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Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my
virgin kitchen today we are tasting some more treats from around the World that you guys
have been sending me, and it is the turn of Sweden today so I need to bring out my inner
Swede, alright that will do I feel like I am bringing out my inner swede I have the
natural blonde locks going on, right so first up is something called skum bananer which
is kind of like the West Country where I live, alright my lover skum bananer, so you could
say so much to the whole skum bananer thing but we are just going to skim over that it
is like chocolate finger looking things which we will assume will be banana, alright so
just opening it up here, ooooh they do smell very pungent very very banana ish it is almost
like a pack of monkeys, or a herd of monkeys have been in this packet already in transportation
from Sweden and have left their monkey smell in there. Here we go they are very long and
like those leeches that get stuck to you very soft and squidgy kind of like pillows, you
could have a chocolate banana pillow or you could have a mobile phone, hello I am speaking
on my ibanana instead of apple we will bring out the banana, no lets just try it. Keep
getting hair from the wig in my mouth does not help. It is very foamy, tastes like a
soft marshmallow texture but it is more like the scent of a banana coming through not a
bad start tastes a bit like monkey too. Next up are two packets called snore named
after what you do when you are asleep so we have coca cola flavour and strawberry, they
are basically laces on the cover the elephant is very happy it is swinging using the laces
as its swinging device so if you were swinging over crocodiles what are you going to use,
that branch, no you are going to use laces my friend because the elephant is smiling
and telling you that is the way. So lets get into these and see what you think are they
going to be laces or well, um laces. Right so I have just opened this up and given it
a darn good smell it kind of has a buttery essence to it and on the front it does say
caramel / cola so it may mean that kola means caramel obviously not coca cola flavour at
all I have confused you and apologise for my random Swedishness, so here we go they
have sort of congealed together if I ate all of that I would have to go for a huge marathon
style run so am just gonna yank out a lace like so yeah it must be caramel flavour, very
chewy just a lace really and this red one here I said it was strawberry bit of a guess
as most red ones do generally be strawberry but does smell very strawberry ish lets just
pull another bit out of there. Here we go little bit longer this time, cannot really
taste that very well, very chewy lacy it�s alright.
Right so next up is the center bar I am going to call it the center bar as it is spelt the
American way in England when we spell the word center it is spelt centre kind of like
French but I agree that is the way it should be spelt this is a chocolate bar, milk chocolate
with soft toffee filling made by Chloetta very nice name, Chloetta lets just open it
straight up oh wow it has already got a nice chunk ready for me so it should give me some
nice bite size toffee pieces a nice star like an angelic beam on the front there, hmm very
nice toffee, very firm, not to sensual but just enough nice chunkiness I am bringing
out my inner swede it is not quite R Kelly but it will do.
So next up by Fazer, do you remember Fazer guys, I think it was Norway, hey I am Carl
Fazer buy my latest album Tutti Frutti original so some chewy fruity sweets not really much
to say about the packet it is just very multi-coloured and nice and joyful which I just kind of get
that as a stereotypical Swedish thing here we go, oh wow! They are very hard kind of
like wine gums do not know if you can get those in your country, wine gums that is for
us right there we will go for a lemon it has a nipply bumpy edge like a lemon wow these
are super super good, they are hard at first but when you bump into them there is a real
juiciness like a natural fruit in there it feels like I am running through the streets
of Sweden ripping fresh fruit off of trees and lampposts anything I can find, so so good,
fazer you have done well again my friend, yet again,
Right so next up I basically have no idea what these are but the child friendly images
on the front cover are making me feel comfortable I am going to be ok, unless they are child
laxatives which could be a problem but anyhow lets get into there we have got something
on the front there it looks like Pocahontas on the front some sort of monkey and a giraffe
lets go for that one lets get that one out, if I can get it out alright it has popped
out like a little picture you could frame that up there like that maybe not we are not
going to do that, so here we go oh my gosh are you telling me it is wrapped again urgh!
Right finally we have managed to get into them there are lots of little red things in
here and they are all shaped like monkeys ok so it is like a monkey crouched probably
cannot see that too well you know when you go to the zoo and say lets go see the animals
and the animals are like I do not want to be here and you may get the odd monkey swinging
around but that big gorilla is just sat there going hmmm. That is the shape of that monkey
right here it is a little red monkey there are loads of little red monkeys in here it
is like a monkey festival in this pack skum banana and that could sort of join together
but anyhow oooh very very hard kind of like eating pebbles straight off of a beach do
not do that! Chewy very mild taste of strawberry because they are so small they are quite manageable
and bite size probably would not eat them again but they are definitely not the worst
thing I have ever had. So next up by fazer again is Marianne chocolate
filled mint candies they look really nice again a nice name Marianne we have had Chloetta
I get the feeling with the name Marianne a really determined Swedish business woman that
sells clogs something like that I know it is more dutch clogs but everyone can wear
clogs right � do you wear clogs? Anyhow we are going to open these up fazer I am carl
fazer man up to his old tricks putting the reversal on we are having the chocolate inside
the mint rather than the mint inside the chocolate which generally like an after eight is what
you get so here we go hmmm, it is like there are fresh mint leaves stuffed in this packet
too very very strong I am feeling very sensual my nostrils are full of mint all the essence
right there I am motorboating this pack the mint smellness, lets take one out and one
on the floor for later lets give it a nice try and unwrap it kind of like that banded
thing you get at the barber shop here we go, itchy face sorry. Oh my goodness that is really
really white it is like pearl white like snow or the snowman in frozen �let it go, let
it go, I am going to eat you up right now� hopefully it is not too strong, ooh ok I should
not have done that, maybe you should generally suck it hurt my tooth but it is like a chocolate
powder essence in there let me whack it in there, give it a suck. I tell you what my
friends Marianna our successful business woman clog selling lady is very nice indeed it kind
of tastes like after eights but you can get some sweets here in the UK called chocolate
limes you may be able to get them too a lime shell with chocolate in the middle one of
my favourite sweets and that is a lot like that except we are reversing it from lime
into mint and it does taste like sucky chewable after eights which are really incredible I
really like those a lot really nice, yeah. So next up is something called Plopp. Ok go
ahead right now and get it out of your system, Plopp that is the name of this brand it is
by Chloetta again and it is a milk chocolate with a soft toffee filling again very similar
to the Chloetta center although it has been squished so maybe they combine to make plopper
that would be much much better but anyhow lets have a little try of this one, so as
you can see it is a little thinner there lets just snap that one off little micheal Jackson
courtesy thing there as we snapped it yeah caramel pouring out of the middle there bite
into it, yeah a little firmer than those center ones, this is a little softer very thin layer
of chocolate on the top not really much else to say compared to the center it is pretty
much exactly the same just thinner which may make you feel better about yourself having
less chocolate so you can have another bit I do not know. It is alright though.
Right so next up is something called tyrkisk peber which sounds a bit like � oh my god
Justin Bieber� does not really help having this wig on saying stuff like that but yeah
tyrkisk peber it does not really give you a good sign when you have red hot burning
inferno coals on the front with 3 flames it is by fazer again on the back too hot to handle
we have mild, strong and hottest so thankyou I have been sent the hottest variety, thankyou.
Oh my gosh guys that is liquorice you guys know that I hate liquorice but as always like
all of these treats I am so grateful that you want to send me these boxes from around
the world I have got 6 others down there, I will try it so not only is it liquorice
which I hate and shaped like a coal I am trying to pick one out here that is not too evil
there we go shaped like a coal it is also supposed to be very hot too so here we go
I can just taste liquorice at the moment the more it is in my mouth the stronger it is
getting I do not know if there is some sort of pepper filling in there I am just going
to bite into it. Oh my gosh that is really hot, my eyes are watering, that heat is still
coming back oh my gosh my sink you do not want to look at that right now it is covered
in red hot blasted liquorice in a weird way though the liquorice taste went away by this
really hot, I think it must have just been the filling it feels like hot sauce or pepper
in there so it has masked the liquorice but that was not great, if anybody wants these
I will send them to you. That taste is still in the back of my throat
guys that liquorice and I guess satans own tastebuds was just so hot right there so this
is by Chloetta is kex, kex is a slang term here in the UK not used as often as it should
be for underpants on a man hey man put your kex on will you, we do not want to see that
kex and also it says choclad so maybe that is chocolate and looks like maybe a wafer
thing choclad lad is quite a popular word on facebook at the moment you get those viral
videos pages like unilad so maybe choklad so use that if you want to. Oh filled wafers
in milk chocolate this sounds a lot better than an inferno liquorice tablet wooo straight
back there chocolate. Ok so I have accidentally snapped it in two but you can see it is like
some nice big thick bands of wafer right there a big old wedge of it actually so we will
just take a little bite out of it here try not to get any wig in the hair it really does
effect the taste and the texture hmmm that is a stonker. I have got to tell you guys
the chocolate with the wafer with the chocolate with the wafer, that sounds like a Swedish
pop record like Abba, honey honey sorry not sure where that came from that was sensational,
not quite R Kelly but definitely Abba yeah lets move on.
Right so next up in some quite old school packaging by Ahlgrens is Bilar it says original
it has some cars in there and they do look like multi coloured cars in a packet so lets
get them out on the front cover sveriges mest kopta bil which basically translates to Swedish
people must get the bil so whenever you are out for dinner with a Swedish person that
basically entitles you that the Swedish person will pay the bill. They are very fragrant,
quite similar to the skum bananer there is a pirate in there somewhere yeeha they will
never get hold of my skum bananer sorry I am going to pick up the green one which does
look like a mouse it does not look so much like a a car maybe a crocodile that is the
jaws tune but just go with it. Quite soft and foamy, possibly just skum bananer hmm
I have a pink one and a white one they do not really taste of anything, maybe the fact
that they are shaped like cars they are supposed to taste like cars very soft very chewy probably
quite nice on a Swedish road trip something like that, um not really much else to say
about them really there are some flavours on the back it is quite disappointing although
they are supposed to be car shaped they look like animals. So um work on that please not
bad, not bad. Next up is something called Dumle snacks,
now I may be freaking out I may be having like a Swedish whaaa moment but I am sure
that I have had this before. Maybe it was in the Norwegian packet as it has Fazer on
there again hey man I am Carl Fazer, help a guy out man buy my new album here we go.
If I remember rightly it was like a pretzel chocolate bar hmmm oh my gosh I do not think
I have had this before the packaging is what is getting me but it is chocolate with puffed
rice around it and a middle beamy layer it is not peanut butter but like a middle textured
layer and more like a toffee or caramel that is set in there and it tastes absolutely amazing
I want to stick it under my armpit and run away to the Swedish mountains are there mountains
in Sweden I do not know but lets just go with it, it tastes good. I really like that but
it is not quite R Kelly, not quite. Right so last up by of course Fazer, is Geisha
now please excuse me but I imagine Geisha to be more of an Indian name like a Swedish
person dancing like this�.. sorry about that guys but you know what happens when I
have too much sugar during these videos I get a bit excited anyhow Geisha, no I am not
going to play that song again milk chocolate with soft hazelnut filling. Lets give it a
go there is a chocolate with a nut an actual hazelnut falling out of it kind of like when
your earing falls off when you are walking down the street you know and your wig falls
off alright so here we go, wow we have got chunks of this stuff right here I am just
going to take the one, pop it in my mouth and see what happens. *R Kelly moment* �.. sorry
guys that was absolutely stonking that was delicious that was gorgeous that was yummy,
good good times indeed chocolate with more like a praline smooth filling it was crunchy
then I bit into it and it melted together it was smooth and yummy effectively like a
little chunky Nutella bar, how cool was that, loads of treats but that one just tops it
although was quite proud of the kex, not that I am not wearing any the Swedish way no we
are not going that way I am digging myself a hole. Just like all the other amazing treat
tasting videos if you have not checked them out already then go check them out and I have
about 6 or 7 other boxes down there right now from other Countries to do, we have Austria,
Hawaii, Denmark, I have Panama coming, loads of stuff down there but if you want to send
me some treats get in touch via there is a contact form on there, get in touch
with me and maybe we can taste some treats from there we are going around the world as
it is right now at the moment if you enjoyed this video do not forget to give it a thumbs
up share subscribe and comment, take the wig off, lets party.


  1. Sweden have alot of different Potato Chips, some flavors that I think other countries have. Would be fun to see you eat some of them. 😛

  2. No offense to the Swedes, but Norwegian candy and especially chocolate is so much better. The milkchocolate in Sweden tastes a bit like cardboard or something.

  3. OMG People the point is not that these sweets themselves originated in Sweden. It's that they were purchased IN Sweden because they are popular there.

  4. Lol my grandparents from Sweden brought the black salted licorice and I brought it to school to let my friends try it………. they didn't like very much so they started to call it "The evil rock"

  5. Lakerol (with two dots over the "a"). He should have tried that…you Swedes get why that would have been a good one too!!! 😀

  6. The chocolate banana is Danish, and the snore is also sold in Denmark, and I could keep on going. Half of all of these aren't exactly Swedish. They are sold in Denmark too, and allot of the brands is actually Danish.

  7. i dont understand you and black licorice you say you can not stand it but you have jagermeister alcohol that tastes of black licorice

  8. This is a really random thing but can u listen to Swedish singers ? Hehe I'm Swedish and I got surprised when I saw that people made this videos 😂😗❤️

  9. I know its a bit late but yes we have mountains in Sweden, the tallest one is i mountain called Kebnekaise and its a bit more than 2km tall. Not the tallest mountains but at least its allot taller than what the Danes have, they basically don't have anything that can even qualify as a mountain.

  10. caramel is how they call some sweets in a few north EU countrys ….and yes it because caramel was the 1st real sweets

  11. Salmiak, got to love the stuff! Well I do. It is an acquired taste. Oh and pure salmiak is good to clean drains with!

  12. No Marabou, that primer Swedish milk chocolate. But almost all this was Swedish candy except Fazer that was founded by Karl Fazer in Finland. The other companies was founded in Sweden but Malaco was founded by a danish company (Lagerman) and Marabou that was not in this video was founded as a affiliated company to the Norwegian company Freia

  13. "Try not to get any wig in your hair cause it does affect the taste" not sure what that means but is hella funny!!….I know we all get a words mixed up….not trying to make fun of you but I did enjoy the mix up of words, lol!

  14. 11:03 grow a pair Barry 🙂 its a sweet and hot candy, kids love them here in Denmark, you can also crush them and mix it with vodka and leave for a couple of days, perfect shots.

  15. Inferno licorice tablet XD XD XD I also don't like licorice and imagine my disappointment, when the other day I thought I have just regular M&M's and that appeared to be licorice inside. I thought Fazer is from Finland?

  16. Chocolate banana with whipped cream is awesome.

    maybe there is a video in that?
    you basically just need whole banana and chocolate of your preference (suggested things to add are ofcourse whipped cream and potentially some crushed nuts on top if you want to make it special)

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