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SWMRS talk festival essentials and their love for Green Day at #RandL19

SWMRS talk festival essentials and their love for Green Day at #RandL19

Backstage at Reading and Leeds 2019 SWMRS are here! Yeah! Hey, Main Stage guys Yeah Main stage You’ve done right? You’ve been on? How was it? Fabulous, it was crazy It was incredible It was like uh, it was a dream I don’t know cause you guys have quite an affinity with this festival now Yeah we love it, we love this place This is our fourth time, home away from home, third as SWMRS and we have learned so much from this festival Do you find that this is quite a good place to pick people up? pick new fans up? Definitely, especially playing on a stage like that! you know your face is everywhere Also this is like and affinity festival to you as well I guess. Yeah 1995 was the first time that you dad played here Yeah I guess that’s crazy, I was born the same year I worked out you were 5 months old I was 5 months old Or maybe he had just popped out of the Womb at 5 months old? Does that kind of like give it a sort of special edge? Playing Main Stage definitely, like I don’t know how many father sons have played Main Stage at this festival So that’s definitely one to cross off the checklist the father son bucket-list Yeah I think that is probably you I think you’ve got that record Unless Jakob Dylan did it or something I don’t even know if Bob Dylan did it Who cares man, who cares? Who cares about Bob Dylan? Love you Bob It’s all about you So the last time we were here I think there was a couple singles from the album were out One, yeah there was literally one So it feels like you’ve had this album for awhile Has your relationship with it changed with it over the last 12 months? Definitely, we made it like with shows in mind you know? Thinking about what kind of shows we wanted to play with these and how we wanted to crowd to react and move You can never really predict how a crowd reacts but Seeing people engage and like put their own meaning on the music watching peoples faces as you see their emotional connection with any given song develop It’s like the most beautiful and selfless like ego death kind of thing ever it’s really cool We also see like more recognition with the new songs than the old songs I think Especially over here When the crowd hears the riff of “Trashbag” When they hear the songs we pushed that we wrote for England This album was an ode to England The British Isles I guess like Scotland as well and Wales, we want to go there Has your relationship with the album changed as well? The audience has taken it on for the year but you guys must have done the same Yeah I think we play the songs differently Because we notice what we like and what we don’t like About when we first started it Like we play “Berkeley” way different than the recording And It’s all live whereas we had a lot of programming an everything we feel like it goes down better and also we feel really powerful when we play it like we play it now so it feels really good It’s a balance because you don’t want to tour songs that people haven’t heard yet But you also want to try and envision them live So the more we play them live the better perspective were gonna have making more music going forward Nice You experience and album so different don’t you? live to you you do in your ear Yeah I mean three months in a studio in LA writing music preparing to play main-stage at Reading and Leeds and then here you are like a year and a half later Well, well done on that cause that’s gone very well Thank you it’s amazing, it’s pretty incredible Good work We’re gonna play a quick game of question bingo We’re gonna let the bingo balls ask the question Alright what number Seb? It is number B9 B9? Not like 89? It’s B9 It is literally B9, I don’t have a B9, I’m gonna go for my closet to B9 What can you not do without at a festival? What did you say? What can you not do without at a festival? What do you have to have? Well you guys can’t do without sunscreen especially this summer Oh shut the **** up you got sunburn too Woah dude Oh how about this a canteen or a water bottle Yes a reusable water bottle Stay hydrated everyone This is a call to arms, stay hydrated and don’t waste single use plastic water bottles Refill your water bottle, the water in the UK is the best in the world What’s better about it? What makes it? It tastes incredible but also you can take it out of any tap Except if it’s a festival tap or it’s like sitting flaccid Not flaccid sorry The hell are you talking about? You don’t want to drink still water that’s been in a tank Stagnant, you mean stagnant I meant to say stagnant Yeah you only drink erect water I did not expect water advise from you today From the swimmers Always look for the flaccid water Okay one more, let’s do one more Here we go Oh my God it’s B9, It’s not B9 I27 What’s the most showbiz thing that’s ever happened to you? Seb, let me tell you about the lineup in a photo at the Kerrang awards Oh my God yeah It was Lars Ulrich, Seb Mueller, Jimmy Page And all I gotta say is… Wow that is special Drop the mic Did you speak to them or what? Oh yeah, Jimmy gave us advise What was the chat? Well you were talking about his art exhibit Yeah he had a guitar exhibit in New York City Course he did If you want to find the photo just google search Seb Mueller rock sandwich It’ll pop right up And also big love for holding Dave Grohl throughout the whole interview as well Oh didn’t even see him down there Hey Dave how did you get here? It looks like Jason Momoa I thought it was Jesus Guys its been such a pleasure, you’ve got the whole weekend in the UK then? Yeah we’re going to go to Reading tomorrow and check out some bands Go see Billie Eilish Is this a good chance to kind of and catch up with people? 1000% like even people from California who are out here We were just hanging out with FIDLAR Brothers in arms But then like The Amazons, you know You also just get to meet a lot of people, we met Yungblud today, very very kind person It’s a good vibe, it’s a good vibe. no egos Quite And if they do we’ll **** them up Exactly that, it’s been such a pleasure guys thank you so much for coming by Thank you so much for having us Enjoy the rest of your weekend thank you for coming and absolutely smashing the main stage You have the best spot right here, this is the only shade in the whole festival Even if we’re not playing this next year we’re gonna come back to have this same conversation Come here and do this, come here and hang out with me actually I want that job Yes totally totally, SWMRS everybody!

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