Sukkot Festival 2018

So many people are wondering
why is that we are celebrating Sukkot, Why do we leave our houses,
why do we leave the four walls, And come out into this beautiful
structure made of mainly natural materials, the ceiling, which doesn’t look
very protective, for seven whole days, And the answer lies in the fact that
Hashem (God) who took us out of Egypt, gave us these clouds of glory,
in the desert, while we were traveling from Egypt to Israel And also asked us,
even in the bible itself, To sit in the Sukkah for seven days,
and mainly to have a festival, And it says specifically to be happy. So we come out here,
we sleep here, we eat here, and we party here
for seven days, straight. So on Sukkot we take the four species,
the arbah ha minim, Know as the lulav,
which is the palm, The etrog which is kind
of this lemon looking thing, And the mertyl,
which is the hadas And the aravot
which is the willow. We unite them all togather
and shake them. The palm represent the spin, The etrog, this lemon like fruit,
represents the heart, The hadasim represent the eyes, And the aravot, the willow,
represents the lips, And we unite these four
different parts of our body into one, And bring them together, Because we know that
true unity, true peace starts inside ourselves One of the most famous
customs on the Sukkot festival is welcoming in the Ushpizin,
the guests, And who are these guests? Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses,
Aaron, Joseph and King David. So after the seventh day of Hoshanah Rabah,
It leads right into the festival of Simchat Torah So it’s a huge simcah (joy) so it’s a simcha
in terms of the beginning of us again, And the beginning of the Torah (Bible) again, That’s the time when we start
reading the Torah again from the beginning, So it’s a new beginning,
just like right now!

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