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Sweden Rock Festival 2010 -Compilation

Sweden Rock Festival 2010 -Compilation

SO how are you supposed to vlog at
a rock festival with music playing and still abide by
copyright rules? And today is Wednesday and tomorrow
is Thursday. Tomorrow we’ll see Aerosmith. hopefully will get some sleep on the staff camping because some germans like to play music until
the sun goes up. And that’s when they fall asleep. The Quierboys just got on stage, on
the Dio stage and we’re going to bed. See how that goes. I start at 10.30 in the morning. Hello
focus, welcome focus. I’m here to tell you right now. I will
never get that many people to do that fucking shit again as long as I live. Sweden, you’re f**king amazing this early
in the day. This song is called DIGITAL Sabaton just played and everybody is
now waiting for Slayer on the Festival stage. We found ourselves a nice location here,
on the roof. Aerosmith is gonna go on any second now and
there’s gonna be a lot of noise. Rick Springfield played earlier, MSG, D.A.D.
as well. The thing about working at a festival is you
only get so much time to eat I always have my lunch at the beginning of
my shift cause after that, there’s no time. Workers gotta do what the workers gotta do. desire building everything about him Sweden Rock is over for me for this year. I’m heading home and we’re gonna take a
seven hour ride to Stockholm. I’m gonna miss WASP, Opus and Guns n Roses
tonight but my legs hurt like hell so I’ll see
you next year, man. Bye.

18 thoughts on “Sweden Rock Festival 2010 -Compilation”

  1. ha. all the footage of random people… creeper cam alert xD

    Awesome video, though 😀 looks like epic funtiemz <3

  2. okay.. that's so not my kind of music 😀
    I'd rather go to Belgavox :p (hence my latest video)
    but I do like the editing and it's nice to see that you've
    had a great time 😀

  3. honestly this looks like the best. job. evur!! I can't believe you actually got payed to be there!

    though some people look a little scary XD

  4. @carouselcorner nope, no snow, and the organizers kept the attending audience at 32.000. With multiple bands playing, people weren't at the same stage all the time.

  5. @lianneinthebigworld I served probably up to a thousand people, and not ONE was being difficult, tho a little round on their feet. This festival has the best crowd possible!!!!

  6. Dude, the rock fest looks like it was AWESOME! Thanks for the rad recap, and wow nice job getting to work that for 5 days! =) Great footage!!!

  7. "my legs hurt like hell" you sound like me! lol… I know I'm getting old because when I go to a club I hope like hell that the band goes on before 11PM so I can get home early. ha ha! Looks like fun though!

  8. @shakes1327 nah, most of the clothes were black but we also had some white shirts and a yellow soccer one so.

    but black is black

  9. Woah, now I wonder what I've been doing wrong all these years… how did you get such a friggin' amazing job? Looks like it was an awesome concert!

  10. I didn't see this yet! grrr, stupid supscriptionboxfails -_- Looks like much work
    I like how you are vlogging in front of everyone 😀
    Are you a rocker yourself?

  11. @liveontheflipside well, I had to approve the vid resp first, cause otherwise I wouldn't know that it was attached there. I'll have a looksy when I get home from work.


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