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TASTE TEST | JEWISH FOODS – We dare you to try Gefilte Fish!

TASTE TEST | JEWISH FOODS – We dare you to try Gefilte Fish!

Hi, I’m Ty the Pie Guy. I’ve traveled the world searching for my new favorite foods. Sometimes I hate it. I’m looking at you chopped liver. But sometimes it becomes my new favorite snack. It’s time for another episode of Ty’s Tries. Passover is coming up, and today I’ve got my two taste tester extraordinaires. Shayna and Eli. We’re going to try a bunch of cool passover things that we might find on a Passover Seder. Now, I’m only half Jewish, so I only half know what I’m talking about here. Do you guys know what Passover is all about? Yeah. So Shayna, what’s the story of Passover? Well, Passover is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the Jews escaping slavery in Egypt. Woah, that’s some heavy stuff. We’re going to start off by tasting some So you’re telling me that this is the only
bread I can eat for all of Passover? Uh huh. Yeah. And how long does that last for? A week. A week of no bread? What is this? California? Mmmm. That’s pretty good. I mean, it tastes like… nothing. Yeah, a little bready. What kind of things taste good with Matzoh? Peanut butter and jelly. Oh, I bet that’s really good. PB & J. Chocolate covered. Chocolate-covered Matzo? I bet that tastes really good! Maybe Nutella. Oh, that would go good on matzo. That sounds really good. Well, let’s go ahead and taste our next food, which is Did I say that right? And what is charoset? Charoset is a mixture of apples, nuts, and cinnamon. Let’s try it! So you can take a little spoon and put it on the top of our matzo. 1 2 I can’t fit it. I might have to put it closer. Put it a little closer? Yeah, that’s fine. All right. Ready? Mmmmm. Mmm! This is really good. Lots of cinnamon in this one. You got a little– a little something right here. Well, now we’re going to try some of the bitter herbs. Or as we call it in Passover: Yes! All right. It sounds like a mother lion. Hey Ma! Roar for me! Rooooaaar! Ma. Roaaar! Yeah, there you go! You get my joke! All right, so we’re going to taste some Maror. What is Maror? It’s lettuce and dip– vegetable in it. You dip some vegetables into horseradish. Now, wait a minute. Horseradish? Horseradish is really bitter and really spicy. But why do we have to taste horseradish? Why do we taste the maror? Because it represents the bitterness of the pharaoh. The bitterness of the pharaoh. Are you guys ready to try it? Yeah. Okay. One. Two. Three. Oh! It went through my nose! It’s going through my nose! That’s actually, um– Like at first you’re like: Oh, this is fine, I can handle it. And then it just, like, hits you in your nose, right? No, it didn’t do that to me. It hit me right here. In your cheek? Well, mine was just so good. I couldn’t stand it! You can’t stop eating it! We’re going to make a sandwich using And this is supposed to represent the
good and the bad. Should we try it? Yeah! Uh-huh! Are you guys ready? So we have our special sandwiches… Mm. Oh, there goes the horseradish! But the horseradish is good with the stuff. You know what? It’s got that like… that like sweet and
savory at the same time, you know? Now we’re gonna taste something that
I’ve never tried before. You guys ever try Gefilte fish before? It’s like a big blob of fish together of different kinds. Is it good? Yes. I guess it’s important to try new things. Yeah! Look at it, look at it inside, guys. Oh, that’s really good. Mmhmm. Or really, it’s kind of sweet. It doesn’t really taste fishy. It smelled fishy, but it doesn’t actually taste very fishy. Well, I feel like there has a little salmon in there. Maybe a little salm– Maybe a little rainbow fish. Yeah. Now we’re going to taste some… And Matzoh Brei is… Matzoh that’s kinda been turned into like
french toast or scrambled eggs. All right, so what do you put on matzoh brei? Well, you put jelly, sour cream, ketchup, and salt and pepper. All right, are you ready? So you’ve got jelly on yours. Sour cream on mine. And ketchup on yours. Are you guys ready to take a bite? Yeah! It’s like all different- Did you just drop yours? Lets try it — One, two, three. Mmmmm. Yeah, matzoh brei was delicious. I think that’s my favorite thing I’ve tasted today. What about you? What’s your favorite thing you’ve tasted today? It’s all really good… except the Maror. Except the Maror. I like the Maror. I like the… you like the Maror the most? As everyone says at the end of a Passover Seder… Do you know what they all say? Dayenu. And what does Dayenu mean? Enough. Thank you so much for trying new foods
with me! Remember, if you never taste new foods, if you never give it a try… Then you’re never gonna know you like it
or not. Until next time everyone… Bon Appetit and stuff!

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