– (Mikaela) Previously
on Little Nightmares. – Oh my gosh.
Wait, are those bodies? – Oh my god.
Tweedledum is up there. – This is pretty rough. – Oh, we’re eating it alive? Ugh. – Whoa.
– Ugh! Nasty, she’s gonna
get all types of diseases. – He’s so ugly. – I don’t know where this opened. Oh!
– Oh my god! Run! – Go, go.
(door booming) – Oh Jesus!
– Go! Go! – Jump.
– Hook! – (gasping)
– AHHH!! – I hope that’s the last
we see of them. – (Mikaela) This time
on Little Nightmares. – Okay, so now that
we finished with them, we haven’t seen anyone else,
so who are we going to encounter next?
– I know. – Base floor, kitchen–
I don’t know what could be next. A house? Oh, look,
you can see daylight. – Seems like we’re
getting close to the end here because something’s happening. – Almost out. – Yeah, but then once
we get out, then what? Then what’s in store for her life? – It’s better than being in there. – What’s scary is she’s
going to get hungry again. What’s she going to eat next?
– Oh, wow. Why did I just now think of that? What is she going to eat? Or maybe it will
be something good because we just left
where the food place was, so what if there’s more food? ♪ (eerie music) ♪ – And the music’s intensifying. This is definitely a ship. (seagulls squawking)
(ship horn blaring) – (gasping) We’re on a boat! (waves crashing)
– (gasping) We’re on the outside! – (gasping) Oh, we’re outside. (seagulls squawking)
Oh, people are boarding now, though. – Oh, they’re cooking
us for the passengers? – Those passengers are big.
Oh, do they all look like the chef? Eww.
– Mmmm. – It’s a really big boat.
– Shit. – Oh, they’re changing boats. We’re not at a dock? – Yeah, we’re just in
the middle of the ocean, I think. – Dude, that’s a really big boat,
or you’re just a really small person. (ship horn blaring)
– I think both. – ♪ Ain’t no mountain high enough ♪ – Wait, no, I think
we might be at the dock. I don’t know. This looks like some sort of station. – Where are we?
– That’s not a boat. That’s like their port.
– Yeah. That’s the boat. – Dang, we really climbin’. Look at us. So small.
– Dang. Aww, she’s so cute. – Seagull!
(ship horn blaring) – Can we ride the seagull
into the sunset? – Honestly, you’re small,
but you’re not that small. – She’s a beast.
– Back into the boat we go. OH!
– (both) Ooh. – That angle was bad. – Jeez– oh, they’re definitely–
this is like a cruise ship, and they’re all coming to eat. These are all fat people
coming to eat, and they just eat the children. This is literally Spirited Away
in game form. (thumping controller) – Why would she go
back under the boat? – What the heck?
– Oh, okay. I didn’t even jump,
but all right, 11. – Also, you got to pull those. – Um, pull the thing off. – Do I have to get this one too?
– I don’t know. – Can I crouch?
Can I get in there? Yeah, I can. – We’re going further
into the ship again? – Yeah, I guess we gotta go up– I think it’s a symbolic way
up to leave. – Ooh.
– (shrieking) That was my bad. I’m sorry.
– (laughing) – Okay.
– Ooh. – She’s gonna fall off. You’re good.
(squealing anxiously) ♪ (eerie music) ♪ – Okay, I don’t like the culty music. – I don’t– oh, it
does sound like a cult. Oh my god. – Shit.
– Oh, shoot. See, and it’s Asian-themed? Should I just crawl? – Are they wearing masks?
They’re wearing masks. – This is Spirited Away! – They do look like
they’re wearing masks. (gasping) Oh my god!
What’s in the window? – It’s the figure doll
in just a giant human form. – What is this? – Wait, oop, oop, oop.
– (gasping) – That’s our lovely statue lady. – Why is she watching over
them like that? And why is she the only skinny one? Look at the picture right there. She’s in the middle,
but who’s around her? – Mmmm.
– Yo, who is this person? Is she mom? – Do I have to run and jump?
– Mm-hmm. – (gasping) My dumb ass! – You wanna switch?
– Yeah. Maybe just video games
aren’t your thing. – They’re just not my thing. It’s true. They’re not. – Okay.
– I’m still– – Whew!
– And who are these people? And why does she have a boat?
– Yeah. ♪ (eerie music) ♪ – Now I see there’s a little bit
of social commentary going on here. – Such grace and elegance. – Thanks.
– 10 out of 10. – What if she’s not after us? What if she’s looking
for us because we’re her lost child? – Yeah. – Oh, I just can just walk
through the crack. – (chuckling) We overthought that. Oh my god, they’re having a feast. – I feel like there’s something
about greed going on here. I can’t figure it out quite yet. (guests gobbling noisily) – Oh, sheesh.
– It’s blocking my vision. Eww!
– He’s playing footsies with himself. – Oh, it’s still raw meat. – Oh, shoot.
– (guest snarling) (jar shattering)
– Oh my god! – Wow.
♪ (game over music) ♪ That came at you fast. – (guest snarling)
– (shrieking) – Why’d you gotta do that?
– Oh my god! You don’t see us.
Aww, he ate us. – Eww, he ate us? Ugh! – That’s upsetting. (pottery shattering) – Oh Jesus!
– Oh. – What?!
– I should have went wide. – He dead ass threw a whole table
at us and killed us. – Okay, so I’m going to get ready. Ready, set, go! – I think this guy
sees me regardless, so… – (guest snarling)
(jar shattering) – He’s too fat to reach for me, so… – Don’t tell me
he’s gonna climb toward me. Yeah!
– Aaah! – Of course, he did.
♪ (humming) ♪ – Why are you all so pressed
about a little girl in a raincoat? Can you leave us alone? (guest crawling noisily) They can’t even walk. – Oh my god, it’s crawling. Jump.
(jar shattering) – Damn it, he’s desperate. It’s not like he doesn’t have
enough food there. – Um… um, um, um, um, um. – I don’t know where to go from here. – (weakly) Oh.
– Let me see. Oh, we gotta jump up there, huh?
– Good luck. (laughing)
– Thanks. – I honestly think I need to get on– – Oh, yeah, he needs
to get on the table. Oh, climb on the plates then, yeah. – They can’t even reach. Ha! (groaning) – I got it.
I got you, sis. – They’re legit too fat
to even reach me, so I’m chilling.
I’m chilling. – Okay, she can’t reach up here. – (gasping) Yes!
(laughing in relief) – Ooh, that was close. – Oh my god, swing.
– Whee! Whoa!
– Oh my god! – It’s interesting that the lady
was the only really thin one. – They make you fall back. – I don’t know. She’s obviously
the one in charge then. She looks like she has
the most control over herself. – So I’m guessing we just run
and try to jump up there, or go down?
– I think we could go down. Yeah. – I don’t like their eating noises. – I hate when people chew
with their mouth open. – (slurping)
– That’s one of my biggest pet peeves. – It’s just nasty.
– Yeah, this is really triggering me. – Oh, there’s your Nome friend. – And, see, the Nomes
are like the little dust guys in Spirited Away.
I’m telling you. – Little hooded person
help a girl out. – (gasping) Oh, they’re right there. – Oh.
– Just move the chair. – I feel like if I don’t figure
this entire thing out, I’m going to read 10 articles
about what this game is. – What’s up, little mushroom guy?
– Where are we going? Tell us where we’re going. – I just grabbed him. I think I just triggered him. – (snorting)
– Hang on. – Press R2?
– Oops. R2?
– Ah, dang, you can’t. (gasping)
– (both cooing) – It gave it a hug!
– That’s so cute. – Buddy.
– Oh, we can talk to them. And we’re making out with them. – We’re kissing him.
I’m giving him a hug. I think we just gave him a hug. – Oh, why didn’t we
get to hug the other ones? All the other ones ran away from us.
– You like us? – He’s going to follow us now.
He’s going to be our best friend. – I think we do have to climb. – We have to get
on the table and get out. – Yeah, I definitely have
to go up the chair on the right, go all the way across the table,
and then up those things. – Good luck not getting eaten. – This is going to be tricky.
– Oh shit. – Actually, I don’t
even think they care. – Obviously, he can’t reach that far. – Oh shit! – (gasping) Ooh.
– Goddamn it. – (both moaning)
– He ate us! – We’re going all out. – (groaning) Damn. – The bottle knocked me. – Dude, the game
started out so mellow. – Take two. Guys, here, I’m giving you
a second chance. – Hello.
(wine bottle shattering) – No. No. – Oh shit!
Don’t eat me, please! – Yes! Yes! Yes! YES! – Ooh, them jumps was smooth. – (mumbling indistinctly) Nice. You have to jump
through grates too after, I think. – Oh my god! Thank god. – Believe in yourself, people.
– Holy shit. – I feel like we’re getting close
to the Geisha woman. – Yes, yes, yes, yes. Bless.
– Oh, food. – Get out of the way.
– Oh my god. – Get your wine bottles
out of my way. – I feel like they want you
to think she’s nice, but I feel like she’s not. – Okay, now where?
– Where do I go? – I think you might have to run
through the dining hall with them. Yeah. – (guest snarling)
– Oh my god. – Oh, now they’re
gonna come after us. – It ain’t even
that serious. Sit down. – Go, go, go, go, go. Jesus. Nice.
– Easy. – Uh-oh. – Oh!
– (both clamoring) – Oh my god. (gasping)
– (hooting) Let’s go.
– Holy crapola. – Oh my god, there’s
so many of them now. – Oh, does that mean they’re
all gonna come after us at once? – It’s getting just
more intense, the music. – Oh shit. I think I’m going to have
to jump on the table. – Oh.
(setting down controller) Here, you can take over. Yeah, we could retreat back here. I bet you he’ll get stuck
under the counter, and then we’ll jump over. – This is one giant eating–
– Oh, he saw– he got excited. Look at those cheeks.
– (whimpering) Now what?
– [Inaudible]. – Oh. Oh. Oh.
– Oh, hell no! (shrieking)
– Oh my god. – No-ho-ho! No! No! How can he crawl that fast? Let’s be real. – Jesus, he’s fast. He’s fast. (plates shattering) – You have to hop on over. – Just climb over him.
– Oh. – Oh my god! Why can’t she sprint?
– (whimpering) – Slide! Slide!
– Fast! – Holy shiznik. – Oh, no.
– Go, go, go, go, go, go, go. Slide, slide, slide, slide, slide!
– (grunting) – Okay.
– Bless. – (chuckling) Okay. Is that the elevator?
– (gasping) – Oh!
– Ooh, no. – What do you think? Go this way or open that–
– Oh my god! – It’s a chef. Do you think I should hide from him? – Maybe. – I’ve got– yep, I knew it. Oh, there’s a Geisha doll, though. Oh, I want it. – Just go left.
(chef growling) – Again with a whole second
to process everything. – (chef growling) – How did he know?
He didn’t see us leaving. He didn’t see us!
– (groaning) Okay. – Just please take a dookie and leave.
– Right? – Oh my gosh.
– Just go straight under the table. – Oh.
– (chef growling) (door shutting) – I hate you. I hate you with
everything in my body. – No, he sees me!
– He’s like, “Darn it.” – (both laughing) – He’s like, “Where’d they go?”
– He sees me. – They locked the door though.
– I think she’s gotta poop. Or he. There they are. – All right, she’s probably going
to come back in sometime soon. (door shutting) – Yeah, we’ve gotta go up. – Bye.
(door shutting) – Oh, he locked us in here.
– Okay, thank you. – I think we got to go down
the toilet, to be honest. – A mirror? – I think we have
to break the mirror. It’s a mirror. There’s always hidden stuff
behind mirrors. Can you grab the mirror? – Is there more to this bathroom–?
– Maybe we can go through the mirror. – How’d you know?
(mirror shattering) – Double way mirror! Yeah! Always check. You never know. (mirror shattering)
– Yes. What did I tell you? I knew there was something
up with that mirror. – I probably wouldn’t have been able
to figure that out by myself. – Now what?
– You could go up. – There’s so many toilets in here.
Do they not like privacy? – Do you go together? – They just be watching, like,
“What’s up, dawg? How was your day?” – You can’t even see
the private parts. “Your droopy eye
look good today, girl.” – Right, how’d you learn that? Which makeup guru taught you? – (muttering softly)
– Yeah. – The perks of being small. (meat squelching)
– Ooh. Ooh. (meat squelching) – Oh, this is one pipe. (meat squelching)
– Just take it nice and slow. – Oh, of course, it turns
into a goddamn pipe. – It’s gonna get real thin. (meat squelching) – Oh, can I grab the doll now? (imitating meat squelching) – She gangsta walkin’ right now. To balance on this pole. – It’s so hard because
of the angle of the camera. Now what? – Hop onto the bookshelf somehow,
so it softens your land, and then you got to go out the– (vase shattering)
♪ (unearthly chime) ♪ – Oh, we can go in the elevator now. – (gasping) Oh.
– What does that do? – I really want to know. – Maybe we’re contacting
her or– I don’t know. I mean, it has to do with
something with the real lady. – Why would we have
to go through the–? Actually, you know, I’m not even
going to question the game anymore. I’m just gonna go with the flow. – Now where is it gonna take us? We barely just found out
about this side of the boat. Where is it gonna take us now? – All right, let’s see where we are. – I like these passengers
because they’re kind of easier to get away from.
– Yeah. Yeah! Because, actually, they
can’t walk like the other two can. – [There’s gonna
be one on the right.] They’re gonna burst
through that wall. – Yep. Yep. Go. – Oh my god.
– What the heck? Why is an inventory closet
full of them? – Oh my god! – It’s about to be
World War Z up in this. – (quivering) Ooh! – No!
– (grumbling) I hate everything. – Go! – ♪ (humming) ♪ – And hop, hop, hop, hop, hop. Holy shit, there’s so many.
– There’s a lot of them. – ♪ No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no ♪ – Come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on! – Oh my god, down
the stairs. Oh my god. – All right, we’re definitely close
to the end here. – Oh gee. Oh my–! – I feel like skinny lady’s
gonna come and save us or something. – Aaah!
– Eww! ♪ (music intensifying) ♪ What is happening?!
(giggling) Go. ♪ (music intensifying) ♪ – Oh my god. Here we go again. Here we go.
– Noooooo! – Oh my god! – X! X!
– (shrieking) No, no, no, no, no.
– No! – No, no, no, no, no. – Argh, the controller’s
shaking so damn much. – You got it.
– (gasping) Oh! I thought I messed that up.
– (chuckling) – Oh, you deserved that, you whore! – Did one fall?
I didn’t even notice. – Come on!
– Ready? – Three, two… YEAH! – Oh my god! Yeah! Woo!
– Okay. – Oh my god. My heart just skipped
a beat a little bit. – Don’t miss this!
– Ooh! (guest snarling)
– (exhaling sharply) Why do they have masks on? – Let me squeeze through this. Just let me through. Oh gosh–
– I don’t think the lady’s gonna– – Oh, no, why do I get hungry now? – We’re causing a ruckus. – Oh my god!
There was all this food. – I know. Now she decides to starve. – We’re gonna feed you, little one.
– We got you, girl. – She’s become our daughter
throughout this whole thing. She’s like our kid.
Who needs mama? (gasping) Oh my god, no. Get up. – No, come on.
You’re so close! – We just adopted you
and you’re just gonna die on us? Get up! – Come on. You can do it.
– There’s nothing we can do, hun. Got to keep pushing. – (gasping) You have food. Please! – (gasping) Are you offering us food?
– (touched) Aww! – (both awwing) – That’s so sweet! – Yeah!
– Ew, what is that? – Food.
– It’s the sausage. It’s a human sausage.
– Hey, food’s food, bro. – See, you show people love
and they pay with love in return. – Just eat it.
He is offering you something. – Eat it, honey.
– Eat it. (gasping)
– (gasping) – No, I didn’t do it!
I didn’t do– ♪ (ominous music) ♪ – Oh, no!
♪ (ominious music) ♪ – No! – Oh!
♪ (ominous music) ♪ He tried to help her
and she ate him. – Why is she doing that?
Why’d she go dark? ♪ (ominous music) ♪ – No!
– We don’t want you anymore. – Noooo! – It literally would not
let me grab the sausage. – It went from bread,
and then we ate raw meat, and then we went
to eating a live rat, and then now
we just ate a real person, so she’s craving a different kind
of meat as we go along. – (gasping) No, no, no, no. What the heck? That means if she gets hungry again,
what else is she gonna eat? – This might be
the whole moral of the game. It’s just like when
people are hungry, they’ll do things–
they’ll just do anything, like kick people out of the way
just to get it done. – I guess maybe
she was just so hungry she didn’t even realize it. – I think there’s
something wrong with us. They did something
to us to make us– – Betrayed– Jesus, we betrayed
the ones who were helping us. – When we get hungry, we get evil. (elevator dinging)
– That’s so crazy. She killed one
of her mushroom friends. – What is that? – Who is it?
– Ooh, that’s ma. – What? Goddamn it! [Bleep]! I wanted to see her. – (gasping) There she is. – Oh, there’s
the mystical lady friend. – The china doll character. – Come adopt me back
because her other parents, Brooklin and Chelsea,
do not want her anymore. – No, it’s okay. I don’t want to wake up and be eaten.
– Right, by my own daughter. – We’re right in her room. Oh, we gotta throw
something at the button. There’s a can, a nice can. – Take it to the elevator. So pick up your little can. – I’ma hide just in case
she’s somewhere. (doors shutting) – I like how all these
elevators are automatic. You don’t have
to press any buttons. They just know. – Okay, I’m still so shook right now. I’m really mad she did that.
– She’s grounded. – She’s really becoming
the “little nightmare” though. – (gasping) – Thanks for watching this episode
of gaming on the React channel. – What’s gonna happen next? Subscribe to find out. – Bye, guys. – Everybody, Derek here,
one of the React channel producers. There is one episode left
of Little Nightmares. You’ve gotta see it if you
want to know what’s going on. Not that I will guarantee
you’ll be able to figure out what’s
going on afterwards, but the odds are in your favor. See you next week.

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