy wiht it These people are so nice and friendly, and gave us other items for free. Only took money for the frog, but got other items for free So we are now returning to our hotel. Stay tuned for more videos

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  6. Hey, whats your job here in kerala?? എനിക്കും travel ചെയ്യാൻ ഒരുപാടിഷ്ടമാണ്…. പക്ഷെ ചിലവും സമയവുമാണ് പ്രശ്നം…. നിങ്ങളുടെ ജോലി ശെരിക്കും എന്താ??

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  8. Super programs chetta nan epposha kanan thudangeyath all world food ennathokkayanennu manaselakkam sadekkum ,Thank you

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  13. Ee video kandu nattile thavalaye pidikkan irangalle kootukare.. kesu akum… Agraham adakki pidichu irunnolu…. allenkil haris ikkande video kandu samadhanicholooo…😋😋😋😋

  14. ഇക്കാ….ഇസ്ലാമിൽ ഈ തവള ഇറച്ചി ഒക്കെ കഴിക്കുന്നത് ഹറാമല്ലെ.

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  18. കാട്ടു തവള ആണോ എന്ത് തവള ആണ് അറിയില്ല…. ഹഹഹ

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  24. Valare cruel aaya aalkaranu…Ella jeevikaleyum valre vedanippichanu kazhikkunathu…aa pampineyum fishineyumoke jeevanode undakkunnathu kanditu sahichilla…no doubt why these people gets floods and tsunami frequently…these people are killing and eating all insects.. snakes..frogs…turtiles ..

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