100 thoughts on “Talking To People On Drugs At Psychedelic Festivals | Shambhala”

  1. Some people like to khole also, I remember this happening while shaggy was playing which honestly made his set so much better since he didn’t play any of the songs you know him for

  2. This video is helpful for people who need insight going into the psychadelic game, its good to see how real people think about everything

  3. 13:26 – "I can't wait to be on their level!"
    YouTube: " OOah Wait! So you tried to convince me that it was not motivational rather educational? See this!"
    ("This youtube video was deleted")

  4. I've done loads of DMT at festivals and have seen plenty of other people do it. Such comfortable places to do it.

  5. What is this first scene? David vs Goliath? 😀
    Sorry im trippy 😀

    EDIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :
    The giggling girls and the sober one xD)))))

    Shitting my pants dude, shitting them till the upper edge…

    Such lovely people <3

  6. Does half a tab to start
    How about you do 1 or 2 then pop a trip killer of its scary
    Stop wasting sacred lsd
    These poeple never heard of instant tolerence

  7. 5:04 I was at shambala this year and remember talking with this Jedi flipper! Can't remember exactly but I remember that face and beard!

  8. Good Lord what is wrong with the music at this place…they all need Jerry Garcia and shit, stat! What is happening out there damn

  9. That band thing needs to fuck off. Horrible horrible thing Americans do and call a ‘rave’. A rave is a warehouse rammed full of ket zombies with a small risk of knife crime

  10. My first time doing mushrooms was 4g of penis envi and there was a HUGE thunderstorm that destroyed everybodies tents. I thought i was gonna die 🤣

  11. I took some kratom about 30 min ago. Buzzed af and now I accidentally texted my landlord if I can get a grateful dead shirt … Meant to text my hubs

  12. My friend got ketamine at the hospital when he severely broke his leg ice skating. He's in UK though. Do they give that at US hospitals

  13. These people are retarted “I took half a tab yesterday and ima take a full tab today” “ I’m probably gonna take acid today and tommrow too” he said he dropped L 4 times but doesn’t know u need to space out ur trips🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. I just grew a 6 month narco mustache for no particular reason. Now I really want to dress up in business casual clothing/mirror sunglasses and visit this festival to see if anyone will talk to me 🤣😂.

  15. wife gives birth to a child.

    he goes to a drug festival…. how fucked is that………. lol i feel bad for the child that was just born

  16. Everyone is so loving and understanding, all good vibes. Man… I dont know if there is anything like that in Poland. I would love to have an experience like that. I love drugs, but I only tried THC, DXM, codeine. It is my life dream to do LSD, shrooms, MDMA and the biggest one is DMT. I have no knowledge of people who deal with this kind of things… Is there anybody out there who could help me with that? I know its weird place to ask, but I have no idea where to go, maybe some page, or discord?

  17. Thank you for being an inside man for the festival.
    There are some of us who never have the chance to go to something like this, and we appreciate you giving us the sampling of it.

  18. Considering the fact that you are married with kids I don't think it was right of you to go this festival unless you could have brought them with you. You chose the married life and that is the life you now have to lead. You can't have it both ways. I also think you should be more responsible and stop dabbling in the incomprehensible. In other words I feel like your channel is unwittingly glorifying drug use with your intention being the opposite. If I am wrong please enlighten me.

  19. This was a lot of fun! Oddly, my favourite part of the video is the end. Those giggle girls had such great energy. I also really liked the scenes of me standing next to the big friendly giant, such great contrast – and I still have the bracelet bro! Thanks for the *kandy 😉 Big shoutout to all the awesome people I was lucky enough to meet! Love you guys.

  20. Done ketamine once. It was fun! It is pretty goofy tho from what I actually remember. I don’t recall much as it was about 15 years ago, but I do remember feeling like a rubber ball. Lol.

  21. 1:57 the subtitles say “are you on drugs now?” and then when adam says nice me too it instead reads “Nice i’m not” really fooled youtube with that one

  22. Adam you should seriously consider coming to Harvest Festival. its an experience you wont forget full of great people and Music right here in Ontario. check it out for yourself. and keep those videos coming man!

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