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You know that potato chip makes me smile. I really feel that the flavour here is all in the rice. -Yes.
It’s delicious. So we are here in Gachigowli and we are for… … Ulavacharu which is one of Ravi’s favourite restaurants. Yes, absolutely. So we are here at Ulavacharu and Ravi… … this restaurant comes highly recommended. … or you might go to a North Indian
dhaba to have some… … makhani curry or malai paneer, something like that. … but there’s no place for pulaos. This is one which made pulaos very
popular I would say. So we have to check out this place for their pulaos and their starters. And they have some… … traditional Telegu food which is served with a twist. So let’s go in to Ulavacharu. Let’s go! Well, the restaurant is… … barely open but you can already see a
steady hum of visitors. So you know that this is a busy… … popular restaurant. Let’s go in. Thank you for visiting us. What is special about Ulavacharu? What makes it that… At Ulavacharu, we bring back old recipes
to the new generation. See, we want to introduce all the old recipes… See, we took from Rayalaseema we took some… … and from coastal we took some, and some Telangana region we took some dishes. So you’ve made those dishes your own? You’ve given it your…? We are more passionate about them… I’ll tell you, Mr. Vinay and Mr. Vijay… … these guys what they is, for example if
they try something… … they know something is very traditional, like you know, from a couple of generations back… … they research about that dish, come
here, sit with the chefs… … and make it, you know, suitable to this appetite. -And 20-30 trials we will do.
Okay. Once it is done… What are the more popular dishes here? Oh, there are many dishes actually. We’re having 18 types of biriyanis and 32 starters. 18 types of biriyanis!
-Yes. All are own recipes. Wow! 18 types of biriyanis! I think this is probably the… … highest number of biriyanis I’ve ever
heard of at any restaurant. And these 18 biriyanis are served everyday? -Yes, everyday.
Wow! This Raju Gari Kodi Pulao is our signature dish. Raju Gari Kodi Pulao? And in starters we have Tandoori Fish, Bangla Kodi. Bangla Kodi, okay. He is very interested to see how the
Bamboo Chicken is made. -Yes, sure
Can we do that? Can we take a look at your kitchen? Alright! So let’s go into the kitchen and see how… … some of these delicacies at Ulavacharu
are prepared. So this is the Gadwal Kodi Pulao and I’m told this comes from the Telangana region. -It comes with an omelette.
Okay. And it’s made from red chillies only. -It’s boneless…
Boneless chicken. Yes, yes boneless chicken. So this is made in a pulao style?
-Yes So we’re going to be watching the making of the Bamboo Chicken. So what is there in this chicken? These are our in-house masalas.
-In-house masalas. In-house masalas and boneless chicken. Boneless chicken. So, I can see some green masalas. So I’m assuming there’s a lot of coriander, chillies… -Definitely, and including lemon, spinach…
Lemon, spinach… And so this goes into the bamboo. I can smell the fresh herbs that have gone into this marinade. Then we wrap it in silver foil.
-Okay. So it won’t get immediately burned… Alright.
-We’ll put it into the… … after the silver foil, it will be properly cooked. So the heat is spread more uniform?
-Yes. So that’s a very interesting dish here, which is the Bamboo Chicken. I can’t wait to taste that dish here. So this will cook for how long now? Half an hour. In the meanwhile, we can start eating our pulaos and then different kinds of rice. You can hear them barking their orders on the public address system here. Two Bamboo Chicken, one Mutton Biriyani, Kheema Masala. Table running. That means they have customers already
sitting at the restaurant… … ordered their food, and they want more food. I don’t think I’ve shouted ever this much in a restaurant… … in a kitchen, that’s how busy this
kitchen is here at Ulavacharu. So we’re finally sitting down to dine here at Ulavacharu. We’ve just been in the kitchen and I can tell you, this is perhaps… … Ravi, one of the busiest kitchens that I’ve seen. I’ve never seen a kitchen where they use a… … public address system to bark out orders! That’s how busy this restaurant is. When we came in, there were about two or three tables taken, I just had a peep out now. And suddenly, every table in this restaurant is taken, that’s how popular Ulavacharu is. And I’m looking forward to my meal here… … to tasting some… … real authentic traditional flavours. And the best part of this is, you know, when you come to this restaurant… … you have a sweet which is complimentary and this is Khova Samosa Cheers. Mmmh. The sweetest tart to a meal ever… … in the many episodes of Gourmet On The Road that we’ve shot. When you’re coming here, and you’re sitting here and waiting for the food… … and you get a complimentary sweet from their end… … which makes you comfortable actually. It makes you happy, you know having a
sweet. That’s the… … main thing. And now coming to other dishes… When I see a banana leaf or a plantain leaf… … on my plate, I feel so happy, so good,
so comfortable… … see, because the colour. You know I believe the banana leaf is the most auspicious start to a meal. Yes absolutely. Now this is the Bamboo. This was kept in the tandoor 30-40 minutes back. And we got it served on the table now. So, you need to see the aromatic chicken coming out of the bamboo. Oh that looks delicious! All that moist masala on that chicken. Mmmh. I can smell some of the spices. Right? You can smell the cumin?
-Yes, yes. So it’s cooked in the tandoor but steamed
inside the bamboo. Steamed inside. It’s like pressure cooked. And the aromas will be intact in this. -Yes
Lovely! You know, what I think is that this chicken,
when I look at this… … you know, this chicken is light pink… … and it has soaked the masala… … all the way to the core. So, I know even before tasting the chicken, that this is going to be a flavourful chicken, Ravi. Mmmh. It’s soft. It’s properly cooked, and you can see the masala. This is all juicy and wet, actually. That’s right, so when I taste this Bamboo Chicken… … you know, I’m tasting the fact that they… … wrapped the bamboo in that foil. I think increases the heat inside that bamboo because that heat… … which is trapped in there has nowhere to go… … and therefore it renders as very soft. Like you said, you can almost break it with a finger. I find the chicken very soft. In fact… … a wee bit powdery… … if I may say so. You know this is a beautiful dish. See? Now, this is… … that’s boneless chicken inside. It’s wrapped with potato. Is this a potato chip?
-Yes it’s a potato chip. The chicken is wrapped. A lot of chilli powder and then garam masala. -And deep fried.
Fantastic. What’s interesting is, this is almost like a mini taco!
-Yes Right? So you’ve got like a taco shell, you’ve got the chicken there. And this is a taco that’s made with potatoes. Now you need to hold it like this. This way. -Have a bite, half a bite.
Okay. You know that potato chip makes me smile… … because it’s got that crunchy… … outside. I’m sure there’s some cornstarch there which is adding to the crispiness of the potato. So it has that crunch that comes from the frying but it also has a crunch that comes from a… … slightly underdone potato which I think… … adds to the textural appeal of this dish. So you’ve got that potato and you’ve got the chicken inside. And the spice… … powdered on this potato, makes for a nice, masaledaar bite. So the bamboo chicken was great but I think what’s interesting is this… … Bangla Kodi. Basically these guys have like 18 different pulaos. You call it a biriyani, you call it a pulao, you call it a meat dish or a… … rice dish with some vegetables. So the beauty is that they have four
different accompaniments. Whenever you order a pulao, this is all complimentary. This is called Gongura. Sour spinach or the sorrel.
-Yes. And this is the raita. And then you’ve got
the Ulavacharu. This, too made of horsegram, you know… … they source it from Vijayawada. That’s where the Ulavacharu consumption is very high. And then you have the Mirchi Ka Salan in their own style. Now, coming to the Pulaos… … so we have the star dish… … called Raju Gari Pulao. A lot of my followers, whoever come to Hyderabad from US or UK whatever… … they generally ping me, “Ravi what is the best pulao to try in Hyderabad.” I say, “Try Raju Gari Pulao at Ulavacharu.” N-O-T-E, “Note: you make not like it, the first time… … but it you’re trying for the second or third time, you’ll be addicted to this.” -That’s what I did
… which is what you are. So this is the Raju Gari Pulao. So is Raju supposed to be a personality? -Yes he might be a cook…
He might be a cook. -… who cooks this kind of pulao.
Aah. Let’s build up the assumptions. Raju Gari, is “Respected Raju”. Gari means, respect. “Ji” So, this is a “Respected Raju’s” Pulao. So we wonder who that Raju is, but this pulao certainly… … is unlike any other pulao that I’ve tasted.
So if I look at it… … from a consistency perspective, it’s more like a khichdi… … but a khichdi in which each grain of rice, still holds its own. The rice has not come together in a mush. Right? So I’m quite intrigued by this Raju Gari Pulao, so let’s taste it. The one thing that I always believe in Ravi, is that when you taste… … a biriyani or a pulao, you should always
taste the rice first. Yes, absolutely. Mmmh. This is like a rice and gravy dish. That’s how moist this pulao is. It’s a tasty pulao though, I mean… … it basically blows… … whatever perception you have of a pulao or a biriyani out of the water because it’s not that. And I think the first thing you need to when you taste this particular pulao is… … you need to open your mind up to the possibility that a pulao can be as… … watery or runny as a khichdi.
-Yes. You have a lot of garam masala in it, you have a lot of green chilli in it. That’s right.
-And then the Kurnool onion, the small onion in there. Now you’re going to try the pulao with… .. with the Gongura. It’s not the masala, it’s not the spices. There’s also a peppery note… … that is there, you’ve got some of that green chilli. Mmmh. This is tasty pulao but it’s just the whole concept of a pulao that’s moist. I think in this pulao… … I tasted a bit of the chicken, but I think the flavour is really in the pulao. Not so much in the chicken. I think the chicken is there… Yes, you order a biriayni or a pulao, you’re expecting some meat there on your plate. But I think the flavour really is in this pulao. I love the thickness of this horsegram. I can eat an entire bowl of that. You know, I think it’s such a comforting and such a nourishing dish. I think if you have a bowl of Ulavacharu… … you need nothing else to probably set you for the day. My grandma used to make… We used to have a lot of cattle. What they
used to do… – … they feed the cattle with a lot of horsegram.
Okay. -So they boil the horsegram overnight.
Okay. And they take the water out of it. And then they boil it on the stove again. -Until…
It reaches a certain thickness. … the consistency comes to this level. An then what they do, they add a lot of… … chilli powder, salt… … tamarind to it… … and then they put some curry leaves, some lentils. Like a tempering You know, to me, this pulao, is all about the pulao. I’m trying to taste some meat now with this pulao. And you know, I’m mixing that into the rice
and all of that. I really feel the flavour here is all in the rice. It’s delicious! -Yes!
It’s delicious. And now you’ve got the salan. So the Raju Gari Pulao with the Mirchi Ka Salan and this Mirchi Ka Salan is not the… … typical Hyderabadi style that you find in Irani restaurants… .. but this is the Ulavacharu style. If you look at this… … the colour even is very different. It’s a
yellow ochre colour. It really doesn’t look like a typical Mirchi Ka Salan. I think this is much tamer. There is a vegetarian lunch or a vegetarian meal in the Andhra region or Telangana region. The must-try dish, is Guthivankaya. That is nothing but Masala Vankaya. And Masala Vankaya is nothing but Masala Brinjal or Masala Eggplant. And what these guys came up with is
Guthivankaya Pulao. Pulao rice which is served with Guthivankaya. So it’s basically like an eggplant… – … curry
… curry ladled on top of a pulao. So this is the Guthivankaya, or the eggplant… Did I say it wrong? No, it was the expression you were giving. So this is the Guthivankaya. Yes, now the expression is very Guthivankaya Pulao… … with eggplants. Okay, let’s take some of the rice. And some of this Guthivankaya. Lovely. So, there you go. This is my first time
tasting an eggplant pulao. To be honest, I never really knew there was such a thing as eggplant pulao but… … amongst the 18… … pulaos here, the 18 biriyanis here at Ulavacharu… … this finds notable mention according to Ravi… … when it comes to the vegetarian’s choice. You know, the masala that I taste, I bit into a clove… So there is masala for you, and then there is rice for you. Mix the rice and the masala. And some of that onion as well. You know I think, if you’re vegetarian… … and you love your eggplant…
-And you’d love to have to some masala. … I think this would be a great pulao to have. You know, the eggplant, Ravi… … is perhaps the meatiest of all vegetables. If you look at its texture… … this is the closest a vegetable can come to the texture of meat. So in a way, although this looks like a
concoction of sorts… … actually it’s quite an interesting decision on the part of the restaurant… … to actually use an eggplant in this pulao. Right? So I’m looking forward to tasting this and wondering whether it will really… … taste as meaty as what I expect it to taste. What I feel is that, it’s got this depth of flavour.
-Yes, absolutely. I’m going to taste this… Still getting used to tasting these very moist pulaos. You see the colour of this pulao? And you see the colour of this pulao? So every dish has got its own unique flavour and own unique taste. So that’s the reason a lot of people love to
come to this place. Yeah that’s right. And I think what happens… … in a restaurant like Ulavacharu is that you come and you taste… … perhaps when you come the first few times… … you come with a friend, perhaps
someone like Ravi who… … guides you to one or two of these pulaos and you come again and you maybe taste something else. And I think eventually you find those pulaos that really appeal to you the most. And then I think those pulaos become a habit. Like Ravi mentioned, for him… … the Raju Gari Pulao here is a habit. And I think that’s really what’s special
about these pulaos. When you taste these pulaos for the first time, your mind is still wondering, “Is this a pulao?” “Is it a biriyani?” But I think as you taste it… … you know, and as that flavour grows on you and as you understand those nuances… Because each dish here has its own … personality…
-Unique flavour, yes. … has its own character
-Yes. And on that note I think we should go for the…. -Next pulao
The next pulao. So we’re now tasting the Rayala Vary Kodi Pulao. This is most influenced by different regions and they named it after… … Rayala Vary Kodi Pulao. And the base ingredient is sorrel leaf. The sorrel leaf. So let’s taste this Rayala Vary Kodi Pulao… … with the sour spinach. You can definitely taste the Gongura. So the flavours… … that I find in these pulaos… … are very unique. And to be honest I’ve not really tasted… … anything that comes close to these, in terms of the… … individual characters or personalities of these pulaos. So in this pulao for instance… … I’m tasting the sourness that comes
from the Gongura… … leaf or the sour spinach or the sorrel. And I can taste that masala. Even the way that the chicken is cooked, is perfect. It’s not over-cooked and it’s not half cooked. You know, you can see this. -Very easily you can mix it with the rice.
Yes As soon as I finish this bite, I’m going to go for that bite with the Ulavacharu…. Yes, I’m waiting. Mmmh. Aah! Now comes the expression! Mmmh. And some rice now with that Ulavacharu. You can see, a generous dollop of
Ulavacharu on the rice. When you taste this pulao for the first time… … to be honest, the eggplant pulao… … I think if you’re an eggplant lover, you’d love it… … it didn’t appeal too much to me. But then, you know… … everything doesn’t need to appeal to everybody but… … I think the Raju Gari Pulao touched a chord somewhere, touched my heart somewhere… … and this particular pulao… … that I’m tasting, which is the Rayala Vary Kodi Pulao… Thank you. So I’ll tell you the story of this rose milk. There’s a place called Rajahmundry in
East Godavari district. Rajahmundry, yes
-Yes, and there’s a Punjabi guy… … who migrated to Rajahmundry before Independence. And then he started this rose milk business. And after a few years, he left to Punjab. And the guy who is working there… – … took this business…
Okay. And now this is one of the famous drinks
in Rajahmundry. This is called Rajahmundry Rose Milk. They add syrup into the cold milk… -… and some khova.
The khova makes it rich. Cheers!
-Cheers to well health! -How is it?
It’s been ages since I’ve had a rose milk! And perhaps the last time I had a rose milk was when I was a kid. … bringing up the end of our meal here at Ulavacharu… -No we’ve got one more thing
That’s right. But Ravi says, this is not the end. We’ve got one more very interesting
dessert to be tasted. So this is Junnu. A dessert that’s made from Colostrum or the… … first milk of a lactating cow. It’s not easy to procure. But this is delicacy called Junnu that’s made. So now you have a mix of sugar, jaggery, elaichi and coconut, steamed. Mmmh. That milk is creamy, rich. You know, the only closest explanation that I can give to this is… … visualise khova… … and visualise that khova… … in a liquidy custardy form. That’s what this Junnu… … tastes like. And actually this is dessert… … that you’ve got to give a lot of respect to… … because this is the colostrum or the… … first milk of a lactating cow that’s been given up… … to make this dessert. You know and I’m also told that this milk… … has many properties… … that help aid immunity… Thank you very much… .. for this collab… It’s been fantastic working with Ravi and tasting… … these very special meal experiences. And if you’re looking… … to taste some delicious… … flavours of the state. Be it… … from Andhra, be it from Rayalaseema,
be it from Telangana… … and in a very unique style… … make sure you check out Ulavacharu the next time you’re here in Hyderabad… The restaurant has many interesting… … offerings and most importantly the range of pulaos… … and I’m sure within those 18 pulaos… … you will certainly find something that you can make your own. -Yes.
So until the next episode of Gourmet On The Road… … stay safe and happy… – … eating!
… eating! We should go back to the… – … Junnu
Junnu. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe, share and leave a comment. If you;d like to support Food Lovers TV… … do log on to… … and hit the ‘Support Food Lovers’banner. Links in the description below. Happy eating!

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