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Sundance Film Festival 2017 Must-See Movies | Fandemonium

Sundance Film Festival 2017 Must-See Movies  | Fandemonium

Sundance is fast approaching. That would be the probably most famous film
festival in the world. So, we brought in the director of programing,
Trevor Groth, who is here today to join us. Hey Trevor, how you doing? Great. It’s great to be here. So, what are some films people should be looking
out for from the programming slate this year? I think starting with the film called Mudbound. It’s about an African-American soldier coming
back from World War II to this sort of small, rural town and he’s just been through hell
fighting the Nazis and he comes home and he has to deal with all of the racial tension
that still exists where he’s at. Including, run-ins with the KKK. The issues that he gets into and the cultural
umm, issues that it tackles, I think are as relevant now as ever before. And then there’s a film along those lines,
a very different tone but equally I think powerful film, called The Big Sick, which
is written by and stars Kumal Nanjiani. So, he made this film that he co-wrote with
his wife, and it’s their personal story about falling in love. But all while, sort of he was, his parents
were sort of setting him up with these dates for an arranged marriage. You know he’s Pakistani-American. And it’s really funny too, right and so, nothing
brings people together like laughter and I think just seeing different perspectives,
and different experiences of life on screen is like, that ability to create empathy that
film has I think is maybe it’s greatest power. And I think this film will be this big, huge
commercial success and all about this identity that people don’t often see on screen. And then of course the documentaries, there’s
a film called the force that looks at the Oakland Police Force as it’s going through
Federal reform. It starts out as like, so positive and you
think, “Ok, this is going to be an amazing blue print for police forces all over the
country to like, follow.” And then, but then over the course of many
years of filming, you just see it, implode and crumble. And you see the complexities around this issue
and it watches like a Scorsese film, or Michael Mann film but this is documentary. Goes on and on… the ideas and the cultural
impact of a lot of these films is great. But I think those are definitely some highlights
that I think are going to get a lot of people talking. Well that’s all the time we have today with
Trevor Groth, Director of Programming at Sundance. Trevor if people want to learn more about
you and the Sundance Film Festival where should they go? They can find us at twitter @SundanceFest
and they can go to our website for all the information about the festival and all of
our lab programs at And you can find me @MiriTheJedi on all the
social media and keep coming back to UPROXX for more Fandemonium.

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