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Summer Clothes ~ DIY Flower Crown & Celeb Festival Fashion!

Summer Clothes ~ DIY Flower Crown & Celeb Festival Fashion!

hey Dreamers, Kiera and Shannon here with
one of our favorite summer looks yeah this rundown as all about festival fashion plus Shannon then shows you how to make your own flower crown okay let’s start with our Four F’s of festival
fashion first, what is festival fashion? festival
fashion is just style inspired by outdoor music festival it’s all about
fun trends like boho chic crop tops, summery patterns and it’s really
big on comfort. stylish comfort nice! okay first F. Fringe, whether it’s on your
sandals your bag crop top or in a bathing suit Fringe is a super fun summer and
alright number two flowers so many flowers totally this year with the same
out a lot flower headband like these and floral prints on celebs
like Katy Perry and Vanessa Hudgins oh my gosh I love that look well good
because I’ve brought some oh my gosh these are so awesome so you know how to make these? I do, well
let’s check out a clip Nice work Jersey Girl! Guys, go check Shannon’s
and channel to see more DIY amazing yeah I put up new videos
every week okay back to festival fashion this F is Flow – flowy dresses long flowy skirts flowy top this his perfect for those
crazy hot days that’s when you really wanna light fabric
that just lflows with the breeze Beachy flowing hair is nice too Final F, Hats! that doesn’t start with F Not just hats, Floppy hats. This summer’s all about
wide-brimmed okay here’s Emma Watson rocking the floppy hat
even Jayden Smith okay wait – there’s Vanessa Hudgins again
does she just like live at music festivals she just loves music I guess she was in
high school musical True. good point. let’s do a festival fashion FAN POLL! whose festival look would you
want? Selena Gomez or Katy Perry Answer us in the comments. Now go
subscribe to Shannon channel Jrz Grlz for amazing DIY and fashion videos and hit our subscribe & if you haven’t
already love you guys, bye! them

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