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Teen Vs. Adult: Pride Outfit Challenge

Teen Vs. Adult: Pride Outfit Challenge

100 thoughts on “Teen Vs. Adult: Pride Outfit Challenge”

  1. yeah, the… frilly purple mesh tent is gonna be a nope from me chief. maybe as a skirt it could be kinda cute?

  2. I painted the rainbow flag on my shoes with markers bc I'm too broke for real pride merch and I need new shoes bc I grew out of them anyways

  3. The outfit that was chosen for Jazz as great, super cute! Now the outfit Jazz chose for the teen.. ummm…. nope πŸ‘Ž she should have went with that pink spank one piece and rolled with it, so many other cute options, that outfit looked uncomfortable too

  4. the girl's boob-part is 3 sizes too small >_< my small boobs ache from just watching (too much movement)
    and I'm laughing about Jazzmyne saying "not scaring the children"

  5. I got Bondage Barbie β„’ vibes from these looks and I'm SO INTO IT

    Jazzmyne dress me up like a doll

  6. I thought that Jazz was going to kill getting the teen her look and that the teen was going to pick an awful look for Jazz, but turns out that flipped.

  7. I am lesbian but my parents don’t accept me 😭 I have a gf but we have to keep it a secret

  8. I love how bold they are and how they just don’t care what others think like if I could pull this off 🀩

  9. i’m wearing a ruby and sapphire shirt with blue shorts and black shoes and my pride flag as a cape thing

  10. When she said β€œdo some twirling” instead of twerking like I assumed she’d say, my mind automatically went β€œwhere’d you guys find her? A convent?”

  11. That's a teen – a minor – and dresses like that. And this so-called adult indulges her in buying slutty clothes, all promoted by this Buzzfeed offshoot channel. Grooming in action. There's your description of the video for you.

  12. Gee, More Gay teens being paired with Gay adults, but keep telling everyone grooming hasn't become part of the Silicon Valley gay scene…

  13. "I wish there was just something that screamed gay" ME SHOPPINGπŸ˜‚ The Outfit she shoppe for Jazzmyn thoo😭😍 also no those sunglasses are not too much, they're perfect

  14. Pride started out as celebrating gay people being accepted into society.
    Now it’s full of privileged kids dressed in ridiculous outfits with no class, dignity or brains.

  15. everyone I'd saying jaz did the teen dirty, but she had no idea hoe the outfit would look off the rack, especially that they only had 15 minutes. jeez

  16. i think the reason why it looks great on jazz is because of her pink hair. her pink hair matches with the outfits and it makes everything look β€œpride”. LOVE IT

  17. Me: shows up to school wearing rainbow a pear of rainbow pants, shirt, shoes and s flag cape
    Everyone else: WAiT yOur GaY?!?!?
    Me: waves flag in their face Talk to the flag!

  18. Yasssss! This video was so inspiring I am 13 and I currently identify myself as lesbian but I love this video!

  19. I think it would be better if Sydney's pants were the black ones with the little rainbow stripe detail at the sides. Would have that pop of color.

  20. The teen is my little sister!!! Hahaha Xoxoxo
    You chose such an amazing outfit for jaz. You looked so cute n' sexy in this! 😘 just Amazing. (F***thepantstho..burn em'…lol)
    So awesome baby girl i love you!


  21. ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

  22. jazz's clothes were awesome but the teen's clothes weren't great in my opinion, but hey don't listen to me, im just a stranger on the internet!

  23. Jazz inspires me every day to be more confident in myself and my body. Because of her, I wore my first bikini this summer! Thank you for being you, Jazzmyne ❀️

  24. I just wore the t-shirt for the pride parade that I walked with. I also wore Jean shorts and had my hair ties up. In my city ( Columbus ) you have some woman walking around without a shirt on and I was just like, wha- and I never knew you didn't have to wear a shirt. I bought a rainbow flag and I loved waving it around, overall just lovin it. ( Not sponsored by McDonalds )

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