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StreetScience @ Streetlife-Festival München 2019 | Trailer

StreetScience @ Streetlife-Festival München 2019 | Trailer

I think we should do this more often. I think it’s very important to inform the public about our research and the implications on society. Every hour another professor from the TUM speaks about his or her field of research. They have prepared this in such a way that it becomes understandable for the audience. I’m sure it’s a unique thing,
that the scientists go outside to the streets and say, “Hi folks, this is it, that’s how we are, that’s what we do.”

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  1. Professorinnen und Professoren, Post-Docs der TUM aufgepasst:
    Für die beiden Wochenenden freuen wir uns noch auf spannende Referent*innen, die ihren Forschungsbereich den Besucher*innen des Streetlife Festivals vorstellen wollen.
    Infos und unverbindliche Kontaktaufnahme bei Interesse über
    Wir freuen uns auf Sie,
    Ihr Team der TUM: Junge Akademie

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